April 29, 2014   |   by Syncplicity Team

We’ve Got Storage Options Covered

It’s time to redefine mobile productivity on your terms with flexible deployment options that allow you to choose your own storage model. With Syncplicity, you can customize deployments to fit your specific storage architecture and security needs.

Do you require an on-premises storage solution? We’ve got you covered. Is the cloud the best option for you? Syncplicity can do that, too. Want the best of both worlds? Then go hybrid.

Syncplicity provides the freedom of storage choice, which allows you to deploy enterprise-grade file sharing and collaboration capabilities across your organization without changing your current infrastructure. Learn more about flexible deployment options and all the other ways we’re Redefining Mobile Productivity at EMC World 2014!

Don’t miss these sessions, check our Syncplicity custom schedule:

  • Policy Driven Storage With Syncplicity StorageVaults
  • Architectural Underpinnings of Scalable Hybrid Cloud Apps - Lessons from Syncplicity
  • Securing Content for Mobile Collaboration
  • What's New and What's Next: Syncplicity
  • Reduce The "Dropbox" Risk With Syncplicity: An Interactive Discussion With Syncplicity Executives (Birds-of-a-Feather)

While you’re there, stop by our booth #458 in the EMC WORLD main floor, or visit us in the Momentum booth #1002. We’re here to answer all your questions about integration, security, storage choice, and more!


April 24, 2014   |   by Syncplicity Team

This just in! Syncplicity Has A New Improved Support Site!

Syncplicity has launched a new and improved support site to help you and your users get the support you need, 24/7, 365 days a year.

The brand-new site sports a fresh, streamlined look complete with new end-user documentation and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that you’ve come to expect from Syncplicity. It’s all of our support resources at your fingertips, when you want them. Our goal? To deliver IT support resources to you, and to take the burden off your shoulders by helping your users get—and stay—up and running. You can just feel the support.

What are some of the things you and your users can do at our new support site? On the new site, Users can easily:

  • Learn how to get started with Syncplicity in three simple steps
  • Score tips on how to make the most from Syncplicity mobile, desktop, and web clients
  • Get the scoop on latest Syncplicity announcements

Start exploring support.syncplicity.com today, where all-new user content is ready to go! IT Support documents are still available at manual.syncplicity.com but stay tuned for the new and improved versions coming to the site soon.

April 23, 2014   |   by Syncplicity Team

Just Say No… to Silos!

Collaboration happens anywhere and everywhere—on the road, at the airport, on the train, and at EMC World 2014! File sharing needs to be just as mobile as users are. But extending information to the mobile world comes with its challenges, such as integration, cost, and security.

Never fear! Syncplicity is here. Our “No Silos” approach gives users mobile access to multiple back end systems from a single application. Unlike other sync and share providers, Syncplicity enables you to mobilize enterprise content without changing your existing infrastructure. There’s no data migration, no user migration, no business process migration. That reduces complexity, and yes, cost.

Find out more about No Silos and how to Redefine Mobile Productivity at EMC World 2014!

We’ve got some great sessions lined up for you:

  • No More Silos: Mobilizing EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint with Syncplicity
  • Syncplicity – Mobile Collaboration Redefined
  • Securing Content for Mobile Collaboration 

Want to keep up to date on all our sessions, view our customized Syncplicity schedule for resources visit our EMC WORLD Resources Page.

But, most importantly, while at EMC WORLD, stop by our booth #458 in the EMC WORLD main floor, or visit us in the Momentum booth #1002. We’re here to answer all your questions about integration, security, and more!

To learn more about Syncplicity at EMC World 2014 and Momentum see our past blog posts:

April 17, 2014   |   by Syncplicity Team

Riddle me this.

We’ve been cooking up some cool new content that we’d like to share with you.
Take a guess at what we’ve got in store. Here’s a hint…

What do you do to become light but not bright?

To move the largest of things with the lightest of touch?

And to hold all that you need in the palm of your hand,
ready to use but never to lose?

ANSWER: You GO LITE, of course, with Syncplicity. See how!

