Keep some or all unstructured data in the cloud. Your choice.

Securely manage your unstructured data using Syncplicity’s Hybrid Cloud Architecture. Whether you want to move all of your unstructured data to the cloud or just some of it, you decide on the deployment model and storage that’s right for you. Cloud or no cloud, with Syncplicity’s seamless, secure user experience, your users will never know the difference. As a SaaS application, Syncplicity offers a separate storage layer, giving users unprecedented storage type flexibility.


Hybrid Cloud Highlights

  • Flexible storage lets users choose EMC ECS, EMC Isilon, Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, or any third-party storage providing NFS or S3
  • SaaS architecture file storage on distributed file servers with attached network drives can be consolidated into a few regional data storage locations – unlock or consolidate based on your needs
  • Syncplicity can leverage less expensive, software-driven object storage to cut costs and improve ROI
  • Centrally manage storage and files from a single, administrative console
  • Gain maximum control over where your data is stored with Syncplicity PrivacyRegions



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