File sharing and content collaboration made easy.


Syncplicity brings a consistent, intuitive interface to day-to-day file sharing and team collaboration, providing a consumer-like experience your employees want to adopt and use all the time. Powering a digital workplace. It lives on all their devices, going wherever they go and automatically keeping shared files up to date whether on-premises and in the cloud.

With Syncplicity, users can easily share sensitive and non-sensitive files across the organization without risking security breaches.

Unleash the power of digital collaboration by providing secure accessibility to all enterprise files for sharing, editing for team collaboration or secure collaboration with partners.

Syncplicity is the most secure solution for sharing files and folders with external partners. A unique feature, Affiliate Sharing, gives IT the visibility and control required to enable external file sharing and collaboration.

Your users can work the way they want anytime, anywhere – from the web, desktop or mobile device. Syncplicity provides offline access for users who are on the go or  need connectivity in the field.

Work Better. Together. Digital Workplace.

Unleash the power of collaboration by providing secure accessibility to all enterprise files for sharing and editing both within your organization and externally.

To compose your digital workplace, go modern

Yesterday’s IT infrastructure won’t work. Gain the freedom to modernize it your way.

Content Matrix

Mobile (iOS, Android) Web Desktop (iOS, Windows)
Word, Excel Editing
Word, Excel Viewing
Remote Wipe
Offline Access
Insights and Analytics

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