December 23, 2014   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

Creating Mobile Magic this Holiday Season

From Jeannie in “I Love Jeannie” to the good witches in “Charmed” and “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” most of us have yearned for magical powers to remove obstacles, protect ourselves from harm, and do our holiday shopping. 

Luckily mobile technology has advanced so much that it is indistinguishable from magic today.  Each of us really can sprinkle a little bit of magic dust right from our mobile devices to take our lives from ordinary to the extraordinary. 

  • Elevate and QuizUp provide the mental floss you need to stay sharp at work and at home. 
  • Hipmunk allows you to sort travel itineraries based on the least amount of agony so you can reach your destination with a smile.
  • We know you use Syncplicity by Axway for work, but you can also use it to share your holiday wish list with family and friends across the globe so your family knows in real-time when you’ve added more items to your “wish" list. 
  • Wunderlist gives you the power to keep track of and prioritize your to-dos since most of us mere mortals can’t simply snap our fingers to complete tasks.
  • And lastly, Timeful suggests the most optimal time to complete projects. With so many priorities between work and home, sometimes you really do need someone to sprinkle magic dust on your calendar to figure out how you can get 10 things done in a day when everything is a high priority. 

From accessing email, to surfing the web, to tracking tasks, and managing our health, mobile has come a long way. We here at Syncplicity by Axway believe that mobile is truly magical today and we are working on harnessing all of its power to take our work from ordinary to the extraordinary.   

December 9, 2014

Syncplicity by Axway Announces Syncplicity by Axway Panorama

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of Syncplicity by Axway Panorama, a powerful new way to provide mobile access to content in multiple enterprise content sources, such as home directories, file shares, and Microsoft SharePoint. 

Most large organizations have made massive investments in file shares and SharePoint servers, and enterprise users are demanding seamless, easy, and secure access to them. 

Syncplicity by Axway Panorama allows enterprises to have their cake and eat it too — it is a bridge to the future. It delivers seamless mobile access to enterprise content across home directories, file shares, and SharePoint without requiring any data migration or change in authentication or permission configurations. Unlike other solutions, Syncplicity by Axway understands that organizations can’t simply migrate petabytes of content overnight. 

From an end-user perspective, Syncplicity by Axway Panorama allows users to simply use the beautiful, efficient, and powerful Syncplicity by Axway mobile app to access content across different content sources and securely edit content from the mobile app itself.  

The solution offers a number of key benefits that users love and IT embraces.

For end users:

•    Mobile, VPN-less access to files in home directories, file shares, and SharePoint
•    A built-in editor to edit MS Office files and annotate PDFs
•    Ability to upload new content
•    Native features such as SharePoint check-in/check-out capabilities
•    Offline file access
•    Access files without needing to constantly re-enter credentials

For IT:

•    No migration of files, permissions, or authentication required
•    3-tier architecture, which conforms to standards mandated by most CISOs
•    Mobile administration and policies such as remote wipe, passcode enforcement, and “open-in” restrictions

Because no two organizations are alike, and no two business requirements are the same, EMC Syncplicity by Axway offers Syncplicity by Axway Panorama in two different packages to meet your organization’s evolving needs.

•    Syncplicity by Axway Panorama for Network Shares (stand alone) delivers secure mobile VPN-less access to any CIFS/SMB storage without requiring a Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition account. Users get mobile access to any CIFS/SMB file share they have been given access to by IT using Syncplicity by Axway’s industry-leading mobile experience. This includes file storage on non-EMC storage solutions.

•    Syncplicity by Axway Panorama with Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition adds mobile, VPN-less access to CIFS/SMB storage, and SharePoint 2010/2013 to Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition, our industry-leading enterprise file sync and share solution. 

But organizations don’t need to choose between these two options—we have made it simple to deploy Syncplicity by Axway Panorama for Network Shares and upgrade to Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition later, with no impact on users or IT.

Pricing and Availability

Syncplicity by Axway Panorama for Network Shares is available immediately and is FREE to all EMC Customers through their EMC sales team. 

