May 27, 2015

Expanding the Data Protection Envelope

Syncplicity by Axway is excited to announce the general availability of the Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Microsoft Outlook and Silent On-boarding for desktop clients to help organizations expand their data protection envelope.

With business users sharing more and more content with internal and external collaborators and with so many file-sharing options to choose from, protecting enterprise content can be a challenge for IT.

The Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Outlook enables users to send any size file or folder from Microsoft Outlook, without changing the way they work.  Users simply “attach” content from their desktop or even their Syncplicity by Axway cloud, and recipients receive files as a secure link.  With its ease of use, users don’t need to move content into consumer applications to share.  

The Syncplicity by Axway Add-in for Outlook enhances data protection in a few ways. 

1.    Files are delivered to recipients as a secure link and fully track-able
2.    Senders can require recipients to authenticate to retrieve files 
3.    Senders can require password protection for files
4.    IT can set file exclusion policies – prevent users from sending .PST files or any sensitive files.
5.    The solution respects existing rights management policies, ensuring IT maintains control of digital content no matter where it ends up.


But Syncplicity by Axway’s goal to expand the data protection envelope doesn’t stop there.  We are excited to release Silent On-boarding, which enables organizations to deploy desktop clients without any user involvement, ensuring real-time protection of files across a user’s devices.

Once enabled, enterprises don’t need to rely on end-users to install the desktop client, go through a first time setup, and select folders to sync.   Right from the intuitive Admin Console, Administrators have the ability to enable Silent On-boarding of Syncplicity by Axway desktop clients and keep the following steps hidden from users:

a.    Entering computer name and selecting a default Syncplicity by Axway folder location
b.    Selecting special folders for backup (Desktop, Documents, Favorites, Music, and Pictures)
c.    Selecting folders from Syncplicity by Axway to sync to users computer
d.    Tutorial screens

With the desktop client automatically configured for users, organizations have the ability to take more files under their control, thus ensuring data security and compliance. 

With Syncplicity by Axway file sync and share, productivity and data protection continue to go hand in hand.  As we deliver new capabilities that expand the data protection envelope, we continue to provide end-users with a gold-standard user experience.

May 12, 2015

Join us at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

The Gartner Digital Workplace summit is only 5 days away. Come visit us in Orlando, FL May 18-20th to see how Syncplicity by Axway is Re-Imagining Mobile Productivity.   We’ve designed a consumer-like user experience that delights users and enhances user adoption, provides frictionless external collaboration so users can securely send content to vendors, partners, and others without a hitch, and finally offers analytics driven efficiency to increase user productivity.

Syncplicity by Axway delivers:

Consumer-like User Experience. Syncplicity by Axway offers a gold standard UX that delights users and enhances user adoption.  Syncplicity by Axway delivers a consistent user experience across mobile, web, and desktop.

Frictionless external collaboration.  Syncplicity by Axway makes it easy to share content with external recipients.  If an external user already has an existing Syncplicity by Axway account, and is then added to a folder by another company, they can simply gain access to that folder. No new account creation is required.

Analytics driven efficiency – Syncplicity by Axway offers Insights that automate time-consuming and mundane tasks.  We have Shared Links, Meetings, and Usage Insights. For example, with Meeting Insights when a user takes a photo or creates a document while in a meeting, a notification is triggered that prompts the user to share the file with attendees, and pre-populates the email addresses of meeting attendees.


Join us for a customer session: Monday May 18th from 3- 3:45pm
This year at the Gartner Digital Workplace summit, Syncplicity by Axway is very excited to announce a special session with Scott Kennedy, Director of Knowledge Management Platforms at Merck. 

Scott will share insight into what it takes to empower a global workforce when the 'how, when and where' people are working is changing in real-time and compliance remains stringent. He’ll discuss the cultural impact of transformative technologies like Enterprise File, Sync and Share and how it fits into a collaboration and Knowledge Management Strategy. During the session he'll provide real-world insight and actionable recommendations on how to align business priories while driving employee engagement

Stop by booth #404 at Garner Digital Workplace summit. That’s no mistake. Our mobility experts are here at booth #404 to answer all your questions about internal and external collaboration, analytics drive efficiency, and more.

To learn more about Syncplicity by Axway at Gartner Digital Workplace, click here

May 11, 2015

Do Your Homework Before Jumping into Any EFSS Solution, Says Merck

If you attend the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in Orlando next week, don’t miss “Syncplicity by Axway by EMC: A Transformative Piece to the Knowledge Management Puzzle” — a talk given by Scott Kennedy, Director of Knowledge Management Platforms for Merck.

Get a behind-the-scenes, knowledge-management perspective of a multinational corporation that’s 70,000 employees strong. Scott will share his perspective on how enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) is ushering knowledge workers into a new era, where content is centrally stored and managed strategically. In preparation for this change, companies need to carefully inventory their organizational objectives and thoroughly evaluate available products.

“Knowledge workers are starting to work out of a new environment, and a product like Syncplicity by Axway transforms the way we think about knowledge, sharing content, and transparency.” —Scott Kennedy, Director of Knowledge Management Platforms, Merck

Managing change

So how does a company keep ahead of the change and protect against the security risks introduced by consumer file-sharing tools? By choosing the right EFSS product. Scott advises that you conduct a thorough evaluation of your business objectives and the EFSS solutions available, so you have the knowledge base to choose the right product for your organization.

“You have to understand your goals, objectives, and use cases,” Scott says. “Due diligence in all areas – security, data privacy, infrastructure, networking, communication, and change management – is vital.”

For Merck, Syncplicity by Axway aids in the knowledge management problem

Merck’s thorough evaluation led them to choose Syncplicity by Axway as its EFSS solution for a number of reasons, including its intuitive UI and ease of use. Syncplicity by Axway’s hybrid storage options (on-premises, cloud, or a little of each), and the ease with which it connects to existing content sources, such as SharePoint and Documentum, were major selling points.

Merck’s assessment revealed that most users don’t back up or sync their content frequently enough, whether they are using a home drive or an EFSS solution that requires dragging and dropping into a “magic folder.” Syncplicity by Axway’s real-time backup, and the ability to perform a silent install and automatically sync specific directories without inconveniencing users were also major advantages.

“People don’t want to take time to copy things over,” Scott says. “Syncplicity’s real-time document backup aids the knowledge management issue. It’s how we’re going to phase out home-drive storage in the future.”

Join us in Orlando and learn more

Ready to transform knowledge management at your company? Don’t miss “Syncplicity by Axway by EMC: A Transformative Piece to the Knowledge Management Puzzle” on May 18th at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in Orlando.

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