January 28, 2014

Beauty and Brains:  The New Syncplicity by Axway Mobile Apps

It’s official! The new mobile workforce has arrived but is still waiting for a mobile experience that untethers them from the PC. They no longer see mobile as the replacement for desktop, but see mobile as more than the desktop.  The wait for a transformational UX that delivers for the mobile workforce ends now with the new Syncplicity by Axway apps for iPad and Android.  

We are launching these apps with the theme “Beauty and Brains” because we believe they set the gold standard in our industry (and even amongst our consumer-oriented competitors) for mobile design, user experience, intelligence, and end-user productivity.  
Beauty. The new apps are aesthetically stunning, with completely redesigned icons and a layout devoid of clutter.  They are also functionally beautiful, featuring a new navigational paradigm, contextual menus, and even contextual visuals (notice the “time of day” sensitive Home Screen greetings, and that’s just a start!). 

Brains. We’ve re-thought the notion that a mobile file-sharing app should just present a desktop-like GUI, and instead are ushering in the next wave of mobile collaboration by truly leveraging the power of the mobile devices. The apps put your most active files and folders front and center to save you time, and they bubble up notifications so you can send reminders and stay productive with a single tap of the finger. Our new Syncplicity by Axway Insights™ use predictive analytics to completely eliminate common and mundane tasks. 

There are literally hundreds of improvements that make this a giant leap in productivity. 

But don’t take our word for it, try them yourself! 

Here’s what has us so excited about these new apps…

Immersive Design and User Experience

  •   Enjoy a beautiful, 100% native user interface optimized for your device 
  •   “Sheet-based navigation” on the iPad makes it very easy to find content inside deep folder hierarchies
  •   Tap-and-drag gesture to copy files between folders
  •   The home screen experience offers personalization and quick access to relevant information
  •   Access key features through innovative tool bars and contextual menus
  •   Mark folders and files as “favorites” to gain automatic offline access via the industry’s only mobile “push” synchronization
  •   Follow files, folders, and links to stay informed when content changes with our newly designed Activity Feed (Android only)

Enhanced Mobile Access and Editing

  •   Securely open Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and PDF files right inside the Syncplicity by Axway app
  •   Edit Microsoft Office documents right inside the Syncplicity by Axway app  (Business and Enterprise Editions only)  
  •   Deliver Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with transitions and animations directly from your mobile device

Easy and Secure File Sharing

  •   Share files with Shared Links (All Editions) or with optional password protection and restricted recipients using Secure Shared Links (Business and      Enterprise Editions Only)
  •   Track shared file download activity (All Editions) including location-based information (Business and Enterprise Editions only) 

Increased productivity with Syncplicity by Axway Insights™

  •   Automatically send files to meeting attendees without having to type their email addresses
  •   Get notified on the most active folders in your account    Get notified when a user has not downloaded a shared link and send an email reminder from the    notification

Enterprise Grade Mobile Security Controls and Policies (Business and Enterprise Editions only)

  •   Restrict users from opening files outside of Syncplicity by Axway
  •   Require users to set additional passcode for access to Syncplicity by Axway

Additional Resources

  •   View our Product in Action videos to see short feature snippets in devices
  •   Watch a longer demonstration video here
November 25, 2013   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults Deliver File Sync and Share Storage Control

On November 5th, we announced new features that mark the most significant release in Syncplicity by Axway’s history.

Today, Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults, is generally available.  StorageVaults give enterprise IT departments utilizing Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition flexible, policy-based, control over where their file data is stored within the Syncplicity by Axway service.  All content is not created equal, and different departments have different storage needs. With StorageVaults, content can now be stored in a hybrid cloud consisting of off-premise public cloud storage or on-premise based storage arrays based on user, group, and folder policy.

  • Choose the storage solution that meets your needs. StorageVaults can be created using EMC Isilon scale-out NAS, EMC Atmos object storage, EMC VNX/VNXe file/block storage arrays, and EMC VIPR. Prefer another on premise solution? StorageVaults can use any storage array that can be accessed using NFS3. And of course, you can use the pre-configured Syncplicity by Axway Cloud Storage StorageVault.
  • Utilize different storage solutions for different users and groups. StorageVaults allow administrators to set policies that determine where file content should be stored based on users and groups. For example, all of the files from the Legal team, Engineering, Marketing, and other departments can be stored in different locations. And it’s all policy-driven without any end-user configuration requirement and completely transparent to the end user.
  • Configure different storage solutions for different content. Even if an organization has policies for content storage based on user groups, there are different types of content that require different storage. With StorageVaults, IT can configure certain folders to utilize different StorageVaults even if the rest of an end user’s files are stored elsewhere.  For example, Marketing can create a shared folder for external collaboration of large files such as video, and IT can assign the folder to a specific storage solution like Isilon Storage, which is optimized for large files, even though the rest of marketing’s files are stored in a different StorageVault.
  • Comply with data residency and sovereignty requirements. With Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults, IT can automatically direct user content to storage arrays in different locations based on geographic requirements, even if the user belongs to another group that has a different storage requirement. For example, even though users in a Marketing group might use off-premise cloud storage by default, Marketing users in the “EU Employees” group can be configured to have content stored in an EU-based data center.

