February 28, 2014   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

Tear Down the Walls

“Tear down the walls see the world
is there something we have missed
turn from oursevles look beyond
there is so much more than this." 

-- Pink Floyd

I could have sworn that Roger and Bob were not in the room when we were painting our vision of the world but maybe I am wrong.  When we looked beyond ourselves at Syncplicity by Axway we saw so much more.  We saw a world of enterprise content stores that was waiting to be accessed, and a world of business value to deliver.  The “No Silos” strategy was born – a world where Syncplicity’s gold standard mobile UX had to be extended to other enterprise content stores to drive business value in the enterprise.

Today, at Microsoft SharePoint Conference we’ll give you a sneak preview of how this powerful vision can be applied to SharePoint content. We’ll showcase our gold standard UX for enterprise content stores like SharePoint and our philosophy of:

  • Preserving and augmenting existing policy and security configurations
  • Eliminating the need to migrate data by integrating natively with existing repositories

I was going to say we believe in a “disrupt but don’t break” approach but I’m worried that someone might pen another super hit and fail to acknowledge us as the inspiration.  


February 26, 2014   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

Go Lite Challenge: 3 Weeks, 3 Insights

Over the past three weeks our Go Lite app masters and device demons have honed their strategies and sharpened their skills. As they’ve leveled up from mobile enthusiasts to Olympian challengers, they’ve gathered a few key insights that they’re willing to share—and here they are. (To learn more about the Go Lite Challenge, click here).

Finally…I can edit Microsoft Office docs
Kharisma (@kkmoraksi) cracked the code on downtime in the field. No more booting up her laptop, finding a WiFi network, and connecting to a VPN just so she can review a sales presentation or edit a Word doc. She’s a free spirit—just her and her iPad rockin’ the Office docs with the Syncplicity by Axway app. The simple ability to review and edit documents has flipped her downtime to uptime, and that has made her way more productive. “I can finally get real work done with my iPad!”

Seriously…I can do all this on an iPad?
Christina (@camacho1277) loves her iPad mini. And now she uses it for pretty much everything—webinars, file sharing, note taking, expense management, editing Word docs, and everything in between. Once she set up her iPad with WebEx, Evernote, Concur, Syncplicity by Axway, and a couple other key apps, she was good to go. So where’s that gotten her? Organized. More organized than ever. No more loose papers or sticky notes trailing behind her, “everything is in one place and it travels with me.”

Mobile multitasking is double the fun
What’s better than one mobile device? Two mobile devices, of course. If you ever need to do two completely different things at once—like look something up on the internet while editing a document—Leonard (@leonard_chung) has figured out the secret to mobile multitasking for you. “I’ve got an iPad and a smartphone…what’s keeping me from using them both at the same time?” With two screens, two keyboards, and two internet connections, it’s doubly easy to do twice as much.

Keep these three tips from our Go Lite team in mind:

  1. Use the new Syncplicity by Axway mobile app for editing Microsoft Office documents—you’ll love it.
  2. Load up your mobile device with all of your key apps and watch yourself get unbelievably organized.
  3. Break out that second device and get your multitasking on.

Live. Share. Learn.

Do you have some life changing advice for mobile enthusiasts? We’d like to hear your Go Lite insights!

February 25, 2014   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

ESG Study Identifies Burgeoning Demand for Hybrid Online File Sharing (OFS)

The explosive growth of OFS consumer tools has paved the way for widespread adoption of solutions in the enterprise.  A recent study by ESG highlights the central role that hybrid deployment models are playing. It is clear that cloud- and on-premise-only implementations are too limiting, which explains the massive market response to Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults™, a policy-based hybrid deployment option. 

Key findings from the study:

  1. More than two-thirds of current OFS users are “extremely interested” in the hybrid option
  2. More than half of current non-OFS users said they are “somewhat interested” in a hybrid solution
  3. More than 90% of customers impose data residency restrictions on at least one content class
  4. Control, security, and regulatory compliance are the top reasons for interest in the hybrid deployment model

To get a free copy of the report click here.

Learn more about Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults™:

February 20, 2014

Productivity Gets Reimagined when Mobile is the Design Baseline

(Originally published on Reflections Blog 2/17/14)

Why bother with 6AM conference calls and 14-hour flights? Because we are at the early beginnings of an era where imaginative thinkers are changing everything in sight – from thermostats to software.

I’m talking specifically about design shifts in mobile enterprise software, the likes of which one day we will look back upon with awe. These past few weeks, I saw it in spades, as we launched Syncplicity’s mobile apps.

What’s different now?

In the first wave of mobile software development, incremental innovation simply brought old functionality to a new device. In the process, fundamentals were often missed.

