November 10, 2015   |   by Brian W Levine

Navigating the choppy waters of Europe’s data protection

Navigating the choppy waters of Europe’s data protection requirements can be a daunting task for any global enterprise. The good news for Syncplicity by Axway customers is that it’s business as usual. Nothing has changed for our customers since the European Court of Justice (ECJ) invalidated the Safe Harbor framework.  Syncplicity by Axway has always provided enterprises with policy-driven hybrid-cloud storage, allowing data to reside in any region of choice. In fact, our flexible architecture allows global enterprises to conduct business based on their corporate requirements as well as government regulations.

In addition to our market-leading hybrid-cloud solution, today we are announcing Syncplicity by Axway’s European Cloud Orchestration to give customers even more visibility and control of their critical data. Syncplicity by Axway also includes Model Clauses in its Cloud Services Agreements, providing a legal framework to uphold the fundamental privacy rights and safeguards of the European Union.

European Cloud Orchestration
Data sovereignty concerns are not new and Syncplicity by Axway has continually seen strong adoption by European enterprises wanting to leverage private regional clouds for their sensitive data.

Syncplicity by Axway European Cloud Orchestration expands on our privacy and security advantages by ensuring that no personal information or file meta-data is stored or processed outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). With this architectural enhancement, enterprises will be able to address data transfer concerns by ensuring that data created in Europe stays in Europe.  

European Cloud Storage 
Organizations already have the ability deploy on-premise storage in their region of choice. To further our commitment to global organizations, Syncplicity by Axway will now add a cloud storage option, managed by Syncplicity by Axway, in Europe.  Administrators will be able to easily select the storage region , without additional configuration or set up.

Many enterprise customers are already leveraging the hybrid cloud for increased visibility and control of their data. This option provides a seamless user experience while employing multiple storage architectures behind the scenes, such as public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise storage.

Model Clause
The Syncplicity by Axway Data Protection Agreement also incorporates the European Commissions’ Model Contracts for the transfer of personal data to third countries. With the inclusion of Model Clauses, our customers remain in compliance when transferring personal data from the EU/EEA.

While other EFSS solutions claim to provide privacy and confidentiality, Syncplicity by Axway continues to deliver advanced features that enable global enterprises to meet regional data protection regulations. In fact, Syncplicity by Axway offers the industry’s most flexible and robust architecture for ensuring data privacy and security. Starting today Model Clauses are available to all of our customers, and the European Cloud Orchestration and European Cloud Storage options will be coming in 2016.

For more details on how Syncplicity by Axway helps global enterprises comply with European data protection regulations, join Syncplicity by Axway on Nov 18th for a 30 minute webinar.


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