Make your sales content work harder.

Whether it's in the form of contracts, proposals, or datasheets, a lot of content revolves around a sales cycle. Sales teams, and those who support them, rely on that content to ensure a deal cycle moves forward. To them, having access to the right content at the right time is critical. That means content has to not only be centralized in a customer relationship management (CRM) system, but also made available anytime, anywhere, on any device. CRM Cloud Integration makes this possible.


Speed collaboration. Shorten the sales cycle.

CRM Cloud Integration creates a single repository for content that users can access, view, and share sales content directly from Salesforce, streamlining collaboration among internal and external teams, while shortening the sales cycle. Using Syncplicity and the CRM Cloud Integration together to share content and collaborate not only improves these workflows, but also enhances the customer experience.

With CRM Cloud Integration for Syncplicity and Salesforce, you can:

  • Create shared links directly from Salesforce
  • Manage folder participants
  • Post links to content in Chatter
  • Send contracts and other documents for signature using AdobeSign

See how quickly your sales teams can share using CRM Cloud Integration for Syncplicity and Salesforce.

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A single content repository. A happier IT team.

In addition to shortened sales cycles and improved sharing and collaboration practices for sales teams, businesses can expect their IT department to see value in the simplified management that a single content repository offers. Leveraging the Syncplicity CRM Cloud Integration for all sales content can save businesses money by eliminating the need for separate CRM storage. Plus, IT is able to refocus time previously spent on managing multiple applications across the enterprise by consolidating applications.

Connect people, content and tools with Syncplicity's Cloud CRM Integration

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