News / July, 2016

Syncplicity announces new Office and Azure offerings

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By Clare Hopping, Cloud Pro

The new features offer Syncplicity's users Microsoft's Office suite of apps.

Syncplicity has introduced new features that make it easier for its customers to use Microsoft Office and Azure in the workplace.

“Microsoft is working with partners like Syncplicity to ensure their joint customers —and their employees—are able to access and utilize productivity applications anytime, anywhere, and on any device," Terri McClure, senior analyst at ESG, said.

"Syncplicity provides a secure enterprise file sync and share solution that works seamlessly across devices and Microsoft applications, which enables organizations to increase user satisfaction, productivity and collaboration, while not giving up IT control of security and data residency.”

Syncplicity for Microsoft Office Online allows its users to view and edit documents online using the Syncplicity online file browser, while mobile users can create and edit documents from Office apps on their Android device and then save changes straight to the cloud.

If a file is being viewed, edited or has been saved, collaborators will be notified of the changes, with the option of switching to their colleague's document or remaining in their own version. Users can also save their edits as a separate copy, so there's no confusion with live files.

Additionally, users are able to share subfolders rather the entire parent with select groups or users, giving further protection for organisations.

Syncplicity customers using Microsoft Azure have the added ability to use Syncplicity StorageVaults on Azure cloud storage if they wish, meaning their existing infrastructure can be leveraged.

“Syncplicity is a recognized leader in driving digital transformation globally,” said Jon Huberman, CEO of Syncplicity. “Our relationship with Microsoft further enhances our digital transformation solutions by tightly integrating with Microsoft’s ubiquitous business applications and cloud storage.”

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