April 30, 2015

New Syncplicity by Axway Microsoft Integrations Increase Business Productivity

There is no way to sugar coat it - sending large attachments through Outlook is filled with friction. Most organizations have file size limitations on email attachments, which hinders business productivity. Furthermore, there are significant storage infrastructure costs for enterprises given the fact that the average worker receives on average 70 emails per day and 24% have attachments that are on average 800KB in size. Organizations not only need a solution to this problem, but also need a solution that is deployable, manageable, and usable to drive business value.

Syncplicity by Axway is excited to announce the Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Outlook, which will be generally available on May 31,2015.  The Add-in allows users to securely and easily send files and folders of any size directly from Outlook without changing the way they work, thus removing one of the biggest barriers to productivity in the enterprise today. 

Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Outlook makes it easy for users to send content from a number of different sources. They can upload content from their desktop as well as cloud content from their Syncplicity by Axway account. Once content is “attached”, the email is delivered with a Syncplicity by Axway shared link to the file or folder. Content can either be downloaded directly or downloaded after authentication depending on the security parameters set by the user or IT. Additional security controls and policies can be applied to attachments sent via the Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Outlook such as setting file expiry,  attachment file size, and rights management controls.

The Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Microsoft Outlook isn’t just great for end-users trying to send large files (PowerPoints, video files, spreadsheets, and etc), but also helps organizations dramatically reduce the storage infrastructure costs associated with email attachments.  Email systems add a 33% overhead for every attachment – thus a 10GB attachment becomes 13.3GB, and since there are 4 copies for each attachment, a single large file can take up 53.2 GB – creating huge storage costs for the enterprise.  In contrast, since Syncplicity by Axway provides global file de-duplication, only a single copy of a file exists in the system, no matter how many times and how many people send the same content via the Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Outlook.

Unlike others in the market, our Outlook Add-in solution combines the ease of deployment and management for IT with group-based policies, robust security controls like password protected links and link expiration, and a frictionless user experience with no size limits on files and folders – all at the same time.

In addition to the Outlook Add-in, our new Syncplicity by Axway iOS app integrates with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel apps for iOS. This integration allows users to access Syncplicity by Axway files from within Microsoft Office apps and save them back into Syncplicity by Axway. IT administrators can still use “open-in” restriction policies at group level to prevent any data leakage from Syncplicity by Axway’s secure containers. 

April 29, 2015

Syncplicity by Axway Is a Big Deal at Texas A&M University System - and at EMC World!

200,000 users, 11 universities, and 7 state agencies. 

Attending EMC World next week in Las Vegas? If so, be sure to join us for “Deploying a Secure, Modern Collaboration Service for 200K Users at The Texas A&M University System” — a customer panel discussion on Monday, May 4, at noon.

One of the largest university systems in the United States and the largest in the state, the Texas A&M University system serves over 200,000 users. So join us at EMC World for a customer panel featuring an all-star executive team from the Texas A&M System, and hear about how they’re rolling out Syncplicity by Axway’s enterprise file syncing and sharing (EFSS) solution across their 11 universities and 7 state agencies.

“We had a growing need to standardize and centralize secure file syncing and sharing across the Texas A&M University system.”   — Danny Miller, System Chief Information Security Officer at Texas A&M University System

Come meet:

Danny Miller — System Chief Information Security Officer of Texas A&M’s Office of the Chief Information Officer
Nicholas McLarty — Information Security Officer & Information Technology Security Manager of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Dan Basile — Interim Executive Director of the Office of Information Technology, Texas A&M Health Science Center

Get their unique perspective on why they selected Syncplicity by Axway and how they’re rolling it out to 200,000 users across the Texas A&M System. And while you’re there, take advantage of the Q&A session to get answers to your most pressing questions.

Why the Texas A&M System turned to Syncplicity by Axway

The faculty, students, and staff who comprise Texas A&M System universities and agencies are dedicated to providing services, performing research, and offering educational programs that enhance the lives of the state’s citizens and improve its communities. In order to achieve their research, education, and service goals, they needed to share sensitive data, such as student records, curricula, and research content.

The IT team is a vital resource in helping Texas A&M University System achieve its mission of improving the synergy and enhancing short-term and long-term decision making between its constituent organizations. EFSS was an important initiative for them, but they needed visibility into what data was being shared, and where it was going.

