December 4, 2014   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

ESG Lab Review: Syncplicity by Axway - Secure, Flexible, and Easy to Manage

The proliferation of online file sharing solutions has made it easy for users to store, access and share content across devices.  However, it has also led to data security and compliance risks with employees creating their own accounts on consumer file sharing solutions to enhance productivity.

Today, many forward thinking organizations are deploying enterprise-class Online File Sharing solutions to mitigate the risks caused by employees storing corporate content in consumer solutions.  But not all enterprise solutions are alike.  

ESG Lab recently performed hands-on testing of Syncplicity by Axway Enterprise Edition with the goal of validating features that make it a secure, flexible, and easy to manage OFS solution for enterprises.   ESG Lab looked at both Syncplicity by Axway from the perspective of the IT administrator who deploys and manages the solution, as well as from the perspective of the end-user who securely shares and collaborates across devices. 

It should be no surprise that ESG Lab found Syncplicity by Axway to be “secure, efficient, and easy for IT and users to deploy, operate, and use.”   In fact, ESB Lab easily deployed the enterprise OSF solution, provisioned users and storage, and viewed dashboards and reports to manage the entire deployment.  But the solution wasn’t just pleasing to IT.   ESG Lab “validated that the Syncplicity by Axway solution was easy to use with a clean, uncluttered interface and completely transparent sharing.” They found Syncplicity by Axway to be easily accessible across devices increasing the pace of file sharing and collaboration.

To learn first-hand why ESG Lab concluded that EMC Syncplicity by Axway delivers “high performance, secure, easy-to-use, and –manage enterprise online file sharing with flexible deployment options", download the report here.




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