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Syncplicity by Axway now gives customers control over encryption keys

By Nancy Gohring, FierceITSecurity, April 22, 2015. See original article here

Syncplicity by Axway is now letting users manage encryption keys for files on-premises, with a new rights management server that it introduced at RSA.

The company last year began letting end users set controls around documents they share. They can prevent recipients from sharing the doc, set a date after which a recipient can't open the doc and prevent screen captures. However, until now, Syncplicity by Axway was in control of the encryption keys that enable those functionalities.

With the new offering, businesses can run rights management software in house and keep in full control of the keys.

"This is for companies that are working with external collaborators but have content that has high [intellectual property]," said Vijay Ganti, head of product marketing for Syncplicity by Axway. For instance, pharmaceutical companies might work with doctors that aren't part of the organization but with whom they must share files that contain valuable information. Or, businesses may want tight controls over documents while in merger and acquisition discussions.

The new offering fits with Syncplicity by Axway's mission to offer customers a wide range of tools so that they can selectively apply the right security measures to documents as needed, rather than applying blanket policies across the enterprise for all documents, Ganti said. He said that Syncplicity by Axway wins customers against Box for this reason. "With Box, you have to use that for all content all the time. That introduces both friction on the user and maybe on IT managing infrastructure," he said.

Syncplicity by Axway isn't the only company offering document rights management. Vera offers users the ability to track, revoke, watermark or prevent copying of data. It allows users to keep their documents stored with services they may already use like Box, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft and on-premises storage. However, its service runs from the cloud.

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