April 15, 2015

Best Practices for Secure External File Sharing

In today’s global business environment, sensitive content is increasingly shared with people outside the organization.  But with more and more content leaving the enterprise, organizations are asking themselves, “how can my users control files after they leave my network.”

Syncplicity delivers native rights management and security capabilities that enable organizations to simplify and secure external file sharing –who has access to the content, how long content is accessible, and how users can use that content. 

Learn how Syncplicity’s approach to rights management is easy for end-users and for IT.

Join us for a special webinar on May 6th as Syncplicity Director of Cloud Security – Brian Levine discusses best practices to simplify and secure external collaboration. 

April 15, 2015

A Secure, Hybrid Implementation Helps The Associated Press Deliver The News

One of the largest independent news gathering sources in the world, the Associated Press (AP) was shopping for an enterprise-wide file sync and share solution it could rely on. As you might guess, the AP had some pretty demanding criteria.

First and foremost was security: enterprise-grade features such as remote wipe and military-grade encryption, and group-, individual-, and device-level management capabilities were essential. Although they wanted the scalability of the cloud, they needed to keep sensitive data on-premises to ensure complete control. And whatever solution they chose, it had to provide a smooth transition that their users would take to naturally, so it wouldn’t interrupt their workflow.

The solution: a hybrid implementation of Syncplicity.

To find out how the AP used Syncplicity to meet their file syncing, sharing, and collaboration needs throughout their organization — and across five continents — download the Associated Press case study

April 5, 2015

Join Syncplicity at RSA 2015

Syncplicity is excited to attend the 2015 RSA Conference in San Francisco, April 20-23rd, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco CA.

The theme for this year’s conference is “2015:  Change: Challenge today's security thinking.” Key innovations are required to keep pace with how organizations conduct business.  Security today is still perimeter driven while businesses are breaking boundaries, operational considerations are an afterthought making solutions unmanageable at scale, and lastly bad UX makes user adoption a challenge.

At Syncplicity, security is in our DNA.  We are continually looking at ways to ensure data security as business users use mobile devices for on-the-go productivity and share content with both internal and external stakeholders, while organizations look at flexible deployment options and robust group-based policies to manage hundreds of thousands of users at scale.

Stop by booth #S1945 to hear how you can securely enable your mobile workforce and meet with our mobile security experts. Learn more about:

Control & Compliance with Hybrid Cloud
External Collaboration with Rights Management
Securing at Scale with Group Policies 

You are also invited to join Syncplicity (#S1945 ) in the South Hall for a Pub Crawl - Wednesday, April 22nd from 5-6pm. 

If you are unable to join us at RSA and would like to speak with one of our sales professionals, please email us at sales@syncplicity.com or contact us at 1.888.908.4276. 

To learn more about Syncplicity at RSA, click here

April 1, 2015

Syncplicity Welcomes a New Security Advisor

The Syncplicity team is very excited to introduce Anton Stark as our new Security Advisor.  Mr. Stark has had an illustrious career at security firms such as RSA, NetWitness, and Stark Industries.  He was most recently at Stark Industries, a firm specializing in the protection of nation states and their classified data.

As Security Advisor, Mr. Stark will work closely with the product, engineering, and existing security office to ensure that Syncplicity continues to deliver most comprehensive security, policies, and controls available.  In the coming months, he and the Syncplicity team will be focused on implementing a new solution called JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) to help our customers protect all their sensitive files.   This new program will be integrated into the Syncplicity solution, allowing users to protect files from unauthorized use and ensure that files do not leave the premises of highly secure private sector and government facilities.

When files leave a “protected” zone, files will auto-destruct and disappear from a user’s mobile device and laptop.  The force field-like protection will help organizations control content as it travels across their business users to partners, contractors, consultants, mercenaries, etc. The force field feature also lets administrators remotely zap users, when they leave a protected zone with proprietary content, using high frequency mobile flash option that induces retrograde amnesia. The strength of the zap is policy driven and can be set at both group and folder levels. The zap feature is designed to control user behavior.

