Protect by modernizing your IT infrastructure


Syncplicity gives sales, financial advisors, management and compliance teams with easy, secure access to data anywhere, anytime while adhering to strict government and company security regulations.

Syncplicity provides secure file sharing and collaboration functionality that users need while keeping IT in control of information security, data sources, and storage architecture. With Syncplicity APIs IT can extend systems like content management, to field-based employees and sales teams.

Utilize existing storage architecture with an on-premises or cloud deployment. By managing all in-the-field and on-the-move information needs, Syncplicity helps to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of financial services companies in both the office and the field.

Benefit from increased productivity and ensured compliance

  • Increase AUM with better informed advisors.
  • Give users file sharing and collaboration software that they'll love, and increase their productivity while meeting all of your organization's security, compliance, and regulatory standards.
  • Prevent information leaks, data sharing violations, and security breaches with centralized policy controls, desktop and on-device security protections, and options for on-premise or cloud storage.
  • Protect sensitive business intelligence and regulated information with the industry's most secure file sharing and collaboration solution, provided by the most trusted name in enterprise storage.

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