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Flooring manufacturer steps up collaboration

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Syncplicity gives users anytime, anywhere access to files while giving IT total control. For over 130 years, a French multinational corporation specializing in the product of floor and wall coverings has been providing unique, innovative flooring experiences for homes, workplaces, hospitals, retail stores, hotels and wherever sports are played. Headquartered in La Défense, near Paris, the company owes its market leadership to having one of the broadest offerings in the industry, as well as their global and regional rankings in all major types of floor coverings and surface segments. They provide flooring made of vinyl, laminate, wood, linoleum, artificial grass and tracks. All over the world, the company’s surface solutions are recognized by leading athletic organizations for their advanced technology and unequalled performance levels. From the NFL Super Bowl to the French Pro A National Basketball Championship, and Beynon tracks, their recyclable products help save millions of gallons of water and thousands of tons of fertilizers and pesticides.


INDUSTRY: Flooring Manufacturing


Challenge. The company was looking to give their users anytime, anywhere access to important files, but had several requirements. The solution had to provide all the benefits of the cloud without actually being in the public cloud. That way, IT would have control and visibility over where their data was stored and how it was accessed. Having seamless access to files regardless of device and location was also important. Plus, the company wanted to empower their global sales team with the ability to access, save and share while at customer sites, and be able to easily share large file formats like video.
Solution. The company selected Syncplicity to help solve their business challenges. With Syncplicity’s SaaS-based hybrid cloud, they were able to meet their security requirements by hosting files in a private cloud using AWS while giving global users easy access to files and folder on any device, anytime.
  • Improved collaboration across the organization
  • Seamless, secure access to files and folders from any device, anywhere
  • Full document back-up and protection
  • Leverage existing corporate approved storage
  • Solve several use cases with one solution
Syncplicity in the private AWS cloud leverages the company’s existing corporate-approved storage. Storage and deployment choice — flexibility to grow.
A private cloud deployment leveraging their corporate-approved storage solution AWS. Storage and deployment choice gave the company options to meeting their corporate requirements while leveraging their existing investment and meeting security requirements.
File distribution to a mobile workforce. With a large, global sales force and network of distributors, the sales organization need a way to easily access and share information with their customers. Syncplicity made this a reality by providing users — regardless of their location — with easy access to files and folders. File size is not limited, so sales can share large format files with ease.
Security and collaboration. Like all digital enterprises, the company has to meet strict security requirements. Syncplicity lets IT teams strike a balance between security and usability. Using Syncplicity’s group-based security policies, IT can set permissions at the user, device, folder, or file levels. Only authorized users have access to the content.
Added benefit: full document protection and restore. In addition to having a content collaboration platform for managing and centralizing content while giving users the ability to easily access and share securely, the company can back up all their documents in real time. Users can rely on full document protection as well as the ability to restore their files without IT intervention.
One Solution. Solving several use cases.
  • On-the-go file access for sales teams
  • Usability without sacrificing security
  • Real-time back-up with no user intervention
  • Leverage investment in existing storage
  • Improved productivity