Add files, file sharing and collaboration capabilities to your apps or create new apps

Syncplicity has redefined how business shares files and collaborates: secure unstructured data storage on premises or in the hybrid cloud, access to files anytime on any device, secure external file sharing, ransomware protection, and total IT control. With Syncplicity REST APIs, you can now extend these capabilities to your existing applications or leverage them to create new custom applications.


Syncplicity APIs for customers

Customers and their partners can extend the value of Syncplicity right out of the box with pre-built integrations, add Syncplicity content services into their existing applications, or build new applications to meet the unique needs of the business owners.

  • Out of the box integrations

    Pre-built, out of the box integrations are provided by Syncplicity or partners to integrate Syncplicity with existing solutions.

  • Custom integrations

    Custom integrations can be built by customers to increase the value of Syncplicity by providing the specific customized functionality they require.

  • Custom applications

    Completely new applications can be created by customers or partners to provide interaction with employees, customers and partners.

Syncplicity APIs for Developers

Syncplicity offers a developer portal for Enterprise Edition (EE) account users to create new apps using the APIs, test the APIs using interactive documentation, then deploy and monitor the applications. A rich set of Syncplicity REST APIs lets developers write code to manage:

  • Content (folders management, file upload and download, file and folder sharing, tagging, searching, renaming and moving)
  • Users, groups and group memberships
  • Policies and devices
  • Legal holds on content
  • Integration with Syncplicity rights management

Navigate to the developer portal to create a sandbox instance of Syncplicity, view the API documentation and register your application. You’ll then have access to sample code to quickly be up and running.

Developer Portal

Secure API access within Syncplicity

To ensure the content remains secure, Syncplicity administrators can easily configure, control and monitor which functionality each application can access. The interface for security settings and access to content and functionality through the APIs is the same as the Syncplicity user interface.

Who’s using Syncplicity APIs?

From auto manufacturers to financial institutions and government agencies, organizations in the commercial and public sectors use the Syncplicity APIs to access and manage users, groups, and content.

Typical use case – creating a Consumer Digital Vault

Consumers not only base their loyalty on price or product, but increasingly stay loyal with companies based on the experience they receive. Companies across the board which deal with consumers, be they healthcare, financial organizations, or other, want an easy way for employees to exchange documents with their customers, while ensuring full security, regulatory compliance, and audit for the content.


To provide this capability, Syncplicity customers can simply leverage their existing investment and build a “consumer digital vault” using the APIs. Consumers can access and upload documents within the web UI, while leaving all security, audit and document storage capabilities up to Syncplicity.


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