News / February, 2016

Syncer and (flash) shipper feeling chipper: We’re going great guns

By Chris Mellor, The Register

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Private equity-owned file sync 'n' sharer Syncplicity by Axway and flash array shipper Kaminario both say they are doing well.

Syncplicity by Axway was sold off by EMC to Skyview Capital last June, and focuses on enterprises and their mobile device users, paying attention to security needs. CEO Jonathan Huberman says Syncplicity by Axway's new bookings in the second half of 2015 were over 100 per cent greater than in the first half of the year and continue to accelerate in 2016.

It says it added several large enterprise accounts to its customer base, including the single largest enterprise file sync and share deployment in the world to date. There was a 112 per cent increase in its users during 2015. It thinks it has the wind behind its sails and is going places.

So too does Kaminario, with its K2 all-flash arrays, which it says scale both up and out. It has recruited 65 channel partners in the last five quarters, 30 in the last two quarters, and tripled the company's headcount over the same period, including senior sales and marketing positions.

Kaminario's infrastructure has also grown, with a doubling of the square footage of its Israel-based R&D centre, the opening of a new EMEA headquarters in the UK, and an 8,000 square-foot headquarters in Needham, Massachusetts.

At the same time, the company grew its customer base 150 per cent in 2015.

Founder and CEO Dani Golan says: "We have seen marked increase in activity from SaaS-based businesses. ... We intend to extend our focus to become the primary flash storage provider to SaaS and online businesses.” There's an overlap with NetApp/Solidfire's focus on cloud service providers there.

There should be continued progress in 2016 as Kaminario's customer-facing infrastructure revs up and its R&D people develop the next iteration of its K2 technology. We wouldn't be surprised to see NVMe fabrics perhaps play a role.

Both Syncplicity by Axway and Kaminario are competing with larger players and need to be nimble, differentiated and focused to keep on growing. ®

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