February 25, 2016

How is Syncplicity transforming the digital workplace?  Together, with partners like Microsoft.

Walking around Syncplicity by Axway’s office, you hear two words popping up all over the place: transformation and enterprise. They are passed back and forth between gulps of espresso and Red Bull; come alive during heated debates; and stand proudly as pillars of our product roadmap.

We have always developed solutions that integrate at some level with Microsoft solutions. But when we joined Microsoft’s Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP) last year, we were presented an opportunity to add a whole new dimension. Fueled by our mission to digitally transform the enterprise, we immediately began work on native integrations that address our enterprise customers’ greatest needs.

We recently announced the first of these new products: A Universal Outlook Add-in for Office 365. There is much more to come this year, beginning with in-use file notifications, which will enhance collaboration on Office files and add capabilities to document creation and workflow editing.

“Our customer base is the enterprise, and our product roadmap is focused on their needs,” said Syncplicity by Axway CEO Jon Huberman. “Developing enterprise-grade solutions with a deep level of native integration takes a lot of work and investment. In 2015, we kicked off development efforts to eliminate pain points for Office 365 users and help IT prepare for the adddition of cloud-based Office solutions. Our future development efforts will continue to leverage our Microsoft partnership to make the digital transformation of the enterprise a reality.”

We are passionate about meeting the requirements of our enterprise customers, who have complex infrastructures, yet want to offer cloud and mobile-first experiences to their end-users. By coordinating closely with our enterprise customers, we ensure that our development efforts maintain strict focus on their needs. Partnering directly with Microsoft presents a world of opportunity for new enterprise-grade features and capabilities that will help create the digital workplace of the future, and we intend to take it as far as it can go!

For more information on Syncplicity by Axway and Microsoft click here.

Read 'Syncplicity by Axway Microsoft Outlook Add-in for Office 365 to Transform the Digital Workplace' press release here.

February 25, 2016

Syncplicity by Axway covers every aspect of digital transformation.

Building on our existing Windows Office integration, we recently announced the release of Syncplicity by Axway’s universal add-in for Office 365. Why Office 365? Because we’re planning for your future. In fact, we’re helping define it.

Imagine your users with the ability to share any size file by linking to it directly from Outlook¾no email attachments involved. Imagine the cost savings achieved by centrally storing one copy of a file instead of 50 email attachments. Imagine robust enterprise-grade security controls such as a link expiry, document-specific passwords, information rights management, group-based permission policies, and true cross-platform, cross-device functionality.

You can stop imagining, because Syncplicity by Axway already has it all.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, Syncplicity by Axway is thinking ahead – providing solutions that meet the needs of the digital enterprise.  How we do this?  We offer IT flexibility and choice around local and cloud-based solutions. When the day comes for you to put one foot in the cloud, our Office 365 Outlook add-in means Syncplicity by Axway is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

“Syncplicity’s goal is to help transform the digital workplace by empowering users to be more productive. With Office 365 becoming a platform of choice for large enterprises, the new Syncplicity by Axway Outlook add-in does just that,” said Syncplicity by Axway CEO Jon Huberman. “This new feature removes a pain point for Office 365 users, reduces infrastructure costs associated with large email attachments, and gives organizations more control over the security of their content.”

As a member of the Microsoft Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP), we’ll continue to develop solutions to enhance Microsoft Office collaboration and work closely with our enterprise customers to ensure you’re prepared for the digital workplace of the future.

Read more about our partnership with Microsoft and the CSPP here.

Read 'Syncplicity by Axway Microsoft Outlook Add-in for Office 365 to Transform the Digital Workplace' press release here.

February 22, 2016

Backup is a Feature, not a Solution!

Significant Business Impact of Lost Documents

In a fast-paced business environment, losing documents that knowledge workers invested time and energy into has a significant impact on your business—missed internal and external deadlines, lost sales analysis numbers, customer meetings without the latest presentation, etc.

When a laptop crashes or is stolen, the resulting productivity loss can turn into days of downtime unless you have a robust real-time document backup and continuous availability solution in place—one that provides instant access to documents from anywhere, on any device.

