April 18, 2018   |   by Kristie Conner

Spring Release 2018: What’s New

What’s new with Syncplicity? 

The Syncplicity product and engineering team has been busy building new enterprise features.  We continue to innovate across four pillars that drive value for our customers:

  • Innovative User Experience, the user
  • IT Modernization, IT
  • Advanced Data Protection & Security, Security + Governance
  • Ecosystem Collaboration, Developers

You'll see that the Spring Release brings some very exciting features that empower the entire Syncplicity ecosystem from administrators to users, but this release has a strong emphasis Innovative User Experiences (user) and Ecosystem Collaboration (developers).

Watch the webinar “Spring Release: What’s New with Syncplicity”.

Innovative User Experiences

Power + Usability

This spring, we released an improved desktop experience, one that is both innovative and powerful.  We have combined the strength of multi-folder sync (the ability to sync any folder on your desktop to the cloud) with the power to seamlessly stream files from the cloud to the desktop. 

With this release, you have the benefits of multi-folder sync like real-time backup, recovery from Ransomware combined with streaming files from the cloud without using storage – accessing millions of files without consuming storage.

Available on Syncplicity Windows App 5.4.0, not currently available on Mac. 

Folder Insights + Notifications 

With our new notifications users have more visibility into their folders and files than ever before.  With notifications and digest, that users can set for daily, weekly, monthly – users receive an update that summarizes activity.  At a glance – users can see what content has been shared, re-shared, changed and deleted.

Removing the guesswork.  These types of features help users in subtle yet, powerful ways from understanding personal collaboration activity to knowing who is responsive, to being alerted to changes in a file so that you can keep abreast of new content.

External Sharing
As we continue to evolve our sharing models, to address our customers’ need to provide users with secure sharing, external sharing is a top priority. We address three levels of sharing – Internal, Affiliate and External.  Now, users can easily view from Syncplicity online if their folder is being shared with an external partner, internal or if the folder has been shared by an external partner. This helps users manage external collaboration and sharing – helping avoid data leakage while giving IT more granularity over external sharing.

This features requires activation, please contact your Syncplicity Customer Success Manager.

Advanced Data Protection

Improved Security for Regulated Industries
For security conscious industries, we now offer client certificate based authentication for Syncplicity Windows App and the Syncplicity web client. This additional level of security supports using client certificates allowing mutual TLS/SSL authentication against Syncplicity storage. Only users with the correct certificate installed will be able to access corporate data.

This new feature ensures only trusted devices can access company data, providing heightened security. 

Customer owned encryption keys is also available in a controlled release for customers and prospects, giving you, the customer, ultimate control over your encryption keys, ensuring no unauthorized 3rd party can access your company files.

Application Whitelisting – Control Access to Syncplicity API
Prevent unauthorized applications from accessing data from Syncplicity.  Administrators have the ability to enable and disable application whitelisting and specify application keys to whitelist. Giving companies the control over what applications connect to Syncplicity and the ones to be blocked.I

Define specific capabilities for applications accessing Syncplicity.

Application Scopes
With this features customers can limit what API calls are made to the Syncplicity API. Applications Scopes provide control over Syncplicity’s APIs that an application can call, providing Enterprises complete security and control based on their security policies for external applications on each of the APIs.

Ecosystem Collaboration 

We are excited to announce our Developer Portal and our new Content API giving customers the power to create and innovate by building custom applications that solve your unique use cases.

  • Full exposure of Syncplicity API in Developer Portal
  • Addition of the Content APIs
  • Sample code
  • Interactive documentation

To read the blog, click here.

In addition, to the new Developer Portal we’ve released five new applications that customers can download from the AMPLIFY MARKETPLACE, click here.

  • Adobe Sign
  • Confluence
  • JIRA
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Chrome Extensions

Thank you for your continued support.  To learn more please visit our support site for release notes.