Texas A&M System’s IT team also required enhanced control over content. And it needed to prevent the future use of consumer-grade, shadow IT file sharing tools, which wouldn’t be able to meet the University’s security requirements or offer much in the way of audits, reporting, single sign on, centralized security controls, or granular controls around users, devices, folders, or files.

“The more we learned about Syncplicity by Axway and its security capabilities, the surer we were that it was the right solution for Texas A&M University Systems,” says Danny Miller, Texas A&M System’s Chief Information Security Officer. “With Syncplicity by Axway, we found a powerful, world-class solution that lets users safely share sensitive data with colleagues inside the Texas A&M System, and with partners outside of it. Meanwhile, IT retains complete control of the information, and has visibility into who’s accessing it even after it’s shared with users outside of our infrastructure.”

Join us and learn more:

Our EMC World customer panel, Deploying a Secure, Modern Collaboration Service for 200K Users at Texas A&M University System, will give you insight into the selection process and explain why Syncplicity by Axway’s security features and hybrid-cloud capabilities drove their decision.

The EMC World session:

Customer Panel: Deploying a Secure, Modern Collaboration Service for 200K Users at Texas A&M University System—Monday, May 4 at noon. 

April 27, 2015

Syncplicity by Axway at EMC World 2015

EMC World 2015 is only 7 days away. Come visit us in Las Vegas, May 4-7th to see how we’re Re-Imagining Mobile Productivity.   We’ve designed a gold-standard mobile application that delights users, enhances user adoption, and increases mobile productivity so your workers can ditch their laptops and be productive in the office and on-the-go.

Syncplicity by Axway delivers:

Mobile Collaboration & Mobile File Protection.  Our integrated mobile editing capabilities allow users to create and edit MS Office documents and annotate PDFs without even leaving the security of Syncplicity by Axway’s mobile application.  Users can then securely share files with both internal and external users by adding individuals to shared folders, sending password protected links, and even retracting and time-bombing content once access to material is no longer required.

Mobile Home Directories and Mobile File Shares.  Syncplicity by Axway enables organizations to leverage their existing investment in Home Directories and File Shares.  With Syncplicity by Axway, users have mobile, VPN-less access to their content, and IT has the time to migrate data at their own pace.

Join us at the following EMC World and Momentum 2015 sessions.

  • Enabling Mobile Productivity While Keeping Your Data Safe

Hear from Syncplicity by Axway and one of our marquee customers, Mark May, Manager Enterprise Storage & Backup for an Insurance Services company share how to enable your workforce with a modern approach to collaboration while extending the value of your existing investment in Home Directories and Files Shares.

  • Deploying a secure, modern collaboration service for 200k users at The Texas A&M University System

Syncplicity by Axway is excited to announce a special customer session.   The Texas A&M University System will share their journey towards standardizing on Syncplicity by Axway file sync and share across 11 universities and 7 state agencies within the Texas A&M System spanning 200,000 users.  Three executives from different parts of the Texas A&M System will be on a panel to share their unique perspective from university to state agency.  Attendees will gain insight into Texas A&M System's selection process, the role and rollout of EFSS across 18 groups, and the importance Hybrid cloud played in the selection process. 

  • Architectural Underpinnings Of Scalable Hybrid Cloud Apps: Lessons From Syncplicity by Axway

Modern cloud applications like Syncplicity by Axway have complex deployment models and enable unprecedented end-user productivity while working with on-premise solutions like Network Shares, and meeting complex enterprise security and compliance requirements with a hybrid cloud that utilizes file storage solutions such as EMC Isilon, EMC VNX, and software-defined solutions such as EMC's Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS). Attend this session to get a deep under-the-hood look at what it takes to build and run cloud apps and operations. 

  • Learn How EMC Syncplicity by Axway Delivers a Secure and Frictionless Mobile Productivity Experience for all Enterprise Content

Attend this session to learn about EMC Syncplicity by Axway, an enterprise-grade online file sharing and mobile productivity solution that delivers  "the gold standard" for mobile UX. Attendees will learn how Syncplicity by Axway innovations help deliver this UX across content repositories while addressing compliance and security requirements.

  • Vision & Roadmaps Syncplicity by Axway: What's New and What's Next

This session showcases Syncplicity by Axway innovations redefining mobile productivity. The mobile workforce expects seamless navigation, smart insights, and one touch file sharing across content stores.  See how Syncplicity by Axway supports storage diversity while maintaining best in class mobile user experience.