Designed for high manageability at enterprise-scale. Enterprises have complex needs and require granular control over large numbers of groups. StorageVaults are assigned to groups using “Storage Sets” – eliminating duplication of policies and controls when creating multiple groups to satisfy different storage requirements.

It is very clear that “the cloud” is the future of enterprise deployments—the advantages associated with faster innovation, reduced IT change management, and reduced operational effort are simply too compelling to pass up. But when it comes to storage, enterprises expect “the cloud” to combine off-premise and on-premise storage because one size simply does not fit all. Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults give enterprise IT the flexibility and granular control they need to meet their needs, and the needs of their end users.

Want to Learn More?

July 15, 2013

EMC Syncplicity by Axway Named a Leader in Forrester Wave: File Sync and Share Platforms Q3 2013

We're excited to be positioned as a “Leader” by Forrester Research, Inc. in its July 2013 report, “The Forrester Wave™: File Sync and Share Platforms, Q3 2013!” 

Forrester evaluated 16 of the most significant file sync and share providers across 26 criteria and recognized Syncplicity by Axway as a leader for its strong offering and solid strategy for success, receiving the highest overall score in content analytics and the highest score possible in security model, administration, mobile strategy and sales staff, among other categories.


Forrester also states that EMC has created a strong offering by combining its global sales and service capacity with Syncplicity by Axway’s capabilities. Forrester highlighted several strengths including security and deployment flexibility saying “Syncplicity by Axway is a fit for organizations that require very tight control over content location — cloud versus on-premises — as well as fine-grained controls over the content itself.”

According to the report, “EMC has done a good job of driving integration between Syncplicity by Axway and the existing Documentum portfolio with content and workflow integration. So organizations with significant investments in EMC’s enterprise content management system or EMC’s storage products should give Syncplicity by Axway a hard look.”

But this report is also exciting for two very important things we took away from it about the market:

It’s a great time for business users. Vendors are rising to the challenge of providing users new ways to access their files, share with colleagues and collaborate without compromising convenience for compliance. The simplicity and beautiful user experiences we are used to in consumer-oriented apps are finding their way into IT-approved business applications. This enables companies to allow users better access to their files, and more freedom to work the way they want to than ever before.

It’s a great time for enterprise IT professionals. It is frustrating to know of ways to help users be more productive, but not be able to help them in ways that meet your organization’s security and compliance requirements. It’s even more frustrating to watch users go around you to get what they want — putting company content at risk, and even neutralizing many of systems you put in place in the past to protect files. The Forrester Wave demonstrates to us how far the market has come in understanding this issue, and finally giving IT ways to give their users the access they need to all their files, no matter where the files live and where they go, without losing control and visibility.

In our opinion, our position in the Forrester report reflects well on the massive rate of innovation and product delivery from the Syncplicity by Axway program during the last year.

Of course, that momentum will continue as we accelerate the pace of innovation, and remain passionate about serving the needs of both the end user and IT. 

If you want to read more, be sure to download the report here!

February 6, 2013

Syncplicity by Axway Launches Updated Administrator Dashboard

Get a quick view of Syncplicity by Axway seat and storage consumption to help you effectively manage file storage capacity.

File storage, sharing, and syncing is a balancing act from the IT perspective. As files and file versions multiply across users and devices, storage capacity is quickly consumed. Some businesses need all files saved indefinitely. Others regularly delete files for compliance reasons or to optimize storage use. With Syncplicity by Axway, it’s your choice.

Our new dashboard gives you a snapshot that you can act on immediately. At a glance, you’ll know how much storage capacity is used by active files vs. deleted or older versions. Pre-built reports help you drill down to the details. To make adjustments, simply click the  add more storage button or use our robust policy management tools to purge files.


 With the dashboard you can:

  • Add seats or storage with the click of a button.
  • See when you need to purge inactive and deleted files.
  • View your storage consumption history to spot trends
  • Drill down to reports at the user, folder or file level.

We hope this helps you stay ahead of new seat and storage requirements and more effectively manage your capacity. Login to your admin account today and check it out. How do you plan to use it?  Let us know below!

The Syncplicity by Axway Team

February 6, 2013   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

New Syncplicity by Axway Reports Improve IT Visibility and Compliance

Five new reports give Syncplicity by Axway Administrators greater transparency into enterprise-wide file sync and sharing.

