November 25, 2013   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults Deliver File Sync and Share Storage Control

On November 5th, we announced new features that mark the most significant release in Syncplicity by Axway’s history.

Today, Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults, is generally available.  StorageVaults give enterprise IT departments utilizing Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition flexible, policy-based, control over where their file data is stored within the Syncplicity by Axway service.  All content is not created equal, and different departments have different storage needs. With StorageVaults, content can now be stored in a hybrid cloud consisting of off-premise public cloud storage or on-premise based storage arrays based on user, group, and folder policy.

  • Choose the storage solution that meets your needs. StorageVaults can be created using EMC Isilon scale-out NAS, EMC Atmos object storage, EMC VNX/VNXe file/block storage arrays, and EMC VIPR. Prefer another on premise solution? StorageVaults can use any storage array that can be accessed using NFS3. And of course, you can use the pre-configured Syncplicity by Axway Cloud Storage StorageVault.
  • Utilize different storage solutions for different users and groups. StorageVaults allow administrators to set policies that determine where file content should be stored based on users and groups. For example, all of the files from the Legal team, Engineering, Marketing, and other departments can be stored in different locations. And it’s all policy-driven without any end-user configuration requirement and completely transparent to the end user.
  • Configure different storage solutions for different content. Even if an organization has policies for content storage based on user groups, there are different types of content that require different storage. With StorageVaults, IT can configure certain folders to utilize different StorageVaults even if the rest of an end user’s files are stored elsewhere.  For example, Marketing can create a shared folder for external collaboration of large files such as video, and IT can assign the folder to a specific storage solution like Isilon Storage, which is optimized for large files, even though the rest of marketing’s files are stored in a different StorageVault.
  • Comply with data residency and sovereignty requirements. With Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults, IT can automatically direct user content to storage arrays in different locations based on geographic requirements, even if the user belongs to another group that has a different storage requirement. For example, even though users in a Marketing group might use off-premise cloud storage by default, Marketing users in the “EU Employees” group can be configured to have content stored in an EU-based data center.

Designed for high manageability at enterprise-scale. Enterprises have complex needs and require granular control over large numbers of groups. StorageVaults are assigned to groups using “Storage Sets” – eliminating duplication of policies and controls when creating multiple groups to satisfy different storage requirements.

It is very clear that “the cloud” is the future of enterprise deployments—the advantages associated with faster innovation, reduced IT change management, and reduced operational effort are simply too compelling to pass up. But when it comes to storage, enterprises expect “the cloud” to combine off-premise and on-premise storage because one size simply does not fit all. Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults give enterprise IT the flexibility and granular control they need to meet their needs, and the needs of their end users.

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November 19, 2013   |   by Guest Blogger

The One-Minute Single-Sign-On Installation to EMC Syncplicity by Axway

Integrating internal directories with cloud applications for secure single sign-on can be an expensive and cumbersome process that frustrates IT administrators and causes maintenance headaches for the entire organization.   OneLogin’s Active Directory integration sets a new standard for ease-of-use with its no-touch installation process, which can be completed in as little as one minute!

The AD Connector is installed by downloading a Windows executable file that deploys the Connector as a Windows service. Because the AD Connector runs as a Windows service, you don’t have to worry about manually restarting it after a Windows reboot.

As soon as the installation is complete, the AD Connector establishes a secure, outbound SSL connection to OneLogin that it will keep up at all times. You’ll see in the OneLogin screen that the directory is connected, and you can browse a visual tree of all organizational units in the directory.  From that point on, users in the selected subtrees will be automatically synchronized in real time with OneLogin.

OneLogin has partnered with Syncplicity by Axway to enable enterprises to easily connect their internal Active Directory to Syncplicity by Axway, synchronize users, employ single sign-on and enforce multi-factor authentication.  Check out the video!    See how to sign into Syncplicity by Axway with Active Directory credentials in a minute!

Linda Wong
Senior Manager, Partner Marketing, OneLogin

August 29, 2013   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

Syncplicity by Axway Introduces New Windows Client

Today we are releasing the most significant update to the Syncplicity by Axway’s Windows Client in many years.

We are as passionate about creating beautiful user experiences as we are about IT security and control. Over the past year, every new app we’ve introduced has included significant UI and design enhancements. Our passion for creating beautiful app experiences has been confirmed by a 5-star rating and great reviews in the Windows marketplace for our Windows 8 app.  The new Windows client is no exception, and introduces a cleaner look and more elegant design.  