  • Tips from the CTO's Office: Content Security and Compliance in a Cloud and Mobile World

​Security and compliance in a cloud and mobile world requires new and flexible architectural choices and technical capabilities. Mobile content security requires native MDM capabilities inside the app while also having the ability to work with external MDM systems. Deployment models need to be flexible to offer choice of on-prem and cloud storage options for meeting data residency concerns & external collaboration requires capabilities like IRM to be natively embedded into the offering. Learn how Syncplicity by Axway meets these requirements even while delivering on best in class User Experience.

To learn more and keep up to date, visit our EMC WORLD Resources Page or custom schedule.

You can also stop by our booth #1241. We’re here to answer all your questions about integration, security, and mobile access to File Shares and Home Directories.  

April 22, 2015

Retain Complete Control Of Shared Files - Announcing Customer Managed Keys for Rights Managed Files

Collaboration beyond the enterprise is a given today.   Business users share content with suppliers, resellers, partners, contractors, and more.  However, this content cannot be secured and controlled using traditional perimeter-based approaches. But, embedding security into the files, through rights management functionality can give organizations the control they need.

Last year, we announced the availability of native rights management and security capabilities. This provides security when it’s most needed i.e., when a user is sending sensitive content to external collaborators. Users can embed security controls such as document expiry, dynamic watermarking, digital claw-back, screen capture prevention and geo-fencing, to the files themselves, ensuring that files are protected even after they have left the network.  These data access controls provide users with an easy and secure solution to share files outside the organization. At the same time, IT can decide when and how to enforce the addition of rights management policies - for the whole company or just a group of users!  This ability to apply security controls selectively and granularly is the “scalpel” approach to security which is in stark contrast to a “one-size-fits-all” or the “ hatchet” approach used by many of our competitors.

For customers who want greater control over the key management infrastructure associated with the rights managed files, today, we are announcing the availability of Customer Managed Keys through an on-premise Rights Management Server. Organizations can now choose to have rights management keys stored “in the cloud” by Syncplicity by Axway, or store them in their own data centers, completely out of the reach of Syncplicity by Axway’s servers, giving them complete control over both the content and the keys for the shared files.   While there are certainly benefits of managing keys in the cloud such as reduced overhead and speed of deployment, on-premise key management gives organizations ultimate control of both the content and the customer keys.   Introduction of this capability has added to both the breadth and the granularity of Syncplicity by Axway. 

Extending Comprehensive & Granular Security

Deploying EFSS at enterprise-scale requires organizations to have two things:

  1. Comprehensive range of security and control options
  2. An ability to apply these controls in a granular way through policies and use them like a scalpel

With Syncplicity by Axway, organizations have the widest range security & control options in the industry that now include:

  • Hybrid cloud storage with StorageVaults for compliance and data residency
  • StorageVault Authentication for additional privacy protection
  • Secure Shared Files for embedding rights management into the shared files
  • Customer Managed Keys for controlling the keys for rights protected files

More importantly these options can all be managed through policies that allow you to pick and choose the content and groups that need them the most. This “scalpel approach” which allows granular application of security capabilities differentiates Syncplicity by Axway from the other vendors in the market.  

April 15, 2015

Best Practices for Secure External File Sharing

In today’s global business environment, sensitive content is increasingly shared with people outside the organization.  But with more and more content leaving the enterprise, organizations are asking themselves, “how can my users control files after they leave my network.”

Syncplicity by Axway delivers native rights management and security capabilities that enable organizations to simplify and secure external file sharing –who has access to the content, how long content is accessible, and how users can use that content. 

Learn how Syncplicity by Axway’s approach to rights management is easy for end-users and for IT.

Join us for a special webinar on May 6th as Syncplicity by Axway Director of Cloud Security – Brian Levine discusses best practices to simplify and secure external collaboration. 

April 15, 2015

A Secure, Hybrid Implementation Helps The Associated Press Deliver The News

One of the largest independent news gathering sources in the world, the Associated Press (AP) was shopping for an enterprise-wide file sync and share solution it could rely on. As you might guess, the AP had some pretty demanding criteria.

