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Outlook file sharing is Syncplicity by Axway with EMC

Outlook file sharing is Syncplicity by Axway with EMC

By James Nunns at CBR Computer Busienss Review. See original article here.


Add-in will allow for files and folders of any size to be sent without restriction.

EMC has created a Syncplicity by Axway add-in for Microsoft Outlook as it looks to make the sending of files and folders easy, secure and without limitation.

The add-in is designed to allow users to collaborate with large files using email and help reduce infrastructure costs associated with email attachments.

For IT departments that are using Syncplicity by Axway, they will be able to select on a user or group basis who can use the add-in, while also being able to configure Outlook policies such as line expiration, password protection and file management rights.

Files and folders of any size can be sent without restriction, which should reduce storage costs by eliminating multiple copies of the same file.

Jeetu Patel, EMC, GM, Syncplicity by Axway, said: "EMC Syncplicity by Axway is passionate about making employees more productive everywhere they work, and our new Outlook Add-in is another example of how we're innovating to do just that."

"This new feature removes a massive pain point for business users, helps reduce the infrastructure costs typically created by large email attachments, and gives organizations more security and control of content, wherever it lives, and wherever it is sent."

An iOS app has also been created to integrate with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, this will be released towards the end of May.

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