How frustrating to see a document for review on your mobile screen, yet be unable to edit it? Design was simply your desktop basic functionality, brought awkwardly to your smart phone.

The second wave brought mobile on par with the desktop. Functionality was refactored amidst the new memory and added capabilities of our favorite gadgets. Less and less R&D teams argued if a mobile version of their software was next.

But such design was still a parallel effort, a passenger alongside the driver of monolithic application development. SharePoint is now in the cloud? Interesting, but it doesn’t solve my problems.

The reality is that mobile itself is the new design baseline, cleanly isolated and independent of any lingering PC notions. Mobile is the superset form factor, under which all functionality must be derived and considered.

This third wave of design is what ignites our imagination and makes us want to drive 24/7 to brilliant new productivity solutions.

Once we unleash imagination, it’s only a matter of time before the way we think about “productivity” will change in thrilling ways. Remember what “taking pictures” used to mean? 

It was a time-consuming and disparate routine of carrying camera equipment with you, buying film, configuring the camera settings, and at last, waiting to process the film.

By rethinking “taking pictures” as “sharing moments,” however, those inefficiencies not only disappeared, but new worlds opened up. Ubiquitous devices brought image capture to the masses. Apps made photos easy and addictive to share. And social created a place where all the people to share photos with are constantly present.

The same thing will occur as we rethink “productivity” from the mobile perspective. Many attributes of mobile are barely tapped today: proximity, location and personalization, for example.

And we already we see new segments quickly embracing the third wave first, as inklings of what’s to come:

  • retail workers processing credit card payments without the customer ever waiting in line
  • flight attendants logging meal orders as they walk the aisle with their device
  • citizens never bothering with the red tape to turn on a “land line”

It’s time to think: how else can we eliminate knowledge workers’ wasted time, speed their transactions, and heighten their ability to share their value?

Yes, mobile itself offers rich new design inspiration. But imaginative designers will rethink it all – the meaning of “productivity” included.

February 18, 2014

InfoSec professionals - Do these help in securing Mobile Collaboration?

Ike got security.

"If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking... is freedom."                                   
- Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower

With mobility screaming freedom, clearly, “prison” is not an option for your content. Information security, today, is more complex than ever. Complexity leads to brittleness resulting in less security, not more.  Instead of exacerbating the problem by walking you through hundreds of security controls we have in place, like many others, we plan to share with you three specific things we do differently that help you achieve more security. These are in response to the questions that we have heard you ask time and again, in a myriad of ways. 

I know my users love Syncplicity by Axway but:

  • Can I control where my content is stored without impacting UX?
  • What happens to security of my content once it leaves my shores?
  • Easy for users great. But is it easy for me – the IT guy?

Stop by our booth #2521 at RSA Conference:

  • See our responses to the questions above, in action
  • Tell us what you think
  • Sign up and take Syncplicity by Axway for a spin


February 14, 2014   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

On Valentine’s Day, love is in the cloud

You might ask, “What’s Syncplicity by Axway got to do with love?” Well, we’re bringing IT and business users together all the time—bridging gaps, resolving conflict, getting people to play nicely, and all that good stuff. But love? Really? Well, just imagine what we can do for a frustrated sales rep and a hard working IT admin…

“I need access to my files when I’m on the road,” says the sales rep.

“And I need to be sure that files stay secure,” says the IT admin.

“This is the 21st century. People use smartphones and tablets and laptops. Why can’t I?”

“Because more devices mean more security threats, and that’s a risk we can’t take.”

Ah, security. Necessary but restrictive. It always seems as though IT is obsessed with it and business users are obsessed with getting around it.

“Fine,” says the sales rep. “Then I’m just going to email documents to my personal address so I can work on them wherever, whenever I want to.”

“But once your documents are off the reservation we can’t track them—and that violates our compliance policy. Just use the SharePoint site we’re paying tons of money for,” pleads the IT admin.

“SharePoint sucks. I’ll set up a Dropbox account instead.”

Yikes! The ultimate threat. An easy fix for the end-user, Dropbox is Pandora’s Box for IT.

“Do not set up a Dropbox account,” says the IT admin.

“I’m setting up a Dropbox account.”

“Please do not set up a Dropbox account.”


Someone save us from the Dropbox epidemic.

“OK. Do not set up a Dropbox account,” says the IT admin, “because I have something much, much better for you.”

“Oh yeah? What?” asks the sales rep.

“Here. It’s called Syncplicity by Axway. Try it.”

“Wow…that’s pretty good. I like it. No, I love it.”

“So do I.”

“I guess I kind of like you too,” says the sales rep.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” says the IT admin.

“I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside.”

“Hmm…so do I.”

