February 28, 2014   |   by Syncplicity by Axway Team

Tear Down the Walls

“Tear down the walls see the world
is there something we have missed
turn from oursevles look beyond
there is so much more than this." 

-- Pink Floyd

I could have sworn that Roger and Bob were not in the room when we were painting our vision of the world but maybe I am wrong.  When we looked beyond ourselves at Syncplicity by Axway we saw so much more.  We saw a world of enterprise content stores that was waiting to be accessed, and a world of business value to deliver.  The “No Silos” strategy was born – a world where Syncplicity’s gold standard mobile UX had to be extended to other enterprise content stores to drive business value in the enterprise.

Today, at Microsoft SharePoint Conference we’ll give you a sneak preview of how this powerful vision can be applied to SharePoint content. We’ll showcase our gold standard UX for enterprise content stores like SharePoint and our philosophy of:

  • Preserving and augmenting existing policy and security configurations
  • Eliminating the need to migrate data by integrating natively with existing repositories

I was going to say we believe in a “disrupt but don’t break” approach but I’m worried that someone might pen another super hit and fail to acknowledge us as the inspiration.  


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