April 17, 2014   |   by Syncplicity Team

Lessons from a large scale sync and share deployment

Finding the perfect productivity solution and rolling it out to a workforce of 60,000 people isn’t easy. EMC IT is sharing some lessons learned from their enterprise-wide rollout of Syncplicity.

“It’s our job in IT to protect our intellectual property and other sensitive information,” says Wissam Halabi, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Infrastructure Architect. “If employees want to store content in the cloud, we want it to be in our private cloud so we can keep it secure.”  

The case study, EMC IT Deploys Syncplicity with Private Cloud Storage, articulates EMC’s need for an enterprise-grade sync and share solution and sheds light on the steps required to:

  • Execute a phased launch
  • Succeed with user adoption
  • Calibrate and configure security policies
  • Choose the best storage types and content classes
  • Provide support resources
  • Scale deployment
  • Empower users

We hope this case study sheds some light on user needs, resource requirements, and best practices to help you harness the benefits of an enterprise sync and share solution. Download it here

April 14, 2014   |   by Syncplicity Team


EMC World 2014 is just around the corner! Visit Syncplicity to see how we’re REDEFINING enterprise file sharing and collaboration. Our intuitive apps are engineered to enhance the mobile experience and help your users Go Lite by breaking free of the shackles of laptops and desktops—securely, of course.

Here’s how we’re redefining mobile productivity:

In-app editing. Forget the security woes of third-party apps. Our in-app mobile editing capabilities allow users to review and update documents without even leaving the security of Syncplcity’s application. From a Word doc that needs editing to a PowerPoint that needs presenting, help your users ditch the laptop and do it directly from their smartphones or tablets. 

File distribution for a mobile workforce. With Syncplicity, users can collaborate and share files anywhere, anytime from mobile devices. They can safely send those Word docs and sales reports to colleagues across the room, or across the country without the hassle of file size and bandwidth limits, ever.

Always secure. Syncplicity works on any device, anytime, anywhere, and it’s all powered by enterprise-grade security that’s backed by EMC. It’s safe travels, always.

So visit us at Momentum at EMC World 2014 to learn more about going lite and join us for these great sessions:

  • Syncplicity – Mobile Collaboration Redefined
  • Securing Content for Mobile Collaboration
  • What's New and What's Next: Syncplicity
  • Architectural Underpinnings of Scalable Hybrid Cloud Apps - Lessons from Syncplicity
  • Reduce The "Dropbox" Risk With Syncplicity: An Interactive Discussion With Syncplicity Executives (Birds-of-a-Feather)

To learn more and keep up to date visit our EMC WORLD Resources Page or custom schedule.

You can also stop by our booth #458 in the EMC WORLD main floor, or visit us in the Momentum booth #1002. We’re here to answer all your questions about integration, security, and more!

Go Lite today and download our mobile apps -- Android or iPad.

April 7, 2014   |   by Syncplicity Team


REDEFINE is the theme of EMC World 2014. Why? Because EMC is the company that’s DEFINING and REDEFINING virtualization, cloud computing, Big Data storage and analytics, security…and, of course, enterprise file sharing and collaboration (which is where we come in).

Redefine Mobile Productivity: Freedom and Security

We all know how important mobility is, which is why we’ve reengineered our apps from the ground up to offer an incredibly intuitive and addictive UI/UX. We’re especially proud of our new design, which makes it super easy to navigate through deep folder and file structures, and to view, edit, and share documents. The end result? Your users are going to love and embrace our apps, which means you can put an end to the Dropbox problem once and for all!