The Product Solution, Management and Engineering Team at Axway Syncplicity  

April 11, 2018   |   by Kristie Conner

The changing face of Enterprise File Sync and Share

The content collaboration platform (CCP) market, formerly enterprise file sync and share, is going through a period of rapid transformation. CCP is a key building block for digital transformation as enterprises look to modernize their infrastructure to power a modern, digital workplace. Some, CCP solutions are providing enterprises with a path to modernize their infrastructure and realize the productivity benefits of a secure mobile, digital workforce while ensuring data is stored securely and in line with changing data protection regulations.  True digital transformation requires unlocking unstructured data from within legacy infrastructure – home directories, group shares and making it easily accessible to enterprise users from any device, anywhere while offering security and a feature rich CCP solution.

For CCP solutions to truly enable digital transformation – businesses need to understand their infrastructure and security requirements and then map to the right CCP solution. Whether from an application or infrastructure perspective, CCP solutions will need to adapt to ensure their place as strategic and competitive tool for today’s businesses.  

The Digital Workplace
As businesses look to capitalise on the productivity benefits of modern technologies a key trend has been mobility and BYOD. CCP vendors continues to prioritise the “anytime anywhere” working model, enabling the digital workplace while giving senior-level executives peace of mind around security and governance. CCP providers that specialise in hybrid options allow businesses to easily align their data storage with their business needs – whether on premises, in the cloud, a private cloud or a combination of the three.

The digital worker requires seamless access to content “anytime anywhere” on any device regardless of where it resides in the enterprise, but they also require integration with popular user productivity tools like Microsoft Office 365.  Modern EFSS providers are not only providing the infrastructure for secure mobile access, but collaboration functionality that improves productivity.

Additionally, as cloud solutions play an increasingly large role, a progressive CCP solution will need to ensure that enterprises maintain flexibility, something that can be achieved through hybrid cloud solutions. Not all data is created equal and large, global corporations need the flexibility that comes with a hybrid cloud offering, allowing them to customize their environment, combining public or private cloud and on premise, without sacrificing usability.

An Infrastructure for Tomorrow – Security, Compliance and Data Protection

With uncertainty still surrounding data protection and compliance enterprises are operating in an increasingly complex environment. One such example is Privacy Shield that was recently approved to replace Safe Harbour. The one certainty is that businesses operating within Europe need to have a fine-grained understanding of what data they are collecting and the geographical regulations that apply to that data. To achieve this -- business are changing the way they evaluate new technology such as cloud, and how which their data is accessed and shared.

CCP can provide an answer. By providing a consolidated modern storage platform, CCP addresses the issues of distributed, costly and insecure legacy storage solutions, delivering a secure and compliant way to manage and store data. CCP solutions which enable infrastructure modernisation will also support enterprises in meeting the most stringent security, governance and IT administration requirements and avoiding costly fines for non-compliance.

And it’s not just being compliant that companies need to worry about. As more global enterprises become victims to ransomware attacks and business leaders become increasingly nervous, EFSS providers can support organisations with real-time backup, multi-folder sync features, retention policies and recovery plans.

What Next?
The CCP market is evolving to address an increasing number of business requirements to improve collaboration across the digital ecosystem and infrastructure modernization, while ensuring data is secure. Organizations are looking for vendors who integrate with office productivity solutions, like Microsoft Office 365 and connect to back-end content repositories to provide access to content that was previously not available unless you were behind the fire wall. Though integration, whether with applications or infrastructure, CCP can support the modernization of the workplace as a critical component to digital transformation in the modern business. 

To learn more read: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms.

June 30, 2017   |   by Kristie Conner

Play ball with Syncplicity by Axway and win

Did you know Major League Baseball (MLB) uses Syncplicity by Axway to power their digital transformation? It’s a great story about how MLB is driving engagement, making it easier for users including baseball scouts to access and share data, securely. So we asked Dan Gainey of MLB to tell us all about it in a webinar to be held July 19. You should be there.

If you’ve never heard Dan speak – or even if you have – you’re in for a treat. Just ask anyone who attended IMAGINE SUMMIT 2017 in Atlanta, or who packed the house at Gartner IT Expo last year. The webinar happens soon after the MLB All-Star Game, so Dan will surely have stories to share about how Syncplicity by Axway helped the league streamline internal collaboration across one of their major events.

