Work globally, store locally, comply everywhere


Data protection and sovereignty requirements vary from one country to the next. To comply with them, you need to know where your data is stored and transferred, who can access it, and which regulations govern it. With Syncplicity’s policy-driven, hybrid cloud, you choose where data is stored and under which national sovereignty the data will be processed.


Here’s how


  • Syncplicity PrivacyRegions combines regional and industry cloud services, hybrid-cloud storage and privacy-driven architecture so you can confine the storage and processing of files, metadata, and personal information (PII) by region
  • If your company account is in the Syncplicity EU or U.S, all your data, including PII, metadata and file content is kept within regional borders
  • Syncplicity StorageVault (SVA) lets you choose the physical location of storage so you avoid any legal challenges associated with transferring data across sovereign borders
  • Flexible architecture helps you future-proof your digital business by evolving with changing regulations and business requirements


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