Protecting sensitive content – Syncplicity Rights Management

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Companies collaborating with, handling, and sharing sensitive content need to ensure that content is not only protected but also secure from unauthorized access. More often than not, whenever content leaves an enterprise, it’s unknown if the content will remain with its intended recipient.

After content is shared, it becomes vulnerable to copying, printing, forwarding or screenshots. Out of 1,371 IT professionals surveyed, 70% agree that digital transformation is challenged by the need for strict security safeguards to protect the sharing and use of data that is sensitive and critical.

Syncplicity Rights Management addresses these concerns by providing the ability to protect files and ensure they are only accessed by their intended recipients, without disrupting workflow or user experience.


Syncplicity Rights Management: Turn every user into a protector


Protectors are users who leverage Syncplicity Rights Management with the ability to share protected content, adding another level of protection. Those protectors can share many protected files to any number of internal or external users without disrupting the user experience they’re accustomed to. Using Syncplicity with RM enabled becomes especially useful whenever organizations need to share content with external business partners or suppliers.

For example, when a user leveraging Syncplicity Rights Management navigates to send a “Shared Link” to an external business partner, they will see the option to select Reader or Editor access, which only allows authenticated recipients to either view the protected document or with Editor access, to make changes to the protected document. The external recipient will need to authenticate by clicking the emailed link they receive and either create or log in to, their Syncplicity account.


As the recipient of that shared link, users can review and edit the protected document online or download a protected version of the document to their local desktop and view or edit the document locally. Unlike most other sharing and collaboration tools, access rights and RM protections always follow downloaded documents even if they are sent to someone else via email or copied to a USB stick. A dynamic watermark can be applied to discourage any screenshots of your sensitive information.

Leveraging Syncplicity RM’s robust online viewing experience means that your recipient must be online to access the content you’ve shared. Additionally, online viewing is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Your files stay online with support for online editing, and no local authentication agent is required.



With Reader and Download access to the content you’ve shared with your business partner, RM controls remain in place and are extended to Microsoft Office applications. The watermark will still appear against that content, once again discouraging screenshots, but also preventing printing and saving their own copies of the content you’ve shared. The ability to edit that document is controlled by the Protector.

This level of protection is critical for Healthcare, Government and Financial Services organizations. Without Syncplicity Rights Management, it’s unknown what will happen to sensitive content once it’s shared outside the enterprise.

Administrators have the advanced capabilities to control what rights are applied to protected documents. This granular control enables or disables actions like printing, web preview, copying content, and screen capture for Readers and Editors.


For more information on Syncplicity Rights Management and how to enable it for your enterprise, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.