Customer Stories: File distribution to a mobile workforce.

Hedge Fund EMC Syncplicity by Axway secures business critical files for a hedge fund.


The client is a financial services and hedge fund company that manages $12 billion in assets. A top performer in global markets, it provides international businesses and corporations with investment strategies in global macro trading, growth equity, and emerging markets.

Business Challenges

Although it drives entire sectors of the global economy, hedge fund management is a game of inches. A single piece of information in the right hands can be an enormous competitive advantage. A single piece of information in the wrong hands can be catastrophic for investors and the firm alike. Proprietary research and customer data is most secure when it stays on-site, in the office. Once analysts take that information into the field, all bets are off…unless they’re using an ironclad file syncing system that secures information, no matter what device they’re on.

The bankers and analysts of this leading financial services company were storing sensitive documents on their smart phones and emailing data to their iPads. Some were signing up for consumer services like Dropbox that couldn’t provide the tracking and security features necessary. In an industry as heavily regulated as financial services, they were taking too many chances. The IT department determined that they needed to provide a new way to access research and client information on all of their devices, without violating SEC regulations or putting their clients at risk.

They also wanted a service that would be easy to use with their existing document and file management systems, including EMC Isilon and Documentum as well as the mobile device management (MDM) systems from Good Dynamics.


The company explored several sync-and-share options, including products from Accellion and Citrix, but its ongoing relationship with EMC and the robust security features that Syncplicity by Axway offers were critical factors in its final decision. Syncplicity by Axway offered seamless integration with existing EMC systems, Isilon and Documentum, and allowed the company to keep all sensitive documents inside the company firewall. No more emailing. No more off-site storage. And no reason for a major overhaul of its IT systems.

Beginning with a cloud version, the company tested Syncplicity by Axway on a small group of users and soon realized that the product satisfied every need and requirement. Syncplicity by Axway protects files with military-grade encryption. It empowers IT to set administrative policies at the folder, file, user, and device levels; regulate document traffic through enterprise-grade access controls; and eliminate information leaks using remote tracking and wipe features.

And it’s easy to use—with other EMC systems as well as with products from other vendors. In fact, Syncplicity by Axway interacts so smoothly with the company’s existing Good Dynamics MDM system that IT only needs to enforce a single set of access policies across all users’ mobile devices.

Two weeks after the trial, the full corporate rollout was complete and Syncplicity by Axway was integrated into the company’s day-to-day operations.

"It just works."

-Hedge Fund Analyst

Security and Freedom

With Syncplicity by Axway, IT can ensure strict compliance with industry regulations and secure sensitive information merely by setting individual and company access policies. At the same time, bankers and analysts are able to access important information whenever, wherever, and from whatever device they want. As one analyst said recently, “It just works.”  

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