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ActOn A Creative Agency Who Wanted a Solution to Do Everything Their Studio Could Imagine.

Syncplicity by Axway by EMC provided ActOn-CPH a solution that met all their enterprise mobile collaboration, security and backup needs in one operation.

To merge two companies together is often a challenge, especially with regards to IT. And this was indeed the case with Christina Zimmermann and Christian Ramsgaard in early 2013, when they merged their two companies together and formed ActOn-CPH.

“When we merged our two companies, we needed a way to work together, both within the company and with our freelancers. We have to work on our documents from both PCs and Macs, and we must have access from our smartphones and tablets. So, whether we are visiting clients, traveling or working from home, we must be effective in our collaboration,” says Christina Zimmermann, partner and director at ActOn-CPH.

ActOn-CPH needed a solution that could secure their data. A large part of the documents and data they work on are of a sensitive nature, and it is important that only selected individuals can access them.

"ActOn-CPH is very happy with Syncplicity by Axway; the solution has made everyday life easy and smooth, and has not required any special IT knowledge."

“Therefore we needed an effective solution. It is vital both for our customers and for ourselves that we act professionally. And who has not been in a situation where a subcontractor’s data has crashed and vital information is lost? Therefore, we had to think about backup, collaboration and security, and Syncplicity by Axway took care of all three of our needs. ‘Syncplicity by Axway just runs” says Christina Zimmermann.

ActOn-CPH turned to EMC Partner SAC-IT, which specializes in consulting services for cloud solutions. It was important to find the right solution the first time and not just arbitrarily select any file sharing solution on the web.

“We chose SAC-IT, because we needed expertise from a supplier who could understand and tackle our challenges. SAC-IT has an in-depth knowledge of what’s happening in the cloud market, and it gave us confidence that we would deploy a sustainable solution that we could grow with. ‘And then there’s Danish support,” says Christina Zimmermann.

Online synchronization

The solution was Syncplicity by Axway by EMC, which operates in the background and does not disturb users. It provides access to documents from any platform and is easily integrated into all IT systems. “Syncplicity by Axway is a cloud solution that delivers many security, access and storage choice benefits at once,” says Jackie Amelung, managing director and partner at SAC-IT.

With Syncplicity by Axway ActOn-CPH can choose which folder structure they wish to work with. Once Syncplicity by Axway is installed, every employee can choose what is shared and with whom through Syncplicity by Axway’s cloud solution. “To ensure that every computer would not sync all documents to their local drives, we decided to build a machine that acts as a job server,” says Christian Ramsgaard and continues: ‘Our computers in the offi ce are pointing to the job server, and that is where we have all our documents,” says Christian Ramsgaard.

Control of Security

Syncplicity by Axway makes sure that all documents on the job server are synchronized to the cloud, so there is access to them, regardless of their physical location. “This requires of course that IT is in control of security administration. It is of no use, if an employee or freelancer loses a tablet or smartphone and then has free access to our documents,” says Jackie Amelung.

Syncplicity by Axway is cleverly designed so that if a user loses a device, the administrator can delete (remote wipe) the device from the system, without having to delete the user. When access to Syncplicity by Axway for a device is deleted then all documents are instantly removed from it.

“... should we manage sensitive personal data, we wanted to comply with the Privacy Act, and therefore SAC-IT ensured that the server we synchronized against was located in Denmark”. 

For ActOn-CPH, it was important that when documents were synchronized to the cloud they were assured that the documents did not leave Danish soil. “We wanted to ensure that if we were to manage sensitive personal data, we complied with the Personal Data Protection Act and therefore SAC-IT ensured that the server we synced up against was located in Denmark,” says Christina Zimmermann.

SAC IT could manage this through its cooperation with EMC, which makes it possible to be a hosting provider for Syncplicity by Axway solutions. “So when ActOn- CPH synchronizes documents with Syncplicity by Axway data ends up on SAC IT’s server or our cloud,” says Jackie Amelung. At the same time Syncplicity by Axway gives us comfort that data is always at hand, since SAC IT backups the job server, and Syncplicity by Axway backs up data in the cloud.

Cooperation and working structure

“Syncplicity by Axway also makes it easy for us to work with both freelancers and customers,” said Christina Zimmermann. It is possible to share documents via unique links, and customers can also get access to uploaded documents. This makes it easy to keep documents assembled in the correct folders. No more having to send documents back and forth on email – the upload feature automatically places the documents where they belong.

“Implementing Syncplicity by Axway had the extra benefit of organizing our files on the job server; otherwise we would quickly end up in chaos where no one would know where to find documents, and our freelancers would not know where to upload the documents,” says Christian Ramsgaard.

According to Jackie Amelung it is necessary that customers and users of Syncplicity by Axway have a well-defined IT policy. “It’s necessary to know what you want to share with customers and how the system freelancers have access to your data. This way we maintain the IT control and it is important when you put data in a cloud solution,” says Jackie Amelung.

“ActOn-CPH is very pleased with Syncplicity by Axway; it has made everyday life easy and smooth, and did not require any special IT knowledge,” says Christina Zimmermann and Christian Ramsgaard.

“None of us have in-depth understanding of how IT works. Therefore, Syncplicity by Axway fits us so well. It was set up and it just runs. We do not have to worry about it; it’s there and it works” says Christian Ramsgaard.

Core Syncplicity by Axway Features

Solve your mobile access problem

Say yes to the devices people prefer. Syncplicity by Axway file sync puts the right content everywhere it belongs, from desktops to laptops to mobile devices with complete administrative visibility and governance. 

  • Browse and open any file or folder on any device
  • Keep files current with automatic push and synchronization
  • Enjoy native apps designed for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 phones and tablets
  • Apply policies globally across enterprise-owned and personal devices
  • Retain control over company files, even on devices you don't control

Reduce risk and maintain compliance

Syncplicity by Axway understands the range of requirements IT administrators face and how to match our product to your security architecture. Choose a full cloud-based deployment or keep the storage layer onpremise for the best of both cloud and local service.

  • Use single sign on with Active Directory or any SAML-based service, including 2-factor authentication
  • Set policies to open or restrict sharing, domain access, and web access
  • Gain visibility into usage and audit activities by user, file, folder, or device
  • Create accounts in bulk and automate installation
  • Secure data in transit, at rest, and on every device
  • Remote wipe any file or folder

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