Unleash the power of collaboration by providing secure accessibility 
to all enterprise files for sharing and editing both within your organization and externally.

Syncplicity + Office 365. Let's Integrate

  • Open, edit and co-author Office 365 files in real time right from Syncplicity. Start in Office 365 to create files and save to Syncplicity.

  • Work from your desktop. Access Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or Word using Explorer or Mac Finder like you always have. 

  • Syncplicity + Microsoft also let you work bimodal – desktop and cloud.

  • Securely access, share and create files anywhere using Syncplicity's native mobile apps for iOS and Android. Open Office documents without launching another app that's beyond IT's control. Or use Office apps along with Microsoft Places.

  • Email isn’t going anywhere. The Outlook Universal add-in for Office online lets you share files and folders right from Outlook. Tap your attachment and it's a link. 

The Syncplicity factor: Do more.


  • External + power users, unite. Take file sharing beyond one-to-one and team collaboration. Create external sharing ecosystems – between partners, vendors and customers – that fuel mutually beneficial relationships and drive innovation.
  • Unlock your unstructured data. Modernize your infrastructure by replacing file shares and home directories. Creating a secure centralized location for all your unstructured data -- helping activate, protect and secure content while reducing costs.
  • Data is becoming increasingly more valuable and where and how you store your data is a strategic decision based on how it will benefit your business goals.
  • Files where you want them. With Syncplicity you can leverage Azure for your Office 365 files – or store them somewhere else, on-premises or in a private cloud. Your cloud. Your choice.


“Microsoft fully embraces Axway Syncplicity (as well as other Axway solutions) as value add partners that makes our O365 and Azure offerings even better. Microsoft has chosen Axway as a top tier integration partner to drive business together by adding customer value.”

Urban Falk,
Sr Partner Development Mgr GISV Enabler Team

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