Dan Gainey weaves in key themes of digital transformation that impact the digital workplace.  If you’re in IT, or manage collaboration, mobility or security, this webinar will provide you with vital insight providing a 360-degree view of what digital transformation looks like across critical groups and the business impact.

To register click here.

Learn how Axway Syncplicity can help you Modernize Your IT Infrastructure or create Innovative User Experiences.

December 21, 2016   |   by Kristie Conner

SyncDrive: Size Does Not Matter

SyncDrive: Size Does Not Matter

The amount of unstructured data in home directories, group shares and network drives across the enterprise is staggering and the overall amount of information is growing exponentially as the world becomes more digital. The reality is that we are just at the beginning – the volume of data is exploding, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire history of the human race. That is a lot of data – and it begs the question: what do we do with that data, and exactly how do knowledge workers access it?

Syncplicity by Axwayhas an answer – SyncDrive. While we might not be solving all your unstructured data needs (okay, 90% of them), if you choose Axway Syncplicity we can help you untangle your home directories and group shares and at the same time modernize your file storage infrastructure – along with providing access to all your data via the desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Imagine, being able to give your enterprise users VPN-less access to all their enterprise content from any device, where data size does not matter. 

Now, imagine being a user and, never having to worry (again) about having enough space on your device or maneuvering and moving files so you have just the right ones when you need them. SyncDrive redefines how users work with large volumes of data across the enterprise. Users can selectively sync the files they need, and the intelligent cache feature ensures they never need to worry about running out of storage.

SyncDrive is a revolutionary feature that will have an immediate impact on the user and IT. What about the value to the overall enterprise? For a typical Fortune 1,000 company, just a 10 percent increase in data accessibility will result in more than $65 million additional net income. With SyncDrive, we make this possible.

This new SyncDrive feature is now available and extends our digital transformation lead by enabling enterprises to modernize their IT infrastructure and access petabytes of data stored in legacy file shares.”

Find out how SyncDrive can improve your business agility, click here.

December 19, 2016   |   by Kristie Conner

Axway Syncplicity PrivacyRegions Answers Data Protection Requirements

Axway Syncplicity PrivacyRegions Answers Data Protection Requirements

Syncplicity by Axway is raising the technology architecture bar with a new EFSS innovation that ensures corporate compliance without getting in the way of user productivity. Axway Syncplicity PrivacyRegions allows companies to remain compliant with region-specific data protection and residency regulations while still allowing their users to seamlessly share folders and files with users and companies based in other regions. Personal information (PII) and corporate meta-data is never processed or stored in other regions.

Axway Syncplicity PrivacyRegions uniquely combines regional cloud services, policy-driven hybrid cloud storage and a new privacy driven architecture. Today, we’re pleased to announce that Syncplicity by Axway European Union (EU) PrivacyRegion is generally available. This design enables EU-based enterprises to confine the storage and processing of all their files, meta-data, and personal information to the EU region. 

Seamless User Experience

Syncplicity by Axway is the only EFSS provider to offer regional cloud services that do not restrict user sharing. We allow users to seamlessly collaborate across regions with a single account, while maintaining all the information—including meta-data—within a designated region. For example, with Syncplicity by Axway, an enterprise’s storage and control plane can be in Europe. Other EFSS vendors allow customers to choose a geographic zone for file storage, but they process and store all meta-data, such as filenames, PII, and significant indexing of regional files’ content in U.S.-based cloud services. By contrast, Syncplicity by Axway PrivacyRegions segregates a company’s meta-data, PII and file storage to its chosen region. For example, customers who choose Syncplicity by Axway EU PrivacyRegion are assured all of their information is kept within Europe.

Syncplicity by Axway is the first vendor to provide regional cloud services allowing users to seamlessly collaborate across regions without requiring multiple user accounts for each region. Syncplicity by Axway’s solution is unique in segregating all data to specific regions, while still providing users ‘a single-pane-of-glass’ experience and seamless collaboration across regions.

Syncplicity by Axway's release of PrivacyRegions builds upon a long-standing posture of data privacy compliance. Our ‘data protection by default’ strategy provides a flexible architecture with the necessary granular privacy, confidentially and data sovereignty controls built-in, giving our customers the right tools to adapt to evolving regional legislation and business requirements across the enterprise.

