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Internet Overal For the 'New Style of Working'

"We use Chromebooks, Macs, windows machines, Android devices, iPhones and iPads. Someone can be at the beach reading the newspaper on their iPad, get a call from me because I need a file - and they can share it with me right there and then using Syncplicity by Axway."

Jean-Paul Damen, Managing Director, INTERNET OVERAL BV

INTERNET OVERAL—which means ‘Internet Everywhere’—is a virtual organization providing mobile telecom and Internet services in the Netherlands. Leading their customers into the cloud, they’re championing what Jean-Paul Damen, the company’s Managing Director, has dubbed ‘the new style of working”—already adopted by the company’s three full-time and fifteen indirect employees. “We are a 100% cloud-based  company working in virtual teams to guide our customers into the same experience,” explains Damen.

“We provide a roadmap to the cloud. Most of our customers are small and medium-sized businesses with no in-house staff and whose employees are mobile and laptop-based,” says Damen. “They have all kinds of servers and don’t want to maintain them. Our aim is to take away all of their desktop-related chores by offering a complete suite of cloud-based solutions.”

These solutions, built around Google Apps packages and integrated with Zoho business applications and other cloud-based services, enable INTERNET OVERAL’s customers to enjoy mobile computing—free of the workstation-based applications, datacenter servers, and data backup procedures that tied them to an office.

Gaining Momentum with Syncplicity by Axway

It was the data backup piece - specifically supporting cloud data that was missing from the company’s service offerings before they teamed with Syncplicity by Axway. “Previously, we offered an online backup service that didn’t back up cloud data.”  Plus, Damen adds, “We did not want to invest in IT systems ourselves, so a SaaS alternative was the perfect fit.”

“What initially led us to Syncplicity by Axway was one of our launching customers in the Netherlands. They were preparing to do business in Morocco and didn’t want any kind of IT system in their North African office,” recounts Damen. “They wanted the ability to give presentations to their customers from an iPad as well as a backup solution for Google Apps. They had already decided on Syncplicity by Axway,” Damen continues. “It was like a running train—we got on it. We tried it, and then signed up.”

The train kept rolling. Introducing Syncplicity by Axway into their service mix fueled their momentum by delivering mobility, storage, security, and data backup capabilities. “With Syncplicity by Axway,” Damen states, “we have a more full service offering to our customers. The service fits into what we do to move customers into the cloud.”

After transitioning them to Google Apps and moving servers and older applications out of their offices, they address data back-up. “Syncplicity by Axway is a good fit,” Damen says. It automatically backs up and stores files from Google Docs or Zoho, making them available from anywhere, even offline. “Customers bother less now about their backups. Syncplicity by Axway is just so easy. It is always there, backing them up and giving them access to their files.”

Damen stresses how “Syncplicity’s centralized controls are important to many customers, especially those accustomed to central security and admin management.” Sharing a cautionary tale of a customer who gave all of their board members Admin rights to Google Apps resulting in a complete loss all of their documents including Gmail—Damen said “the first thing they bought from me was Syncplicity by Axway! People start seeing they can lose data in the cloud without backup. If an employee deletes all of your data, you could go bankrupt. Syncplicity by Axway is solving these problems.”

An ‘Internet Everywhere’ Solution Makes Internal Impact

INTERNET OVERAL has been using Syncplicity by Axway internally since early in 2011. “We promote the principle ‘bring your own device’,” says Damen. “We use Chromebooks, Macs, Windows machines, Android devices, iPhones and iPads.

Someone can be at the beach reading the newspaper on their iPad, get a call from me because I need a file—and they can share it with me right there and then using Syncplicity by Axway.” 

Damen appreciates Syncplicity by Axway’s newsfeed feature. “When I log in or when I use my iPad,” he explains, “I see a log file right away showing what I’ve done—like put 5 files in the trash, added a PowerPoint presentation, moved a file into a new folder. It’s always there, following my steps on every computer. It’s really backing me up.”

The INTERNET OVERAL team is looking forward to introducing Syncplicity by Axway to additional customers later this year as part of a large campaign. “Syncplicity by Axway is among the services we’re offering to 4,000 retailers who have ordinary computer systems/workstations,” Damen says. “Syncplicity by Axway is part of this great opportunity to move people into the cloud.”

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