Backup is a Feature not a Solution

Workers today expect that all their work files are available everywhere and anytime thanks to how they deal with their personal files outside of work. The difference at work is the complexity of the work environment combined with the sensitivity of work information that requires an enterprise rather than consumer-grade solution to anywhere, anytime file access and sharing. Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) is the answer to their demands by giving them the functionality they are used to and the security that the company requires.

Real-time Document Backup and Continuous Availability

EFSS solutions enable secure backup of desktop files and folders, while providing many complimentary benefits. They allow users to access, view, and edit content from any device, whether they are in the office or on the road. Knowledge workers continue to work as normal, but with the peace of mind that their documents are automatically backed up in real-time whenever they click “Save.” Users can also easily share folders and files with internal and external collaborators. Powerful enterprise-grade administration capabilities that enable IT to implement group-based policies can be used to restrict individuals from sharing designated content outside the company.

To ensure widespread user adoption, your IT team can silently push and install sync clients onto PCs and mobile devices using standard software distribution tools. You can designate specific folders to automatically sync, such as My Documents, Desktop, and as many custom folder paths as required. Users don’t have to remember to copy files to a “magic folder.” Instead, IT ensures that content is reliably managed, simply by selecting folders to auto-sync on user’s computers.

Continuous Access to Files from Anywhere on Any Device

With the evolution of the mobile workforce, your users often have several devices that they use interchangeably while in the office, traveling, meeting on-site with customers, or working at home. Their expectation is that if one device is not available, they can continue to access all of their files from another computer or device and keep working without missing a beat.

Secure, ubiquitous access to backed-up documents through mobile, desktop, and web apps is important to ensure users don’t experience any document access downtime. VPN is not required to access files, so users are free to work from wherever they are, using whatever device is in their hands.

Prevention of Sensitive Data Leakage

The risk associated with data leakage from lost or stolen devices is mitigated by the ability of IT administrators to remote-wipe a device as soon as it is reported missing. Even if an individual outside the company gains access to a device, group-based policies are essential to allow administrators to require app-level passcode entry, preventing malicious access to files.

Group-based policies can also be leveraged to lock down mobile device open-in capabilities to prevent document leakage on unmanaged devices. Integrations with leading mobile device management (MDM) solutions allow IT to configure fine-grained security policies, including white listing trusted apps so data leakage prevention controls do not get in the way of productivity.

Auto-versioning of Backed-up Files with Self-service Version Restore

Real-time document backup is a great way to ensure that valuable time and effort in document authoring is never lost. Network backup solutions often require a user to file an IT helpdesk ticket in order to have a particular version of a file restored, which delays productivity and adds to IT overhead. End-users must be able to directly restore previous file versions on-demand. Of course, rich global-and folderlevel retention settings ensure that old versions are not kept forever.

The Importance of Storage Location Choice for Backing Up Files

Not all files are created equal. External marketing collateral is not the same as board meeting minutes, sales projections, or pending M&A due diligence evaluations. Data sovereignty, corporate compliance, and company intellectual property requirements place a heavy burden on IT to ensure files are stored in a secure location that meets strict regulations—secure enough to ensure your CIO can sleep at night. It is important that IT can choose where backed-up files reside—public cloud storage, private cloud storage, private on-premises storage in your own datacenter, or a hybrid combination. StorageVaults provide unparalleled control and flexibility by enabling IT to assign different groups of users (or folders) to regional or country-based on-premises locations, or to cloud storage.

A Solution to the Shadow IT “Dropbox Problem”

When IT does not provide a backup solution that allows easy access to documents from any device, anywhere, anytime, users quickly find ways to share files with the same consumer systems they use in their personal lives. This introduces many risks associated with data privacy and protection, corporate compliance, and leakage of sensitive company intellectual property. Most CIO’s aren’t aware of how extensive the problem is, and they are often surprised when their team performs a network traffic analysis that reveals how prevalent the “Dropbox problem” has become. It is crucial that you deploy a secure real-time backup and EFSS solution that IT trusts. Equally important, though, is that users love its exciting user interface, which they easily adopt across all of their connected tablets, smartphones, and computers.

