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Consider the 3 AM test officially passed. Syncplicity offers on-premises level security and data protection, but with a cloud experience. IT defines access and security policies across your sharing ecosystem while complying with GDPR and other data sovereignty regulations. Today and in the future. Automatically store your latest files for easy recovery in case of a ransomware attack. You rest easy every hour of the day.

The flexibility of Syncplicity’s Policy-Driven, Hybrid Cloud offers enterprises the control to define storage location based on users’ business roles, national residence, or sensitivity of data.

Syncplicity StorageVault Authentication (SVA) and certificate-based authentication offer the highest level of security and control to assure compliance with the strictest data processing and confidentiality frameworks.

With Syncplicity you choose where data is stored and under which national sovereignty the data will be processed. Syncplicity PrivacyRegions enable enterprises the option to confine storage and processing of all their files, metadata, and personal information regionally.

To enforce data security policies for sensitive and confidential content, Syncplicity integrates with leading DLP solutions to restrict access to, and sharing of, documents based on an organization’s DLP classification and group-based policies

Keeps your data and organization safe

Real-time desktop backup means your data and files are recoverable, so you won’t be held hostage in the event of a ransomware attack.

Syncplicity Solution Brief

How to compose a digital workplace, your way.

Content Matrix

Features x
Policy Engine (granular group based policies)
Remote Wipe
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Total Data Protection (Syncplicity Privacy Regions)
Storage Choice
Customizable Retention Policies

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