OK. Obviously it’s April Fools… Anton Stark (A.K.A Ironman) is not joining Syncplicity (although we have several people already that protect our customers’ files with the same zeal). We don’t use force fields nor do we zap anything.

But security is not really a joking matter. So, joking aside, the reality is that everything we thought Anton could bring us is already in Syncplicity!

  • Syncplicity Secure Shared Files provides rights management capabilities that tie security and permissions to the file itself, and allow content to be geo-fenced, restricted, time-bombed, and clawed back no matter where it ends up (inside or outside the organization).  All with a great user experience for the sender and receiver.
  • Syncplicity StorageVaults and StorageVault Authentication provide a unique hybrid cloud solution, so content can be stored on premise and in the cloud for maximum flexibility, control, and privacy.
  • Group-based policies allow IT admins to fine-tune dozens of access, sync, device, authentication, storage, protection, and sharing policies and controls to protect user accounts, devices, folders, and files so customers can be as permissive or restrictive as they need for different types of users— so Syncplicity can be deployed at scale, and security does not get in the way of productivity.

In short, we don’t think we need to hire a super hero to protect files in the cloud. We help our customers become super heroes!

March 17, 2015   |   by Syncplicity Team

Declaring Today “Mobile Productivity Day”

We have decided to declare today worldwide Mobile Productivity Day.

We have done this because today represents an occurrence of an unusual magnitude, and of cosmic proportions for mobile workforces everywhere:  It’s Saint Patrick’s Day and the first day of March Madness! 

Whether you are on a business trip (or at a bar drinking green beer) or working from home (or at a bar watching basketball with your friends), you don’t need a lucky clover to convince your colleagues you are busy at work. You have Syncplicity.  

No matter how you decide to spend the day, here are a few tips to make sure your boss thinks you are productive. Err, we mean you stay productive.

  • Send a secure link to a slide presentation.  You can send a link to any file from any Syncplicity mobile app and add advanced security features such as password protection and link expiration.
  • Share a folder with your boss.  There is nothing that says "I am busy at work" than sharing a folder with a bunch of files and asking for input.  With Syncplicity, share a folder from your iPhone and decide who can edit files or just read them. Because Syncplicity has multi-folder sync, you will have access to all of your folders, so you can share them without having to think ahead (i.e., before you start your "business trip").
  • Edit a PowerPoint file in a shared folder. With Syncplicity, you can create and edit MS Office documents, and annotate PDFs, from your iOS and Android devices.  So go ahead and make sure you update a few files from the "road" and even sign some contracts.  But, be sure to review the contracts first!  

Now, if you don’t have Secure Shared Files for file-level rights management activated for your enterprise, please don’t confuse us with Snapchat, and be careful what you post!  But if you do have Secure Shared Files go ahead and post what you want, you can always pull it back later, no matter where it ends up.

In conclusion, whether you are watching 3-point shots, taking too many shots of Irish whisky, or avoiding getting your mug shot taken, be sure to use Syncplicity so you don’t miss out on your shot at that big promotion.

Let the mayhem begin and remember, in all seriousness, every day can be a mobile productivity day. 

Happy St. Patty’s Day and March Madness!!!

January 27, 2015

Get the Scoop on Enterprise File Sharing – Register Today

Syncplicity is excited to kick-off our 2015 webinar series.  Coming on the heels of the Box IPO, learn why enterprise organizations select Syncplicity over Box (and others). Our first session, Liberate and Protect Your Mobile Workforce, on Wednesday February 4th discusses key differences between enterprise solutions and consumer options like Box and Dropbox.
Join us on February 4th for our inaugural session.  You won’t want to miss it.   The session is hosted by our product experts and includes live Q&A.

Liberate and Protect Your Mobile Workforce 
February 4th, 2015
11 am PST
Register Here 

January 26, 2015

If you build it (with a great UX), they will come.

