News / April, 2015

Fave Raves: 34 tech pros share favorite IT products

By Ann Bednarz, Network World. See original article here

Fave Raves: 34 tech pros share favorite IT products

It takes many tools to keep IT systems running smoothly, and tech pros have their personal favorites.

#13 Josh Bauer, Assistant Direcrtor of Network OPerations, Acorda Therapeutics. 

Fave: EMC Syncplicity by Axway

Why it's a favorite: “[EMC Syncplicity by Axway] is an amazing mobile app that offers a great user experience and also offers the security and control we need as a therapeutics company with lots of sensitive information. Employees can start working on a document on one device and switch to another without any extra steps. It allows teams with folks in multiple locations to remain connected and collaborate on projects. It has also helped increase efficiency and addressed pain points we were having with VPN issues and the limits to attaching large files to emails.”

Years in IT: 16

Upcoming IT projects: “We are building a new data center in Chelsea, Mass. We recently acquired Civitas Therapeutics, and integrating our companies has been very exciting and challenging!”

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