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Hybrid cloud data protection

To enforce hybrid cloud data protection and security policies for confidential content, Syncplicity integrates with leading data loss prevention (DLP) solutions to control access to, and sharing of, documents based on an organization’s DLP classification and group-based policies. By integrating with leading providers, Syncplicity lets you leverage your existing DLP systems to further protect your files and prevent the enterprise and users from intentionally or unintentionally leaking sensitive data.


Syncplicity works with your existing DLP infrastructure to detect when sensitive content is added to Syncplicity. It lets you restrict access to files and sharing based on the results of the DLP classification. Classification is done in the DLP engine, which identifies what is considered sensitive whether it’s personally identifiable data (PII), health records, intellectual property, or customer or partner information. Using Syncplicity granular group-based policies, you can enforce file and folder sharing restrictions per company policies and adhere to strict security requirements and compliance regulations. Syncplicity uses standard ICAP protocol to interact with third party DLP solutions.


With Syncplicity DLP integration, you can automatically scan all existing content within Syncplicity as well as any new content. For example, if you migrate files into Syncplicity, you can scan those files, plus any new files you add over time. Administrators can configure DLP to control the scanning of historical content, applicable file types and file sizes, then select which StorageVaults DLP should be applied to. Use group-based policies to define access to content based on classification, or to define sharing restrictions based on file classification.



Hybrid cloud data protection is crucial. See Syncplicity in action to request a demo.