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Cortera EMC Syncplicity by Axway Gives IT the Control It Needs for Essential File Security


Cortera is a privately held company that collects and analyzes business data, including goods and services purchases, capital investments, financing, and hiring trends. It currently tracks more than $1.6 trillion of annual business-to-business (B2B) purchases across 40 spend categories, combining that data with supplementary information on 20 million U.S. businesses. Cortera provides customers with relevant and timely insights to identify high-revenue opportunities and reduce credit risk.


When information is the heart of your business, you have to protect it. When Cortera found that employees were storing and sharing data using Google Docs, Dropbox, iPads, and smart phones, it knew it had a problem.

“We couldn’t have our people storing company data in ways that were not secure,” explains Robert Sparks, manager of infrastructure/operations for Cortera. The company also had to take into account the habits of its geographically distributed employee base. “We needed to gain greater control of the data security while also making it easy for our people in Massachusetts, Florida, and India to adopt a new solution. Ease of use was important, so they wouldn’t go back to their previous methods.”

Cortera’s “choose your own device” (CYOD) environment meant that to ensure security, IT would have to take responsibility for data sharing and syncing. They required a solution that combined consumer-level ease of use with enterprise-grade security.


The company had a number of requirements and explored a range of solutions. Microsoft SharePoint had too steep a learning curve and others, such as Dropbox, did not have the level of management control and security that Cortera was looking for.

Because Cortera already had a relationship with EMC, Sparks decided to investigate Syncplicity by Axway. “To me, security is the number one requirement,” he states. With Syncplicity by Axway, all files and transfers are secured with military-grade encryption and data centers are SSAE-16 SOC1 Type II and SOC2 audited. And to protect customer files from user error, continuous data protection allows instant restoration of past revisions or deleted files. Cortera currently uses EMC Cloud storage, with plans to migrate to its own on-premise storage. Because Syncplicity by Axway easily handles cloud, on-premise, and hybrid approaches, the company has the ability to scale as its needs evolve.

Cortera’s users quickly made the transition to sharing and synching their files with Syncplicity by Axway. “Our people like it,” reports Sparks. “It’s easy and safe to share everything, including customer contracts and other confidential information.’”


IT and operations managers appreciate that Syncplicity by Axway offers extensive control over user accounts and sync-and-share permissions. They can control rights by group, user, folder, file, or device and can perform remote wipes if someone leaves the company or loses a device. They also have the benefit of revision control and document recovery. “Our business depends on sharing and security,” he states. “With Syncplicity by Axway, I can manage everyone’s access but also know that all our files are protected with enterprise-grade encryption in transit and wherever they are stored.”


One of Cortera’s challenges had been employees storing and exchanging confidential company data on their phones and tablets. Syncplicity by Axway solves that problem with AES 256-bit encryption in transit and on-device. Their mobile apps allow users to set 4- digit passcodes in addition to their normal device password as an extra layer of security. Failure to properly enter the 4-digit passcode will automatically delete user data, and devices can be remote-wiped by users or administrators if lost or stolen.

“With Syncplicity by Axway, I can manage everyone’s access but also know that all our files are protected with enterprise-grade encryption in transit and wherever they are stored.”

Robert Sparks, Manager Infrastructure/Operations at Cortera, Inc.


Another advantage that Syncplicity by Axway offered Cortera is timely response to fastchanging needs. Syncplicity by Axway is constantly acting on customer feedback. “They have a pretty aggressive release cycle of enhancements,” observes Sparks. “Other solutions that we looked at just didn’t do what Syncplicity by Axway can.” 

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