IT Cost Take Out

Deploying a single solution for backup and EFSS reduces the number of vendor solutions you have to manage and provides cost savings for already tight IT budgets. EFSS can also replace antiquated and expensive file share and home directory infrastructures in an extremely cost-effective way. For some organizations, cost savings are in millions of dollars.

A Worthy Digital Transformation Initiative for Any Business

As an IT organization, replacing your existing single-purpose desktop backup software with a feature rich hybrid EFSS solution saves money and helps you avoid costly downtime associated with loss of access to critical business documents. Before renewing your costly back-up application maintenance contract or adding more and more expensive hardware to store back-up files or email attachments, choose a digital transformation for your organization by deploying an EFSS solution.

IT organizations in large, security-conscious, multi-national enterprises across all industries trust Syncplicity by Axway to provide realtime document backup and anytime, anywhere access that end-users demand, without compromising on security, control, or choice of file-storage location.

Article Featered in CIOReview: http://storage.cioreview.com/cxoinsight/backup-is-a-feature-not-a-solution-nid-12250-cid-12.html 

February 5, 2016

In Indiana, State Employees Choose Syncplicity by Axway

In 2005, the state of Indiana created the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) to revamp its IT strategies and streamline the flow of information among 30,000 end-users and 100 partner agencies.

It was a massive undertaking a decade ago and IOT’s job has only gotten harder over time, as state employees have come to share documents across a wide variety of cloud-based applications.

To create order out of this confusion, and to ensure that state documents are always well-protected,  IOT has now turned to Syncplicity by Axway for its centralized data storage and real-time data syncing needs.

Taking advantage of Syncplicity by Axway’s hybrid capabilities, the Hoosier State has adopted Syncplicity by Axway in two steps.  Last year, IOT deployed Syncplicity by Axway’s customized, on-premises, firewall-protected storage for sensitive state data.  This year, it is offering cloud storage for non-sensitive data, allowing state employees from Gary to Evansville to access, edit, and securely share files and links form their desktop and mobile devices.

Syncplicity by Axway has helped steer state employees away from “shadow IT” applications, including unsanctioned and insecure apps like Dropbox.  At the same time, workers in nearly every state agency continue to enjoy the freedom of the cloud.

Offering enterprise-grade security and internal management capabilities, Synplicity allows IOT to control the spread of data across the state even as employees find new ways to collaborate, untethered to VPN or office shared drives.

And since IOT unveiled its Syncplicity by Axway program, thousands of state workers have opted in. 

“The surprising thing is the way the users have embraced Syncplicity by Axway. Based on our experience with rolling out new products, users don’t necessarily like change. That has not been the case with Syncplicity by Axway – adoption has been viral.”[1] 

For more on how Syncplicity by Axway is helping Indiana become “a state that works,” download our case study here.

February 4, 2016

Syncplicity by Axway Could Be Your MVP

On Sunday, February 7, all eyes will be on Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. for Super Bowl 50.  In addition to the pre-game pageantry, the commercials, and the off-chance that Coldplay and Beyoncé will make magic together, we’ll watch because the Super Bowl is the ultimate display of three basic values:

  • The significance of teamwork
  • The importance of protecting your assets (or quarterback)
  • The impact of a strong game plan

The team that masters these three aspects of the game will take home the Lombardi Trophy.  There will be no parade for the losers.

For your business, the timeline may not be as tight, but the stakes are just as high.  And Syncplicity by Axway may be the strategy you need to turn your business into a champion.


Winning teams function as a unit, whether they’re in the office or in the field. Syncplicity by Axway’s hybrid cloud storage solution allows your team to collaborate anytime, anywhere. Access, edit, and share files securely from desktop and mobile devices, so that there’s never a break in the action. 


There’s nothing more frustrating than a fumble at the goal line. Protect your gains by securing your data. Whether you’re looking for on-premises, firewall-protected storage or a cloud-based system with enterprise-grade security, Syncplicity by Axway won’t drop the ball.

Game Plan

Every player is important, but someone needs to call the plays. Syncplicity by Axway gives IT control of information security including access, compliance, and storage architecture. By eliminating “shadow IT,” unauthorized apps, and data leaks, Syncplicity by Axway reduces on-field confusion.

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