To learn more about how Syncplicity by Axway ensures compliance with global privacy and security regulations, please click here.  To learn how you can securely compose a digital workplace, click here.

November 30, 2016   |   by Kristie Conner

Thank you, CIOReview!

If you have not opened the latest issue of CIOReview Magazine, then let us tell you first!  We were recognized by CIOReview as one of the “20 Most Promising Compliance Solution Providers of 2016”.  It’s an annual listing by CIOReview of 20 companies that are on the forefront of providing compliance solutions and impacting the marketplace.

“Syncplicity’s role in modernizing legacy infrastructure to keep data safe and compliant is noteworthy.  The company offers users an easy to use file sharing and collaboration solution with complete control of their data while fully adhering to compliance requirements.”

To read the full article on Syncplicity by Axway “Bolstering Secure Frameworks for File Sharing” click here

To learn how we can help your organization kickstart IT infrastructure modernization to reduce costs and empower your digital workplace, please email us at sales@syncplicity.com

November 3, 2016   |   by Kristie Conner

A Different Kind of Sharing

Most of us have been to tradeshows and fallen for the free giveaways.  Those little trinkets look so alluring under the lights and in the excitement of the show.  One year I recall bartering with another vendor for one of their selfie sticks, thinking that is kind of cool, but in reality I don’t take selfies – so it sits around in its unused glory taking up space.  And, it’s cheaply made. How many times have I brought stuff home just to be thrown away or collect dust?

The #truthis I don’t pick up any stuff anymore, or almost never.  

For our upcoming show Gartner ITExpo in Barcelona the marketing team came up with a new idea. We decided to select a charity and for every person who gets scanned at our booth we will donate 2 Euros to an important cause.  The cause chosen for the Gartner ITExpo in Barcelona is Solar Aid, an International charity that combats poverty and climate change by providing access to solar lights in some of the most remote regions of Africa.

If you are headed to Barcelona stop by our booth to get scanned, get a “I donated to Solar Aid through Syncplicity by Axway” sticker and support an organization that is doing great work #ADifferentKindofSharing!

Just Five Scans

Just 5 Scans at our booth will result in 3 Solar Lights, 13 People Reached, £435 Saved by Families, 3018 Extra hours of child study time, 3.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions everted and 6 people experiencing better health.

Visit the Syncplicity by Axway Booth (#403) and participate in a Different Kind of Sharing.

October 3, 2016   |   by Kristie Conner

Affiliate Sharing: Helping Enterprises Build their Digital Ecosystem of Trust

In a recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) research study, they found that 98% of IT and security professionals were extremely concerned with having technologies in place to ensure policies are applied to the sharing of sensitive data. Our newest product enhancement, affiliate sharing, does just that.  Affiliate sharing extends sharing and collaboration capabilities to include a trusted network of specific partners and customers, in essence helping enterprises build their digital ecosystem of trust.

IT often blocks external sharing due to the perceived security risks, but their digital workers are looking for ways to share large files and folders with partners and customers, even if that means using consumer (shadow IT) file sharing tools.  Our latest product enhancement gives digital workers a secure and seamless way to share files and folders within their digital ecosystem, building a ‘trusted network’, while maintain the level of security control required by IT.

“External sharing is critical to Texas A&M University, and Syncplicity by Axway’s new controls give me confidence that my teams can share files and folders securely among our trusted group of organizations,” said Danny Miller, CISO System Chief Information Security Officer at Texas A&M University. “In today’s digital world, the firewall is no longer the boundary for data and information sharing. These new Syncplicity by Axway enhancements enable us to lock down sharing within a trusted group of affiliated organizations, helping us stay compliant and secure – maintaining central control while enabling easy end-user collaboration.”

Affiliate Sharing offers a comprehensive set of controls that allow you to:

  • Build a trusted digital environment for extending file sharing with partners and customers by assigning specific groups of users the domains with whom external sharing is approved.
  • Extend security controls and sharing policies to both outbound and inbound folder sharing separately, based on Active Directory group membership.
  • Leverage new folder re-sharing rights controls to override company wide and group-based external sharing policies to ensure that users who are approved to share externally cannot expose specific confidential information.
  • Shut down data leakage by optionally setting inbound folder sharing for specific groups of users to be read-only.

