Securely manage unstructured data in the cloud or on-premises

Modernizing your IT infrastructure with Syncplicity’s hybrid cloud capability gives organizations a way to regain control of their unstructured data, secure it, and make it accessible anytime, anywhere. Syncplicity delivers all the secure file sharing and collaboration functionality of tomorrow, while integrating with what’s working for you today.

Your data and files (every version) are backed up in the cloud in real time, so it’s always available on any device. If a device is lost, Syncplicity keeps a copy of all the files for immediate recovery.

Accelerate productivity and collaboration by modernizing your home directories and file shares. Users gain seamless access to their files from any device, anywhere.

The Syncplicity hybrid cloud is policy-driven. Customers have the flexibility to decide where files are stored, and how they’re stored. You can store on-premises, in the public or private cloud, or a combination.

With Syncplicity’s hybrid cloud architecture, you can combine storage. Consolidate hundreds of distributed file servers with attached network drives into a few regional locations, or connect to other enterprise content systems.

Siemens selects Syncplicity for its Hybrid-Cloud File Sharing and Content Collaboration Platform

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Unlock the power of the cloud

Consolidate or connect legacy content repositories and file shares at significantly lower costs. AMPLIFY Content Collaboration solution, Syncplicity, is designed to centralize your unstructured data to meet your unique business challenges..



Next generation file shares for a modern workplace

SyncDrive offers a single, simple way to access your enterprise files, anywhere, on any device.

With Syncplicity you're always backed-up in real-time

Many of our customers use Syncplicity to ensure their users desktops are always available, and always right.

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Keep ransomware from holding your digital files hostage

Now that your users are backed-up, you add another layer of protection and recovery to your plan, if ever hit with ransomware.

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Ten reasons to cloudily your file shares and home directories

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Modernize: Replace Your Legacy File Shares and Home Directories