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How to sync Google Docs on multiple computers: Top 5 tools Tutorial

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By Reed Eurchuk, The Republic of East Vancouver

Do you use Google document regularly and want to sync Google documents across different machines? no need to worry, because there are several third-party applications available, which can help make the transition to the online service easier. With these apps, you can transfer and synchronize your local files to Google Docs without having to upload them one-by-one. But which application is right for you?

So in this due article we have listed some best third-party applications that will enable you to sync your Google Docs to different machines.

1. Memeo Connect

Memeo Connect is a powerful application designed to deliver a service that empowers Google Docs. It allows users to upload, sync, edit and share any document on Google Docs, even when you are offline. Memeo Connect utilizes a feature called Memeo GDrive which allows you to access these files anytime and from anywhere.

The Memeo GDrive looks and acts like a physical drive on your computer and is integrated with your local file system. You can drag and drop files into it and save files to Memeo GDrive directly from within any application. Any files that are added to the Memeo GDrive will automatically appear in Memeo Connect as well as in Google Docs. You can use the drag and drop feature to add local files to the online folders. Memeo Connect is priced at $9 per annum. If you are not a Premier Edition user of Google Apps, you will need to subscribe to it for $50 per user per year.

2. Offisync

Offisync is a Microsoft Office plugin which integrates Google Docs directly within your Office software. This is useful for those who only want to upload specific files to Google Docs instead of automatically syncing entire folders. Once installed, the plugin adds an additional menu to Office’s software (either Office 2003 or 2007) where you are provided with buttons which allow you to open, save, search, collaborate, and email your Google Docs files.

The software works on Windows PCs and is available for personal users of Google Docs or Google Apps. An Enterprise version provides the same functionality to business users by providing integration with Google’s website building software, Google Sites, a service which provides a simplified alternative to SharePoint.

3. Syncplicity

Syncplicity by Axway is the easiest way for you and your company to gain anytime, anywhere access to all the files that are important to you from any computer, device, server, or cloud application. Syncplicity by Axway looks much like other online storage services, offering file synchronization (between computers and the cloud) and archiving. But Syncplicity by Axway differentiates itself from other online storage services by tightly integrating with Google Docs: Syncplicity by Axway’s file-syncing tools talk directly via the Google Docs API to Google’s servers. That means you can synchronize copies of all files in your Google Docs storage area with Syncplicity by Axway’s cloud storage service and on any computers set up with Syncplicity by Axway’s desktop sync. You can open and modify Google Docs files using Mac desktop tools such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

You can also use the handy restore feature to get back files that you might have accidentally deleted from your folders. It automatically replaces them even on your local folders. The personal edition of Syncliplicity is free for two computers and 2 GB of storage, and $15 per month for 5 computers and 50 GB of storage. Business plans start at $45 per month for 3 users.

4. Insync

Insync is a new syncing and backup service similar to Dropbox, but comes with a bunch of great additional features, like it’s totally integrated with Google Docs. Install Insync, authenticate with Google, and your local Insync folder begins pulling down your Docs files in the cloud.

What Insync does that’s so special is turn that storage into a local folder you can access on your computer, just like you would any other folder. Any changes you make to this folder get synced back over and vice versa, and like competitor Dropbox, you can link it up to multiple machines.

Insync isn’t just for Google Docs, though. In addition to syncing your Gmail contacts, you can also drop any file into the Insync folder and it’ll save it to your cloud storage and sync it with your other machines..

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