Syncplicity by Axway Panorama is also available immediately and is automatically bundled with all Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition accounts. It is not available to customers with Free, Personal, Business, and Department editions. 

Users can currently access files via Syncplicity by Axway Panorama using Syncplicity by Axway’s iPad app, which is available free of charge from the Apple App Store. Support for Syncplicity by Axway iPhone, Android, and Windows 8/Windows Phone platforms will be available soon. 

Learn More

To learn more about Syncplicity by Axway Panorama for Network Shares and Syncplicity by Axway Panorama with Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition, check out the latest Syncplicity by Axway videos.  

1.    Syncplicity by Axway Panorama for Network Shares User Features

2.    Syncplicity by Axway Panorama for Network Shares IT Features

3.    User Features in Syncplicity by Axway Panorama Included with Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition

4.    IT Features in Syncplicity by Axway Panorama Included with Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition

December 4, 2014   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

ESG Lab Review: Syncplicity by Axway - Secure, Flexible, and Easy to Manage

The proliferation of online file sharing solutions has made it easy for users to store, access and share content across devices.  However, it has also led to data security and compliance risks with employees creating their own accounts on consumer file sharing solutions to enhance productivity.

Today, many forward thinking organizations are deploying enterprise-class Online File Sharing solutions to mitigate the risks caused by employees storing corporate content in consumer solutions.  But not all enterprise solutions are alike.  

ESG Lab recently performed hands-on testing of Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition with the goal of validating features that make it a secure, flexible, and easy to manage OFS solution for enterprises.   ESG Lab looked at both Syncplicity by Axway from the perspective of the IT administrator who deploys and manages the solution, as well as from the perspective of the end-user who securely shares and collaborates across devices. 

It should be no surprise that ESG Lab found Syncplicity by Axway to be “secure, efficient, and easy for IT and users to deploy, operate, and use.”   In fact, ESB Lab easily deployed the enterprise OSF solution, provisioned users and storage, and viewed dashboards and reports to manage the entire deployment.  But the solution wasn’t just pleasing to IT.   ESG Lab “validated that the Syncplicity by Axway solution was easy to use with a clean, uncluttered interface and completely transparent sharing.” They found Syncplicity by Axway to be easily accessible across devices increasing the pace of file sharing and collaboration.

To learn first-hand why ESG Lab concluded that EMC Syncplicity by Axway delivers “high performance, secure, easy-to-use, and –manage enterprise online file sharing with flexible deployment options", download the report here.




December 1, 2014   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

EMC Syncplicity Receives Enterprise App Award (Appy) for Productivity and Competes for Best of Show

We're excited to have won CRN’s 2014 Enterprise App Award in the productivity category. 

The “Appys” recognize outstanding achievement by developers of enterprise mobile apps, with apps evaluated by CRN’s editors on functionality, suitability to task, ease of use, innovation and potential value to solution providers, their customers and the market in general.

CRN evaluated a number of mobile applications for productivity and recognized Syncplicity by Axway as a winner for delivering a powerful enterprise-class file sync and share solution with a completely redesigned iPhone app.

EMC Syncplicity by Axway’s iPhone app launched this summer provides enterprise users with a completely re-built mobile application that incorporates a very intuitive, consumer-grade user interface that innovates in three key areas: beauty, efficiency, and power.

  • Beauty: The app is visually stunning and personalized from first use.   It has a breakthrough UX design innovation with 3D panel views to quickly move across folders.
  • Efficiency: The app is designed to navigate vast amounts of information and access features with a simple swipe of the thumb.
  • Power: The app has a tremendous amount of functionality, for today’s business user, but true to form it is simple to use. This includes a built-in editor to edit and create MS Office documents and annotate PDFs to ensure that enterprise users can securely view, edit, create, sync, and share content.

With 86% of today’s business leaders believing UX is just as important for enterprise apps as it is for consumer apps, Syncplicity by Axway has set the bar on UX for file sharing apps across the enterprise mobile work/collaboration space. For a quick demo of the product’s key features click here.

This week, Syncplicity by Axway will be competing against other Appy winners for the Best of Show award at CRNs Tech Tank 2014 by showcasing our key product innovations.


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