Have you ever needed to…

  • Audit a user, file, or folder for security or compliance reasons?
  • Monitor compliance against your organization’s acceptable use policy?
  • Understand network resource utilization by Syncplicity by Axway?
  • View historical trends of storage utilization across your user base or for a specific user?

Five new pre-built reports that help you answer these questions and more.  

Who’s Using the Storage?

View storage or bandwidth by all users, active users, disabled users, or individuals to better understand consumption patterns and distribute IT costs.

  • Identify power users and share their tips and tricks with other groups to increase adoption.
  • Distinguish between active and inactive files, active and disabled users to adjust policies.
  • Inform planning, policy and purchase decisions by spotting usage trends.
  • Download user details to charge back costs to departments.


Who Touched that File?

Audit a user, a folder, or a file and see who had access from what device and what they did.

  • Help users retrace their actions and find or restore a folder or file.
  • Meet compliance requirements for tracking changes and access to a file or folder.
  • Protect critical company files with a view into actions taken on special documents.

Show Me the Data

Don’t just look at the data, work with it! Export any of the reports into a CSV file that is automatically saved to your administrator Syncplicity by Axway Reports folder. A folder that is, of course, synced for access from the cloud on any of your devices.

We’re excited about these new reports. Login to your admin account today and check it out. What other reports would make your life easier?

January 15, 2013

On Premise Storage for Syncplicity by Axway!

We are extremely excited to announce two on-premise storage options from EMC to augment our existing cloud storage option!

This approach gives IT unprecedented choice and control over where managed files reside, while users benefit with a secure, easy-to-use solution for file sync and sharing across all of their computers and devices.

It’s no secret that enterprise business users demand the ability to access, share and collaborate with all of their files from any location, on any device at any time. Unfortunately, many are using consumer-grade services that place valuable enterprise data at risk. IT often attempts to block these services and risk upsetting their end users.

Syncplicity by Axway Business Edition has always provided a solution to the dilemma  by giving businesses an alternative that provides end users the consumer-grade experience they want, while giving IT enterprise-grade security and controls. However, many organizations must also comply with corporate governance and data sovereignty policies regarding storage and handling of files that make cloud-based storage solutions difficult to deploy at enterprise-scale.

With the new on premise storage option for Syncplicity by Axway, we provides enterprises the best of all worlds - a cloud-based online file sharing offering that simplifies end user deployment and administration with on-premise storage that gives IT control of the storage layer, in addition to continuing to provide Syncplicity by Axway storage in the cloud.

For on-premise storage, Syncplicity by Axway users can choose from two industry leading storage platforms: EMC Isilon or EMC Atmos – whichever best meets their requirements. EMC Isilon provides the industry’s easiest to manage, top performing and massively scalable NAS solution, capable of growing from 10’s of terabytes to 10’s of petabytes, providing IT full control over where files reside across their global infrastructure. EMC Atmos provides industry leading object storage technology, designed to support large multi-site, multi-tenant, active-active environments.  Atmos allows the application and storage to run anywhere and provides metering and chargeback capabilities based on bandwidth and consumption to ensure IT retains the necessary controls.  

The benefits of combining EMC Syncplicity by Axway online file sharing service with EMC on-premise storage include:

  • Increased Productivity: Users can easily sync, access and share files with anyone, anytime, anywhere and on any device for new levels of productivity and agility while giving IT the security, visibility and manageability they need.
  • Flexibility and Ease of Management: Enterprises will experience the agility and continuous innovation from deploying a cloud-based online file sharing solution for users while retaining complete control over data and storage resources. It combines the rich set of Syncplicity by Axway’s administrative tools and security, compliance and policy controls to manage sync-and-share functionality along with the unmatched manageability, scalability and resiliency of EMC storage.
  • Reduced Compliance Risk and Increased Control: Enterprise information will reside on EMC storage, situated on-premise, subject to IT security governance and protection policies. Files are not duplicated both on-premise and in the cloud. With the EMC solutions, data objects stored on premise remain on premise and within IT control.

We hope you are as excited about this new capability as we are! It is currently in Beta with planned General Availability very soon. 

The Syncplicity by Axway Team 

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January 2, 2013

Windows 8 Certification is Here!

We're excited to let you know that we've posted an update to the Syncplicity by Axway Windows Client that is certified to run on Windows 8. 

Syncplicity by Axway supports both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 8 across the various packages, including Windows 8 Standard, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise Edition.

This update builds on our strategy to maintain broad support across all new versions of the Windows and Mac operating systems and follows our update to support Mac OSX 10.8 back in August.

Current customers can get get the latest Syncplicity by Axway Windows Client here:  https://my.syncplicity.com/Client/Windows/. New customers will receive the current version automatically. 

The Syncplicity by Axway Team

(And Happy New Year!!!)

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