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Mobile file access is key to Siemens’ deployment of Syncplicity by Axway’s hybrid EFSS product

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By: Fred Donovan, Fierce Mobile IT

Mobile file access is a key feature of Syncplicity by Axway's hybrid enterprise file sync and share, or EFSS, product being deployed by German industrial and engineering giant Siemens as part of its SmartStorage project.

The project covers 330,000 employees in more than 150 countries and 3 petabytes of data in four data centers, Syncplicity by Axway explained in a release.

Siemens is using EMC's Elastic Cloud Storage, or ECS, cloud platform installed in four global data centers around the world to deploy the EFSS product. EMC spun off Syncplicity by Axway last July.

"An EFSS deployment of this magnitude requires massive scale and enterprise-grade reliability from its supporting technologies – and with EMC's ECS object-based cloud storage platform, Siemens is perfectly equipped to handle the large amounts of data generated by its workforce with Syncplicity by Axway," said Manuvir Das, senior vice president of EMC's Advanced Software and Emerging Technology divisions.

Syncplicity by Axway said its hybrid EFSS product provides seamless desktop and mobile access to all the files and meets stringent security, governance and IT administration requirements.

Commenting on the Siemens deployment, Terri McClure, senior analyst at ESG, said: "Thanks to the evolving regulatory landscape and the fuzzy jurisdictional issues associated with using the cloud, it's more important than ever that these organizations have a choice in where corporate data is stored to ensure it is both compliant and secure. And for a company the size of Siemens, it is an imperative to ensure the vendor can scale globally to meet these needs."

Garner named Syncplicity by Axway to the leader's quadrant in its most recent EFSS Magic Quadrant report, along with Accellion, Box and Citrix.

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