If you build it, they will come … that is, if you build it with a great user experience. Otherwise, people will stick with what they’re used to.

At Acorda Therapeutics users were leveraging consumer-grade solution like Box and Dropbox for file sharing. Acorda’s IT department knew they had to find a secure alternative. They understood the risk of their users using consumer-grade solutions to share information in a highly regulated industry, and they knew they had to do something. They needed to find a solution that IT trusted and that users loved.

After carefully evaluating a number of solutions, Acorda chose Syncplicity to provide their users with a secure new enterprise file sync and share solution. Check out the video to get the whole story! 

January 23, 2015   |   by Syncplicity Team

Congratulations to Box – A Well Deserved IPO

The much-awaited Box IPO has arrived!  All of us in the file sharing market (and beyond) anxiously waited for this day to happen.  Box and Aaron Levie epitomize the possibilities of Silicon Valley. Aaron has worked hard in the last decade to build a successful cloud file sharing and collaboration business and we at Syncplicity would like to sincerely congratulate him and his team on this great achievement. 

A successful Box IPO validates what we have been saying for years: the way we work is changing. Correct that… it has changed for good.   

Today’s mobile workforce demands the ability to access and share their work on any device, anytime, anywhere as easily as they access and share their personal lives on Facebook and Instagram. And, organizations that do not step up to this challenge are going to be left behind as employees, especially new employees to the workforce, demand new ways to collaborate. 

Having said that, we also looked forward to this day because we think it starts a new chapter of the conversation. A chapter where we focus on the needs of the new workforce, and start to make some sense of the very real differences between the leaders in this market.  In our case, we couldn’t agree more with Box that this is a huge opportunity for change in enterprise IT.

At the same time, we have some very real differences in our approach, for example:

We believe that enterprises need choice on how and where files are stored.   While we are certainly big fans of cloud storage, our enterprise customers tell us not all content is created equal.  They consistently tell us that some or all of their content still needs to reside in their own data center for security and compliance reasons. That is why Syncplicity has invested in a policy-driven hybrid cloud that gives our customers complete control of where files reside without any impact on end user functionality. 

We believe that enterprises need to eliminate silos of information, but they can’t just rip and replace what they have.  Enterprises have made massive investments in the storage and access controls to safeguard exabytes worth of corporate data. Our customers tell us that they want to move much of their file-based content into an EFSS solution. They know this will make it easier for users to securely access that content from any device, and also drive down IT support and infrastructure costs while improving information governance.  However, they cannot do it immediately.  Our customers have asked for a bridge to the future that provides secure access to this content without requiring an immediate and disruptive migration. And we have done that with Syncplicity.

There is nothing better for the future of enterprise IT than to have strong competition that drives innovation in technology, business models, and customer service. And in doing so, constantly pushes each other forward. We have never been so excited about what the future offers enterprise IT and the new mobile workforce they support, and again, sincerely congratulate the Box Team for this milestone in the industry. 

December 23, 2014   |   by Syncplicity Team

Creating Mobile Magic this Holiday Season

From Jeannie in “I Love Jeannie” to the good witches in “Charmed” and “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” most of us have yearned for magical powers to remove obstacles, protect ourselves from harm, and do our holiday shopping. 

Luckily mobile technology has advanced so much that it is indistinguishable from magic today.  Each of us really can sprinkle a little bit of magic dust right from our mobile devices to take our lives from ordinary to the extraordinary. 

  • Elevate and QuizUp provide the mental floss you need to stay sharp at work and at home. 
  • Hipmunk allows you to sort travel itineraries based on the least amount of agony so you can reach your destination with a smile.
  • We know you use Syncplicity for work, but you can also use it to share your holiday wish list with family and friends across the globe so your family knows in real-time when you’ve added more items to your “wish" list. 
  • Wunderlist gives you the power to keep track of and prioritize your to-dos since most of us mere mortals can’t simply snap our fingers to complete tasks.
  • And lastly, Timeful suggests the most optimal time to complete projects. With so many priorities between work and home, sometimes you really do need someone to sprinkle magic dust on your calendar to figure out how you can get 10 things done in a day when everything is a high priority. 