But beauty is not just skin deep— we’ve completely re-thought numerous aspects of our user experience and streamlined many key use cases. All without diverging from our core belief that users need access to all of their files, on all of their devices, without any extra steps. 

With these new enhancements, users will have unprecedented ease in syncing all the files they need but with increased ease of use and control.

Work Smarter and Faster

The new design is not just pleasing on the eyes, but will make you more productive.

  • New Windows Client Taskbar. We’ve made it even easier to keep track of all the activity happening in your Syncplicity by Axway account and quickly access any file you need from the task bar.

  • Improved notifications. You can quickly view a list of the last ten file downloads anytime to either to open the files directly from the taskbar or to view the folder where the files were downloaded from.  This is an important new feature for collaboration.  For example, if a file gets added you are away from your desk away you can go to the recently downloaded file listing to view with one-click access to the files.
  • Accept Shared Folder in Bulk. We know you like to share folders and people like to share with you. The new “Accept Shares” dialogue allows you to decide what to do with numerous shared folders (sync them or just leave them in the cloud) at once. This is especially handy when configuring a new computer!

Get Easier Access to Files No Matter Where they Reside 

The new Windows Client gives you unprecedented access to folders in your account, not matter where they reside. Manage_Tiled_Shared

  • View all of the folders in your account, including all of the folders not synced to your local computer. This makes it easier for you to create or archive folders without syncing them to your computer. For example, if you use multiple folders to edit large videos, you might only want one folder synced to your local computer, but still want to retain the other folders in the cloud for future access. The new Syncplicity by Axway client makes this easy.
  • Easily Sync or Remove folders. Simply click on a folder and you’ll have the option to sync it to your local computer, stop syncing, or delete the folder from Syncplicity by Axway.
  • Sort folders any way you like. Typical Syncplicity by Axway users have access to a lot of folders. You can now sort them based on whether they are on your local computer or in the cloud, private or shared, or by who owns the folder.
  • Launch folders no matter where they reside. Open a folder wherever it resides on your local computer or launch the Online File Browser to access a folder that is only in the cloud.
  • Instantly see folder privileges. You’ll see whether you have owner, editor, or reader rights on each folder so there is never any doubt what you have the rights to do with files.  


Get More Control 

The new Windows Client makes it easier for users to fine tune performance and determine what files should be synced.  And we’ve made it easier for IT to deploy and train users at scale. 


  • Manage Bandwidth Usage. You can more easily determine how much (or little) network bandwidth the Windows Client will consume during the sync process.
  • See Storage Quota. You can now see how much storage you are utilizing and how much you have available.
  • Manage Excluded File Types. You can now include or exclude different file types from syncing with a simple user interface.
  • New Tutorial. We’ve made it easier for new users to understand key features.
  • Easy to unlink. You can now remove a computer from your account from the Windows Client, without having to go to account settings on the web. 


What’s coming soon?

Recently we launched the secure shared links feature that allows end-users and IT to send files with advanced security options, including password protection, named recipient access, and file link expiration.  We will be soon adding secure shared links to the desktop clients.

August 6, 2013   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

Syncplicity by Axway Secure Shared Links for Mobile

In June, Syncplicity by Axway released Secure Shared Links for Business Edition and Enterprise Edition customers.


Today we are bringing Secured Shared Links functionality to iOS and Android mobile devices.

Watch our demo to learn how you can send a secure, sharable link to anyone from Syncplicity by Axway on your mobile device and let us know what you think.

NOTE: This feature needs to be enabled for your organization by an Administrator. Contact us at if you need assistance! 

The updated Syncplicity by Axway App for Android is currently available. iOS will be available as soon as it is approved by Apple.

July 15, 2013

EMC Syncplicity by Axway Named a Leader in Forrester Wave: File Sync and Share Platforms Q3 2013

We're excited to be positioned as a “Leader” by Forrester Research, Inc. in its July 2013 report, “The Forrester Wave™: File Sync and Share Platforms, Q3 2013!” 

Forrester evaluated 16 of the most significant file sync and share providers across 26 criteria and recognized Syncplicity by Axway as a leader for its strong offering and solid strategy for success, receiving the highest overall score in content analytics and the highest score possible in security model, administration, mobile strategy and sales staff, among other categories.


Forrester also states that EMC has created a strong offering by combining its global sales and service capacity with Syncplicity by Axway’s capabilities. Forrester highlighted several strengths including security and deployment flexibility saying “Syncplicity by Axway is a fit for organizations that require very tight control over content location — cloud versus on-premises — as well as fine-grained controls over the content itself.”