And that’s how Syncplicity by Axway brings people together. Yes, even IT and business users.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Let’s spread the love and tweet!

February 12, 2014   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

Connect, Reimagine and Transform with Syncplicity by Axway at Microsoft SharePoint

EMC Syncplicity by Axway will be exhibiting at the upcoming Microsoft Sharepoint Conference in Las Vegas, March 3rd through 6th at the Venetian Hotel and Resort. 

The theme for this year’s conference is “Connect. Reimagine. Transform”. The event will bring together IT pros, executives and developers to hear about the roadmap and new features from SharePoint, Yammer and Office 365. The agenda will be loaded with cutting edge content, hands-on labs, workshops, discussions, showcases, and networking events.  President Bill Clinton will deliver the keynote address.

Throughout the event, we will be on-hand to meet with you and share our enterprise-grade file sharing and mobile collaboration solution.  Syncplicity by Axway is dedicated to enabling mobile collaboration and secure access to content repositories without creating new silos.  

To find out  how EMC Syncplicity by Axway and EMC Isilon power your SharePoint strategy stop by our Booth #1630 and grab a waterproof case for your iPad.  

EMC Syncplicity by Axway Sponsors the Metalogix Best of Breed Showcase 

The program is designed to bring the top SharePoint solutions, technology, partners and industry influencers together to drive innovation and inspire SharePoint deployments.  The winners will be announced March 5th at the Best of Breed Showcase Gala.  Register to join Syncplicity by Axway for an evening of fun at the Gala.  

If you’d like to talk to one of our sales professionals at the conference, email us at sales@syncplicity.com to set up an appointment.

Join the conversation on Twitter with #SPC2014


Syncplicity by Axway "No Silos" Strategy Primer
Rich Mobile Access for Enterprise Content Stores like SharePoint

February 4, 2014

Syncplicity by Axway Attends the 2014 RSA Conference, San Francisco

Syncplicity by Axway is thrilled to be attending the 2014 RSA Conference in San Francisco, Feb 24th through 28th, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco CA.

The theme for this year’s conference is “2014:  Share. Learn. Secure”. The conference promotes the sharing of ideas and the development of relationships that can lead to great advances and innovations. The agenda is packed with presentations on all aspects of security including sessions on mobile security. Don’t miss Stephen Colbert one of the many keynote speakers. 

Stop by our booth #2521 to hear how Secure Sync and Share can empower collaboration while ensuring security requirements are met. Learn more about:

  • Hybrid Cloud for compliance to data residency and security concerns
  • Embedding security into files with Integrated Rights Management
  • BYOD enablement with SSO, robust policy enforcement and MDM integration

You are invited to join Syncplicity by Axway for an evening of fun at the OneLogin top-secret SpeakEasy at the Manor West, February 25th.  A password is required but we’ve got you covered. Register at http://oneloginprohibitionparty.splashthat.com/

If you’d like to talk to one of our sales professionals at the conference, email us at sales@syncplicity.com to set up an appointment. 

February 3, 2014   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

Syncplicity’s Mobile-Savvy Leaders Take the Go Lite Challenge

This month, Syncplicity by Axway’s mobile-savvy leaders will see just how lite they can get with our Go Lite 30-day challenge. 

Here’s what it’s all about: we’ve been walking, talking and living mobile for a long time but desktops and laptops are still weighing us down. At Syncplicity by Axway, we’ve built our new mobile apps with the mobile user in mind. Our transformational UX helps you work smarter, more collaboratively and faster.  From every touch to every click, we’ve optimized our apps and redesigned our workflows just for mobile.

Our new mobile apps have inspired us to take the ultimate test – leave old technologies behind, ditch our desktop and close our laptops and Go Lite.  Of course, there is a time and place for laptops and they are still allowed, but we are challenging our team to see how ‘lite’ they can go for 30-days.  From photos to documents, tweets to iTunes, we’re going to use our mobile devices for everything we possibly can to see how it changes our productivity, interactivity, and company culture -- and we’ll be documenting the challenge on social media every step of the way!

We are ready to leave old technology behind, and ditch our desktop and close our laptops. For the next 4 weeks, we are going to see how mobile we can get! You can track the team’s success and hold us to task on social media: Twitter and Facebook.

To learn more about our new mobile apps, the inspiration behind our Go Lite Challenge, read Beauty and Brains: The New Syncplicity by Axway Mobile Apps

In the News:

CMSWire: EMC Syncplicity by Axway’s New Mobile Face: Beautiful, Brainy, Impenetrable
The Register: EMC puts on an ‘appy face to box Box, Dropbox
Gigaom Research: Syncplicity by Axway moves beyond file sync-and-share content to context

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