From accessing email, to surfing the web, to tracking tasks, and managing our health, mobile has come a long way. We here at Syncplicity believe that mobile is truly magical today and we are working on harnessing all of its power to take our work from ordinary to the extraordinary.   

December 9, 2014

Syncplicity Announces Syncplicity Panorama

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of Syncplicity Panorama, a powerful new way to provide mobile access to content in multiple enterprise content sources, such as home directories, file shares, and Microsoft SharePoint. 

Most large organizations have made massive investments in file shares and SharePoint servers, and enterprise users are demanding seamless, easy, and secure access to them. 

Syncplicity Panorama allows enterprises to have their cake and eat it too — it is a bridge to the future. It delivers seamless mobile access to enterprise content across home directories, file shares, and SharePoint without requiring any data migration or change in authentication or permission configurations. Unlike other solutions, Syncplicity understands that organizations can’t simply migrate petabytes of content overnight. 

From an end-user perspective, Syncplicity Panorama allows users to simply use the beautiful, efficient, and powerful Syncplicity mobile app to access content across different content sources and securely edit content from the mobile app itself.  

The solution offers a number of key benefits that users love and IT embraces.

For end users:

•    Mobile, VPN-less access to files in home directories, file shares, and SharePoint
•    A built-in editor to edit MS Office files and annotate PDFs
•    Ability to upload new content
•    Native features such as SharePoint check-in/check-out capabilities
•    Offline file access
•    Access files without needing to constantly re-enter credentials

For IT:

•    No migration of files, permissions, or authentication required
•    3-tier architecture, which conforms to standards mandated by most CISOs
•    Mobile administration and policies such as remote wipe, passcode enforcement, and “open-in” restrictions

Because no two organizations are alike, and no two business requirements are the same, EMC Syncplicity offers Syncplicity Panorama in two different packages to meet your organization’s evolving needs.

•    Syncplicity Panorama for Network Shares (stand alone) delivers secure mobile VPN-less access to any CIFS/SMB storage without requiring a Syncplicity Enterprise Edition account. Users get mobile access to any CIFS/SMB file share they have been given access to by IT using Syncplicity’s industry-leading mobile experience. This includes file storage on non-EMC storage solutions.

•    Syncplicity Panorama with Syncplicity Enterprise Edition adds mobile, VPN-less access to CIFS/SMB storage, and SharePoint 2010/2013 to Syncplicity Enterprise Edition, our industry-leading enterprise file sync and share solution. 

But organizations don’t need to choose between these two options—we have made it simple to deploy Syncplicity Panorama for Network Shares and upgrade to Syncplicity Enterprise Edition later, with no impact on users or IT.

Pricing and Availability

Syncplicity Panorama for Network Shares is available immediately and is FREE to all EMC Customers through their EMC sales team. 

Syncplicity Panorama is also available immediately and is automatically bundled with all Syncplicity Enterprise Edition accounts. It is not available to customers with Free, Personal, Business, and Department editions. 

Users can currently access files via Syncplicity Panorama using Syncplicity’s iPad app, which is available free of charge from the Apple App Store. Support for Syncplicity iPhone, Android, and Windows 8/Windows Phone platforms will be available soon. 

Learn More

To learn more about Syncplicity Panorama for Network Shares and Syncplicity Panorama with Syncplicity Enterprise Edition, check out the latest Syncplicity videos.  

1.    Syncplicity Panorama for Network Shares User Features

2.    Syncplicity Panorama for Network Shares IT Features

3.    User Features in Syncplicity Panorama Included with Syncplicity Enterprise Edition

4.    IT Features in Syncplicity Panorama Included with Syncplicity Enterprise Edition

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