According to the report, “EMC has done a good job of driving integration between Syncplicity by Axway and the existing Documentum portfolio with content and workflow integration. So organizations with significant investments in EMC’s enterprise content management system or EMC’s storage products should give Syncplicity by Axway a hard look.”

But this report is also exciting for two very important things we took away from it about the market:

It’s a great time for business users. Vendors are rising to the challenge of providing users new ways to access their files, share with colleagues and collaborate without compromising convenience for compliance. The simplicity and beautiful user experiences we are used to in consumer-oriented apps are finding their way into IT-approved business applications. This enables companies to allow users better access to their files, and more freedom to work the way they want to than ever before.

It’s a great time for enterprise IT professionals. It is frustrating to know of ways to help users be more productive, but not be able to help them in ways that meet your organization’s security and compliance requirements. It’s even more frustrating to watch users go around you to get what they want — putting company content at risk, and even neutralizing many of systems you put in place in the past to protect files. The Forrester Wave demonstrates to us how far the market has come in understanding this issue, and finally giving IT ways to give their users the access they need to all their files, no matter where the files live and where they go, without losing control and visibility.

In our opinion, our position in the Forrester report reflects well on the massive rate of innovation and product delivery from the Syncplicity by Axway program during the last year.

Of course, that momentum will continue as we accelerate the pace of innovation, and remain passionate about serving the needs of both the end user and IT. 

If you want to read more, be sure to download the report here!

May 14, 2013

Active Directory Integration Simplifies Syncplicity by Axway Administration

Syncplicity by Axway joins forces with the industry’s top two federated identity solutions: OneLogin and Ping Identity’s PingFederate to make it easier than ever to bring a secure, easy-to-use file sync and sharing solution to the enterprise. These integrations enable real-time, automated provisioning and de-provisioning of Syncplicity by Axway accounts based on centralized Active Directory changes.

Federated Identity Management with Syncplicity by Axway

Maintaining the security and trustworthiness of user accounts across an increasing number of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications quickly becomes a headache. Administrators must onboard and off board users across many applications with different consoles and management tools. Federated Identity Management solutions provide a secure infrastructure to do this easily.

  • OneLogin provides secure identity management, single sign-on and automated user provisioning solutions for organizations of all sizes via a cloud-based offering.
  • Ping Identity’s PingFederate delivers single sign-on and identity management via a behind the firewall, on-premise application.

With strong relationships with leading enterprise solution providers, Syncplicity by Axway delivers unmatched flexibility and control to the enterprise for online file sync and sharing. 

Easy Set Up for Cloud-based File Sharing

It’s easy to set up a new or existing Syncplicity by Axway account to be integrated with either OneLogin or PingFederate, depending on whether you need a cloud-based or on-premise identity management solution.

  1. Set up your Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition account.
  2. Set up your OneLogin or Ping Identity account.
  3. Login to OneLogin or Ping Identity Add Syncplicity by Axway to your
  4. Set policies such as remote wipe, delete and deactivate settings in Syncplicity by Axway.
  5. Map Active Directory groups that will be automatically provisioned with Syncplicity by Axway accounts, as needed. 
  6. Roll-out Syncplicity by Axway to your enterprise.
  7. Automatically provision accounts in real-time in Syncplicity by Axway when users are added to specified security groups or organization units (OUs) within your Active Directory tree.
  8. Automatically, de-provision accounts in real-time in Syncplicity by Axway when users are disabled or deleted in Active Directory or moved out of your defined provisioning context.

Streamlined Account Administration and Security

With the OneLogin or PingFederate integration, changes to Active Directory accounts are automatically applied to Syncplicity by Axway accounts in real time without duplication of effort.  

  • Provision Syncplicity by Axway accounts to thousands or tens of thousands of users already managed in Active Directory.
  • Provide instant access to Syncplicity by Axway when a new user is created in Active Directory.
  • Revoke access to Syncplicity by Axway immediately when a user’s account is deactivated or deleted in Active Directory.
  • Provision Syncplicity by Axway to specific groups like marketing or engineering directly from Active Directory.
  • Roll out Syncplicity by Axway progressively to groups or organization units defined in Active Directory.
  • Mapping Syncplicity by Axway account provisioning to Active Directory groups makes it easier to manage licensing and resources.
  • Remote wipe automatically when an account is deleted in Active Directory, permanently removing files from all connected devices.
May 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Syncplicity by Axway!

wOK, it’s not actually our birthday. But EMC World 2013 is the first anniversary of Syncplicity by Axway’s acquisition by EMC.  A year ago this week a team from Syncplicity by Axway was on a plane to Vegas enroute to their indoctrination into the EMC family, live on stage with IIG President, Rick Devenuti.

