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Syncplicity by Axway Improved Synchronization and Compliance at Siemens

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By: Jakob Jung, SearchStorage

Secure File Sync & Share is the focus of discount Syncplicity by Axway. The company was a year ago part of EMC and has since been privately owned. EMC still owns a significant portion of Syncplicity by Axway and a distribution partnership is maintained.

EMC sets the Syncplicity by Axway products to over 80,000 jobs a internally, making it the second largest customer. The largest customer is, however, Siemens, in which 400,000 users manage five petabytes of data with Syncplicity by Axway products. By moving from a legacy NAS-based file-sharing infrastructure to cloud storage with Syncplicity by Axway Siemens has reduced the cost per GB from 90 to seven cents, according to company information.

Much to the delight of Syncplicity by Axway CEO Jonathan Huberman Siemens wants to urge its suppliers, as well to implement the solutions of the former EMC subsidiary: "Siemens has replaced more than 1,000 file server. We give all users access to their data without VPN and yet safe. "The strength of Syncplicity by Axway is the hybrid installation, and the Multi-Folder Sync. It's no laptop backup necessary, because all files are synchronized. Syncplicity by Axway consists of three parts: a client layer on the device of the user, an orchestration layer on the back end in the cloud, and a storage and computing layer.

Syncplicity by Axway donated its cloud solution two updates per month. With the next major release in September there will be a European orchestration layer that is to ensure that the data remains in the country. This is intended primarily to the data protection needs of German customers account of: "The Privacy Shield is good for the US, but not for Europe. European companies want to defend themselves against views of the US government. We want nothing transferred to the United States, not even metadata "says Huberman. In April Syncplicity by Axway has done with the offer European Cloud Storage a first step towards better data protection for European customers, but was still stuck to the metadata transmission.

The new orchestration layer Huberman looks technically an advantage against the competition: "Citrix has no large enterprise customers, because they have difficulty with the orchestration layer. Our multi-Folder Sync is a great advantage compared Dropbox. "The competition of Syncplicity by Axway include Citrix, Box, Dropbox and Egnyte. Microsoft is both a competitor but also a very important partner.

Against Ransomware

Syncplicity by Axway helps also against ransomware because the data is protected in the cloud against unauthorized encryption . "We have many customers help each ransomware . Every business is under attack. We seek partnerships with security companies to be even better here , "says Huberman.

Syncplicity by Axway has expanded its collaboration with Microsoft and is a member of the Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program ( CSPP ) . The manufacturer now has full support for Office 365. About the Syncplicity by Axway app tab allows users of Microsoft Word , Excel and PowerPoint , the version Office 2007 to Office 2016 ( part of Office 365 ) simply cooperate . In future, mobile clients and Macs to be supportive . There are also few months ago a universal plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.

Trouble with Gartner

With the Gartner analysts there is trouble at Syncplicity by Axway . 2015 suppliers was listed as a Leader in the " Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing " at Gartner . But this year, it was enough just to position as a Visionary . Gartner criticizes the weak features of social collaboration and the limited access to enterprise content management systems.

Some reference customers there were occasional problems with the integration with third party systems . The main argument for degradation at Gartner was that Syncplicity by Axway now is only a small , private company and not as in the previous part of storage giant EMC . Thus Huberman is utterly disagrees : " We are now much more agile and more focused than a year ago."

But Gartner also sees positive at Syncplicity by Axway . The strengths include comprehensive policy management features that allow administrators to control access to protect data and distribute files securely . The flexible architecture allows access to network-attached storage arrays from EMC and other vendors. Blessed is the Gartner documents backup in real time and the large number of security features such as digital rights management ( DRM ) encryption and Policies.

 Pricing and Licensing

Syncplicity by Axway is available in three variants, the Personal Edition, Business Edition and Enterprise Edition. The access to the Personal Edition, there is free of charge up to a data volume of ten GB. Between ten and 100 GB, the Personal Edition costs $ 60 per year. It allows you to synchronize files between all devices.

For the Business Edition, there is a free trial, which is limited to 30 days. After falling $ 60 per user and year (at least three users). To the functions of the Personal Edition also offers the Business Edition Group / User based security policies and reporting and auditing. In addition, the Business Edition Active Directory Integration and single sign-on includes (SSO) as well as remote wipe for each device.

The Enterprise Edition is intended for at least 60 users and also provides a 30-day trial period. The pricing model is available on request. The Enterprise Edition includes Hybrid Cloud Storage, Storage Vault Authentication, Syncplicity by Axway Data Hub and Secure shared links (Rights Management).

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