To start building your digital ecosystem of trust, checkout the new additions to Syncplicity by Axway’s group-based policies and security controls, or to learn more about these and other security features contact your Syncplicity by Axway Customer Success Manager.

November 5, 2013   |   by Kristie Conner

Syncplicity by Axway Redefines Secure Enterprise File Sync and Share

Watch today's product announcement video here.

Today, we are announcing significant enhancements to EMC Syncplicity by Axway—the largest release in Syncplicity by Axway history coming off a year of significant innovation. The new features coming out of Syncplicity by Axway combine unprecedented security controls, storage options with the most advanced user experience both on the desktop and mobile device.

The way enterprise employee’s work has changed in the last several years with the introduction of the iPhone. Since that introduction, the rate of adoption and innovation on mobile devices has led to a new type of workforce – the mobile workforce and the consumerization of IT. Employees now demand, access anywhere, anytime and on any device. EMC Syncplicity by Axway has new innovative advancements across:

  •  Frictionless User Experience
  •  Security & Manageability
  •  Storage Choice


Users want easy access to digital assets at anytime and regardless of type of device. In essence, they want to be able to seamlessly move between their laptop and mobile devices without disruption. With our new features, we are transforming the user experience and making collaboration across devices, file stores and between teams easy. Today, we are announcing EMC Isilon MobileIQ (Powered by Syncplicity by Axway), completely re-designed mobile apps for iPad and Android, and updates to our Windows Desktop.

Next Generation Home Directory Access – EMC Isilon MobileIQ
EMC Isilon MobileIQ powered by Syncplicity by Axway gives users mobile access to home directories and files shares. Users will now be able to access their Isilon-based home directories and fileshares from their Syncplicity by Axway mobile app, with or without an EMC Syncplicity by Axway account. The MobileIQ feature offers direct mobile access to Isilon file shares, simple implementation, and flexible deployment options. In the future, EMC will extend this feature to additional storage solutions.

  • In-place access that requires no data migration and no files in the cloud
  • ​One mobile app for all user content
  • Easy set-up with or without Syncplicity by Axway

EMC Isilon MobileIQ will be available in Q4.

Completely Re-designed Mobile Apps
Our new mobile apps for iPad and Android demonstrate that beautiful user experiences are not just for consumer apps. The new Syncplicity by Axway mobile apps provide unprecedented ability to access, organize, and edit files securely on a user’s mobile device of choice.

  • A completely re-designed, modern user interface that creates the most delightful mobile experience in the industry. Our new mobile experience is immersive and highly social.
  • Secure Mobile Editing of documents without leaving the Syncplicity by Axway secure file system.
  • File management innovations give users the ability to go beyond simple file access and more easily and efficiently navigate folder structures, create folders, and manage file locations.   We’ve changed the file navigation approach to completely re-think the notion of a “breadcrumb”.
  • Shared Link Tracking uses the power of the mobile platform to give users unprecedented visibility into file sharing, including a new visual capability that shows a user the location of every file download along with an activity log of how other users are accessing files that have been shared with them.
  • Syncplicity by Axway Insights™ engage end users and use contextual information and Big Data from activity logs to improve the user experience and improve user efficiency. With the newly designed   Syncplicity by Axway apps for iOS and Android, users are empowered with features that make sharing seamless, gives collaborators behavioral data on how users are accessing files, while also providing push notifications to drive engagement. 

New Mobile Apps for iPad and Android will available to all users in the iTunes and Google Play app stores in December 2013.

We are announcing new features for advanced security and manageability.

Group Level Policy Control
Administrators can now create “policy sets” of all Syncplicity by Axway controls that can be applied to groups. This way, different policies for sharing, security, desktop, web and mobile can be applied to different user groups like marketing and engineering. And unlike other solutions with rigid group policy models, Syncplicity by Axway policy sets are “ranked” so the system knows which policy to apply to a user that exists in multiple groups.

Group Level Policies are available immediately for Business Edition and Enterprise Edition customers.