It was a whirlwind day, and it hasn’t let up since! But as we forge ahead into 2013 and beyond, it’s fitting to take a moment and reflect on what a difference a year makes!

A Year of Accelerated Innovation

Early on, critics said innovation would be slow. On the contrary, EMC Syncplicity by Axway is introducing new features to customers every 4 weeks. Here are just a few highlights:

September: Enhanced Enterprise Grade IT Control with Data Retention Policies, Mobile SSO for iOS, and centralized Folder and Device Management

October:        Industry’s First Mobile Push Sync for iOS

November:    Syncplicity by Axway Connector for Documentum Beta

December:    Industry’s First Mobile Push Sync for Android, and Mobile SSO for Android

January:        Storage Choice and Control with EMC Isilon and EMC Atmos Storage Beta, and new User, File, Folder, and Device Audit and Usage Reports

February:     New Windows 8 Phone and Tablet Apps

March:           Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition featuring EMC Isilon and EMC Atmos Storage GA, Documentum Connector GA, and Integration into EMC Direct and Channel ordering processes expanding distribution opportunities.

April:              New Dynamic Online File Browser and Windows 8 Live Tiles and Semantic Search

Raising the Bar on User Experience

In the tireless pursuit of providing a frictionless experience, we have big plans such as our new Windows 8 Apps

But we aren’t stopping there. Check out our new Online File Browser. It’s fast. It’s beautiful. And it’s designed for real business use cases. We’ve made it easier for you to share folders with external collaborators and recover files by showing deleted files inline. Bye Bye, trash can!

Latest and Greatest: Hybrid Cloud for Sync and Share

In March we introduced our hybrid cloud, giving customers the ability to choose public cloud or private cloud storage via EMC Isilon and EMC Atmos.  This week we announced upcoming support for EMC VNX, giving our customers even more storage choice. 

Now, storage is fantastic but what about the content you are storing? After all, not all content is created equal.

We’ve got you covered there too. Enter: EMC Syncplicity by Axway Policy-Driven Hybrid Cloud. EMC Synplicity’s solution will allow IT to set policies for users, groups, and folders that determine where files are stored. And if they want them on premise, they stay on premise. Non-sensitive content could go in the public cloud, while other files remain in a specific data center. Large files like videos and CAD design documents could be replicated globally to optimize performance.

Speaking of providing unprecedented choice, we are excited to announce Syncplicity by Axway’s integration with EMC ViPR.  ViPR’s software-defined storage layer will give us a way to deploy features across numerous storage solutions and deployment models more nimbly making it easier for EMC ViPR customers to configure their storage environment without having to reconfigure EMC Syncplicity by Axway.

This has truly been an amazing year and the exciting part is that we are just getting started!

Jeetu Patel

May 1, 2013

A New Cutting-Edge Syncplicity by Axway File Browser Delivers an Even Better User Experience

Syncplicity by Axway unveils a completely new file browser that is fast, secure, responsive, and just plain beautiful.

We’ve made it easier than ever to manage and share your content with anyone, on any device or platform. Syncplicity by Axway takes advantage of the emerging technologies with a completely new platform based on HTML 5, and puts the most common file management tasks at your fingertips.

A Fast, Robust, and Adaptable User Interface

A more elegant design with contextual icons shows you what you can do in any directory with your files and folders. Progress bars and notices confirm your actions to give you real-time reporting on your actions.


  • Select multiple files to take action: sync, share, and manage your content.

  • Upload multiple files simultaneously.

  • Drag and drop files and folders from your desktop to your browser window.

  • Restore a file or folder with the click of a button. 

  • Beautiful image rendering with hover over thumbnails

  • Faster upload using HTML5 and graceful degradation to native browsers.

  • View images in a navigable light box preview window and expand to full screen with one click.

Better Navigation and More Control

People want access to their content anywhere, anytime, on any device, and the new Syncplicity by Axway file browser makes file sync and sharing easy to navigate and control.

  • Navigate folders using keyboard shortcuts or native browser controls.

