News / November, 2014

Deciding on cloud-based technologies is a non-trivial task

By Scott Koegler, The Enterprisers Project. See original article here

November 18, 2014


Most CIOs make decisions regarding their cloud usage multiple times. Every application seems to be available via multiple paths. But as IT continues to embrace the advantages offered by remote services it still needs to maintain control over what data is located where, and how it can be accessed by whom. Jeetu Patel, general manager of EMC's Syncplicity by Axway business unit understands the issues and offers his comments regarding cloud deployments.

"Hybrid cloud deployment is becoming the go-to model for most large organizations because it offers IT complete control over where data is stored without ANY impact on end user experience. According to a recent ESG study, control, security and regulatory compliance are the top reasons organizations are interested in the hybrid deployment model, and they end up loving it because it allows them to meet these requirements while enabling employees to enjoy a seamless user experience completely unaffected by where the files they are working on are stored.

Large organizations that use collaboration technology rely on the hybrid cloud because they frequently have data residency policies that require some sensitive information be kept on-premise. They then need software that allows them to meet those requirements on the back-end without making it apparent to the end user or disrupting how they get work done. Not all SaaS vendors in today's market have technology to take full advantage of the hybrid cloud, but they will need to provide it in order to survive."

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