February 5, 2016

In Indiana, State Employees Choose Syncplicity by Axway

In 2005, the state of Indiana created the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) to revamp its IT strategies and streamline the flow of information among 30,000 end-users and 100 partner agencies.

It was a massive undertaking a decade ago and IOT’s job has only gotten harder over time, as state employees have come to share documents across a wide variety of cloud-based applications.

To create order out of this confusion, and to ensure that state documents are always well-protected,  IOT has now turned to Syncplicity by Axway for its centralized data storage and real-time data syncing needs.

Taking advantage of Syncplicity by Axway’s hybrid capabilities, the Hoosier State has adopted Syncplicity by Axway in two steps.  Last year, IOT deployed Syncplicity by Axway’s customized, on-premises, firewall-protected storage for sensitive state data.  This year, it is offering cloud storage for non-sensitive data, allowing state employees from Gary to Evansville to access, edit, and securely share files and links form their desktop and mobile devices.

Syncplicity by Axway has helped steer state employees away from “shadow IT” applications, including unsanctioned and insecure apps like Dropbox.  At the same time, workers in nearly every state agency continue to enjoy the freedom of the cloud.

Offering enterprise-grade security and internal management capabilities, Synplicity allows IOT to control the spread of data across the state even as employees find new ways to collaborate, untethered to VPN or office shared drives.

And since IOT unveiled its Syncplicity by Axway program, thousands of state workers have opted in. 

“The surprising thing is the way the users have embraced Syncplicity by Axway. Based on our experience with rolling out new products, users don’t necessarily like change. That has not been the case with Syncplicity by Axway – adoption has been viral.”[1] 

For more on how Syncplicity by Axway is helping Indiana become “a state that works,” download our case study here.

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