First and foremost was security: enterprise-grade features such as remote wipe and military-grade encryption, and group-, individual-, and device-level management capabilities were essential. Although they wanted the scalability of the cloud, they needed to keep sensitive data on-premises to ensure complete control. And whatever solution they chose, it had to provide a smooth transition that their users would take to naturally, so it wouldn’t interrupt their workflow.

The solution: a hybrid implementation of Syncplicity by Axway.

To find out how the AP used Syncplicity by Axway to meet their file syncing, sharing, and collaboration needs throughout their organization — and across five continents — download the Associated Press case study

April 5, 2015

Join Syncplicity by Axway at RSA 2015

Syncplicity by Axway is excited to attend the 2015 RSA Conference in San Francisco, April 20-23rd, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco CA.

The theme for this year’s conference is “2015:  Change: Challenge today's security thinking.” Key innovations are required to keep pace with how organizations conduct business.  Security today is still perimeter driven while businesses are breaking boundaries, operational considerations are an afterthought making solutions unmanageable at scale, and lastly bad UX makes user adoption a challenge.

At Syncplicity by Axway, security is in our DNA.  We are continually looking at ways to ensure data security as business users use mobile devices for on-the-go productivity and share content with both internal and external stakeholders, while organizations look at flexible deployment options and robust group-based policies to manage hundreds of thousands of users at scale.

Stop by booth #S1945 to hear how you can securely enable your mobile workforce and meet with our mobile security experts. Learn more about:

Control & Compliance with Hybrid Cloud
External Collaboration with Rights Management
Securing at Scale with Group Policies 

You are also invited to join Syncplicity by Axway (#S1945 ) in the South Hall for a Pub Crawl - Wednesday, April 22nd from 5-6pm. 

If you are unable to join us at RSA and would like to speak with one of our sales professionals, please email us at sales@syncplicity.com or contact us at 1.888.908.4276. 

To learn more about Syncplicity by Axway at RSA, click here

April 1, 2015

Syncplicity by Axway Welcomes a New Security Advisor

The Syncplicity by Axway team is very excited to introduce Anton Stark as our new Security Advisor.  Mr. Stark has had an illustrious career at security firms such as RSA, NetWitness, and Stark Industries.  He was most recently at Stark Industries, a firm specializing in the protection of nation states and their classified data.

As Security Advisor, Mr. Stark will work closely with the product, engineering, and existing security office to ensure that Syncplicity by Axway continues to deliver most comprehensive security, policies, and controls available.  In the coming months, he and the Syncplicity by Axway team will be focused on implementing a new solution called JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) to help our customers protect all their sensitive files.   This new program will be integrated into the Syncplicity by Axway solution, allowing users to protect files from unauthorized use and ensure that files do not leave the premises of highly secure private sector and government facilities.

When files leave a “protected” zone, files will auto-destruct and disappear from a user’s mobile device and laptop.  The force field-like protection will help organizations control content as it travels across their business users to partners, contractors, consultants, mercenaries, etc. The force field feature also lets administrators remotely zap users, when they leave a protected zone with proprietary content, using high frequency mobile flash option that induces retrograde amnesia. The strength of the zap is policy driven and can be set at both group and folder levels. The zap feature is designed to control user behavior.

OK. Obviously it’s April Fools… Anton Stark (A.K.A Ironman) is not joining Syncplicity by Axway (although we have several people already that protect our customers’ files with the same zeal). We don’t use force fields nor do we zap anything.

But security is not really a joking matter. So, joking aside, the reality is that everything we thought Anton could bring us is already in Syncplicity by Axway!

  • Syncplicity by Axway Secure Shared Files provides rights management capabilities that tie security and permissions to the file itself, and allow content to be geo-fenced, restricted, time-bombed, and clawed back no matter where it ends up (inside or outside the organization).  All with a great user experience for the sender and receiver.
  • Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults and StorageVault Authentication provide a unique hybrid cloud solution, so content can be stored on premise and in the cloud for maximum flexibility, control, and privacy.
  • Group-based policies allow IT admins to fine-tune dozens of access, sync, device, authentication, storage, protection, and sharing policies and controls to protect user accounts, devices, folders, and files so customers can be as permissive or restrictive as they need for different types of users— so Syncplicity by Axway can be deployed at scale, and security does not get in the way of productivity.

In short, we don’t think we need to hire a super hero to protect files in the cloud. We help our customers become super heroes!

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