  • Create desktop shortcuts for easy access to your files.

  • Download or restore a previous version of any file.

  • Create folders within the file browser that will automatically sync to all your devices.

Don’t take our word for it, log in to your Syncplicity by Axway account and click “files” in the menu to explore.

April 11, 2013

Dropbox for Business?

Given how many vendors call themselves “Dropbox for Business” it is no surprise that eventually Dropbox would declare that they are the Dropbox for Business.

Unfortunately, Dropbox does not have business, or enterprise in their DNA. While they may try to tack on business tools after the fact, IT administrators should ask themselves the following questions. 

  • Does it give you control and visibility over file sharing? Users want to share folders inside and outside the organization and will find a way to do it. Make sure your organization’s file sync and sharing solution allows IT to either restrict sharing (if that’s your policy) or allow it. And if you allow it, make sure your solution gives you the tools and reports to always know what has been shared, and with whom.
  • Can you restrict where users access files? File sync and sharing solutions make it easy to access file anywhere. But sometimes, that’s too much. You may want to restrict file access to domain-attached devices and restrict use of public or home machines, or kiosks. You may also need to have different authentication requirements in different locations (for example, require 2-factor auth in some countries but not others). We call this “adaptive security”. Does your solution support that?
  • Can you manage sharing at the group level? When new users join, do you expect your end users to re-share all their project folders with new users or do you want it automatic? And when a user leaves or changes teams, shouldn’t their folder access change automatically?
  • Is your solution enterprise BYOD-friendly? Is data encrypted on your devices in transit and at rest on the mobile devices? Can you configure SSO on your mobile devices with 2-factor authentication? Can you add extra PIN codes? Can you remote wipe data, even if you don’t have a mobile device management (MDM) system in place, at the user-, device-, or folder- level?  And if you have an MDM solution, does your sync and sharing solution work with it (stay tuned for some new announcements from us shortly!).
  • Do you have the option to keep company files inside your own data center? Cloud storage is great, but most organizations have content that they might not want in the cloud. Can you file sync and sharing solution keep your files only in your data center and have them move directly from your storage to your devices? And, can you utilize the industries most scalable and easy-to-manage storage solutions?
  • Do you get the enterprise-level reporting you need? Understanding usage at scale, and keeping tabs on all your files is critical. Can you monitor storage and create chargeback reports for different departments? Can you monitor bandwidth utilization? And, can you audit by user, file, folder, and device so you always have visibility into where your corporate assets reside?

For EMC Syncplicity by Axway, the answer to all of these questions is yes. And, while Single-Sign On (SSO) is a really important feature for businesses, it’s only a start. True support for businesses and enterprises must include features that support IT in every gamut of what they do, from securing the environment to setting controls, deploying users at scale, providing end user support, and monitoring the system every step of the way!

March 31, 2013

Future of Filesharing Insights from Jeetu Patel

In a live Twitter interview, Jeetu Patel (@jpatel41), general manager of Syncplicity by Axway, joined Jeff Schultz (@syncplicity), head of marketing, to discuss the future of file sharing and the changing nature of enterprise software. If you missed the exchange, we captured the highlights for you below.

How is SaaS Transforming IT?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is transforming IT because IT can expand usage as users adopt, and shorten the time from purchase to value. They don't have to worry about systems management, scaling hardware as users adopt, etc. and it means vendors can’t rest on their laurels! We need to keep innovating quickly.  

What challenges does that present to IT?

The main challenge for IT is to select services that their users will love and protect corporate data, even in the cloud. SaaS application for business must be built from the ground up with enterprise-grade security, controls, and admin tools. Our customers want the option to have storage on premise and they love the benefits that come from both Isilon and Atmos. It gives them the best of all worlds - frictionless user experience and enterprise-grade compliance.

What is driving enterprises to consider file sync and sharing solutions?

At the basic level, users want a Dropbox for the Enterprise. IT is looking for ways to support user choice, both for these apps as well as devices, #BYOD.

What does the future hold for #Syncplicity by Axway and #SaaS in the enterprise?

Despite all the noise in the market, we are at the beginning of a major shift with how users work and collaborate and how IT supports them. We're delivering compelling new user and IT features on a monthly release cadence and going to market integrated with technologies & infrastructure that enterprises require, & ability to provide support on a global scale. Recent releases include Windows 8 Phone App and Microsoft Surface App, new audit and usage reports, and our on-premise option with Enterprise Edition.

Stay tuned for our next Twitter interview!

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