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Megaproject by Siemens

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By Werner Kurzlechner,

Siemens has equipped its four global data centers with a new storage platform and it saddled a hybrid cloud solution for file sharing. Consolidated three petabytes of data.

Siemens is vigorously pushing ahead its digital transformation. For a global company such as the Munich-based technology company that is accompanied by projects of enormous proportions: "SmartStorage" means the group-wide initiative, which extends to 330,000 employees in more than 150 countries and includes the consolidation of three petabytes of data in four global data centres.

Within this large project, including a new flexible storage environment was installed. Siemens uses the software-defined, object-based cloud storage platform elastic cloud storage (ECS) EMC Corporation now in four data centers.

World's largest hybrid implementation

This new platform is the basis for the world's largest so far according to the project partners hybrid implementation of a solution for enterprise file sync and share (EFSS). Siemens has selected for a solution of provider Syncplicity by Axway, on hybrid cloud solutions to Exchange and matching of files is. Using this now successfully implemented tools for the management of the enterprise-wide digital content, including home - and group-share files and directories of the users, the employees have a smooth Mobile file access anytime, anywhere. The solution is globally scalable.

"SmartStorage is one of our largest digitization initiatives at Siemens," says Georg Pilartz, head of IT infrastructure services at Siemens. "User experience, security, flexible choice of locations and usage on a large scale were critical requirements for this project." The modernisation of basic infrastructure go hand in hand with substantial cost savings. Syncplicity by Axway is therefore very flexible and easily extensible via any combination of public cloud, private cloud and local data centers.

Compliance and ease of use

For a provider the size of Siemens, it is a must that he can scale on a global scale, says the analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). "Users want to be supplied with user-friendly applications, while at the same time, the regulatory compliance guidelines in a variety of countries, which maintained offices, must be kept up," commented analyst Terri McClure. "Thanks to the evolving landscape of the regulations and the uncertain legal jurisdiction issues, when it comes to the use of the cloud, it is more important than ever to be able to choose where your company data is stored so that they are both secure and compliant for this company."

Siemens | Digital transformation

Industry: Industry

Timeframe: several months

Products: Elastic cloud storage, EFSS

Service provider: EMC Corporation, Syncplicity by Axway

Location: worldwide


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