Syncplicity is an EMC company and we’ll be at EMC World 2014 in force to showcase all of the ways we’re REDEFINING enterprise file sharing and collaboration:

  • Go Lite—smart, stunning, and secure. Our new mobile UX features a totally unique navigation design that’s easy and intuitive to use. User insights add context-specific capabilities. In-app mobile editing allows users to review and update documents without leaving the application, making them more productive and improving anytime, anywhere collaboration. And it’s all powered by enterprise-grade security that’s backed by EMC. Robust security + mobile apps that people love—that’s how Syncplicity puts IT in control and sets users free!
  • No Silos—back-end information silos aren’t for front-end users, that’s why so many point solutions fail. We enable you to safely extend SharePoint, Documentum, and non-standard legacy systems to users across the enterprise with a single, streamlined interface. Your infrastructure doesn’t have to change but user productivity sure will!
  • Storage choice—on-premises, in the cloud, or the best of both worlds. Syncplicity provides the flexibility to customize deployments according to your specific storage architecture and security needs. Whether it’s completely on-premises, in the cloud, or a little bit of both, Syncplicity allows you to deploy file sharing and collaboration without changing your current infrastructure.

Download our new mobile apps today to experience mobile productivity redefined!

Then join us at EMC World 2014 where we’ll team up with other business units like Isilon, VNX, and VIPR to answer all your questions on integration, security, and more. Or stop by our booth #458 in the EMC WORLD main floor or visit us in the Momentum booth #1002 to grill our technology experts…and give yourself a little adrenaline shot (can you say “rock climbing wall”…yikes!).

Find Syncplicity with our custom schedule.

April 1, 2014   |   by Syncplicity Team

Syncplicity Releases New Content Management Solution to Power the Enterprise

Santa Clara — April 1, 2014 — Syncplicity’s Enterprise file sharing and collaboration solution has taken a huge leap forward with the addition of new capabilities that we are making available to qualified Enterprise Edition customers today. The new Enterprise Mach™ program is ideal for customers who want to sample and evaluate the cutting-edge Enterprise file sharing technologies of the future.

Enterprise file sharing and collaboration enables the secure and easy viewing, sharing, and editing of Enterprise content and transforms organizations through secure information sharing, collaboration, and anytime, anywhere, any device access to files and data. Because they are so advanced, the innovations we are making available today offer a phase transformation for the very most forward-looking of Enterprise leaders—frontiersmen who are ready to shift their content management practices into warp drive.

Where No Secure File Sharing Solution Has Gone Before

With today’s release of the Enterprise Mach™ program, Syncplicity boldly advances the art and science of Enterprise content management by equipping its file syncing and collaboration solution with the power of Dilithium File Management™.

“Any Enterprise solution must bridge the demands of both users and IT departments. To do otherwise causes disruption and, indeed, threatens the very fabric of our information universe,” says Montgomery Scott, Syncplicity’s chief engineer. “We see this happening with consumer-based file sharing services whose lack of security seriously threatens the very existence of the information space-time continuum,” a practice that is, quite simply, illogical.

Dilithium File Management™ offers the following new features:

File Transportation—built on Phase Transition Technology™ that converts Microsoft Office and PDF files to pure energy and then back again, this is the next generation of file synchronization. Rather than uploading and downloading files from the cloud, users can initiate a file phase shift that makes documents instantly appear in the appropriate folders. This makes file sync instantaneous, eliminates the need for an Internet connection, and reduces bandwidth costs.

Adaptive Security Shields—an adaptive security barrier that protects the Enterprise and allows security officers to direct varying levels of power to different locations, for on-the-fly security customization that deflects any type of attack. Advanced monitoring tools automatically alert personnel when Enterprise content is under fire and quantifies damage to shields.

File Cloaking Device—for added protection in the file sharing and collaboration space, IT now has the ability to render files invisible and undetectable to everyone outside of the Enterprise.

Device agnosticism—both users and IT officers can harness and control the power of Dilithium File Management™ via laptop, tablet, smart phone, phaser, communicator, or tricorder. “It is particularly effective with wearables,” says Lieutenant Commander Jordi Laforge. Some file-sharing functions can be performed in three dimensions via the Enterprise holodeck.

Equipping Your Enterprise with Dilithium File Management™

Dilithium File Management™ will be made available to all Enterprise Mach™ customers in the first quarter of 2366. In the meantime, if you are interested in participating in beta testing, please initiate an online mind-meld with a Syncplicity customer service representative. Agents are standing by.

Dilithium File Management™, engage.

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