Users can also leverage rights management controls, delivering maximum protection of shared content at the file level and unauthorized access or display, so IT never loses control of the files.

Users can also leverage rights management controls, delivering maximum protection of shared content at the file level and against unauthorized access or display, so IT never loses control of the file. There are several levels of permissions that can be set on the file.

  • Read/Write Permission
  • Copy Permission
  • Print Permission
  • Watermark
  • Offline Access Permission
  • Screen Capture Permission
  • Location-based Restrictions (White and Black list locations)

Many solutions for security can be cumbersome for the user and recipient, but Syncplicity by Axway delivers a seamless user experience for creation and accessing files. It further expands the continuum of protection Syncplicity by Axway provides on files.

Right management controls is available for Enterprise Edition customers (only) in a Controlled Preview in Q4 with pricing and availability announced in 1H 2014.

Enterprises want the flexibility and convenience of the cloud, but when it comes to file storage sometimes the cloud isn't the right place for all their content. Whether it is for security, internal compliance, industry compliance or data residency/sovereignty reasons, enterprises want to be able to choose where files are stored. But without hassles. 

Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults
Newly announced Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults make storage simple and policy-driven, so organizations and users don’t have to sacrifice convenience for compliance. With StorageVaults IT departments have more control and flexibility around where their data is stored – using a policy-driven hybrid model to store content in a public cloud or private cloud on-premise — based on user, group, folder file or content types. Used in conjunction with Group Policies, enterprise IT has unprecedented levels of security and control, while remaining transparent to the user.

With Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults enterprise customers can:

  • Easily comply with data residency / sovereignty requirements
  • Apply appropriate security and control for by content type using Group Policies. Set policies at the user, group or folder level. And, tiered policy sets allow organization to maintain maximum control, for example, marketing content can be stored in the public cloud, but EU users' files can be stored using a different array in the EU).
  • Leverage EMC Isilon, EMC Atmos, EMC VNX/VNXe storage arrays, EMC VIPR, or third-party storage solutions (utilizing NFS3) for unparalleled flexibility.

Syncplicity by Axway StorageVaults will be generally available (for Enterprise Edition customers only) in Q4 2013.

Syncplicity by Axway is transforming Enterprise File Sync and Share and this announcement further emphasizes our commitment to innovation around user experience, security and storage choice. In July, we were named a leader in the Forrester's Wave: File Sync and Platform Share 2013. We are excited to be leading the market and providing our customers with the not just new innovations, but an enterprise-level solution for file sync and share.

To watch the Live Webcast where our executive teams unveils the new features and has live demos click here.

October 28, 2013   |   by Kristie Conner

Syncplicity by Axway and OneLogin Deliver Free Active Directory Group Sync

Syncplicity by Axway has joined forces with OneLogin, a leader in Identity and Access Management, to provide our customers with a solution that makes it easy to integrate to Active Directory. For users, this means little or no steps to get started – no new accounts or passwords to create. For IT, this means ensuring password policies are always enforced and the risk of manually keeping track of multiple employee accounts are eliminated. Better yet, this is available at no charge for any Syncplicity by Axway customer.

A few months ago we released easy and secure user provisioning. This allows companies to quickly on-board large numbers of users while ensuring files don’t fall into the wrong hands through automated account disablement, deletion, or remote wipe of data from departing employees’ devices.

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of Active Directory group membership sync. This allows IT departments to use AD groups to manage their Syncplicity by Axway group memberships and continues to allow AD to be the single source of truth for assignment of all a user's entitlements. Companies can leverage their existing AD group memberships to facilitate sharing folders and files that are relevant to roles within the organization. Furthermore, as Syncplicity by Axway groups can be used to assign storage quota to users, IT administrators can now use AD groups to control how much storage is allocated to users based on existing organizational structures.

OneLogin and Syncplicity by Axway Webinar

Register to learn more about Syncplicity by Axway, OneLogin, and the benefits of cloud identity management on October 23, for a 30- minute webinar with Leonard Chung, Syncplicity by Axway Co-Founder & Chief Product Strategist and Mario Tarabbia, Onelogin Director of Business Development.

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