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Ricoh USA, Inc. Ricoh USA Improves Information Sharing and Security with Enterprise File Sync & Share Software


Ricoh USA has championed change in the workplace for decades. As a global technology company, Ricoh has been transforming the way people work for more than 80 years. With our impressive legacy of developing and implementing innovative technologies for virtually every market and industry, we’ve established ourselves as the information management experts.

But it’s not enough to claim to be experts. We have to prove it every day. And the easiest way is to have all the information our customers need—all the time.

We wanted to realize true information mobility and simplify how our teams access, transform and manage information across the enterprise, whether working at our desks, from our smartphones or in front of a client. Because when we have the right information—and we can share it quickly with others— we can make more informed decisions that benefit everybody.



Ricoh USA didn’t become an industry leader by standing still. Our teams are constantly on the move, searching for information and sharing it with clients around the world. As a result, we use our laptops, tablets and smartphones to work from wherever we are. We just want to be more productive in doing so.

Mobile workers can take digital photos, access reports and scour the Internet from anywhere to learn about clients and competitors, prepare for meetings and make smart decisions. More importantly, they can share the information and collaborate with anybody, anywhere on any device.

“Personal mobile devices have changed the way the world works,” said Larry Pelletier, Vice President IT Infrastructure at Ricoh USA, Inc. “But that has created new challenges for companies trying to manage information faster and safer.”

Where does the information captured on mobile devices go? Most of Ricoh USA’s 15,000+ mobile workers stored files on regional servers, often using FTP sites to move the information. Unfortunately, the process of downloading files to an FTP site is often slow and cumbersome.

Some workers bypassed the servers. They stored information in their personal cloud applications. Or, they stored it directly in their devices and used email to share it with others. What happens when the person left the company? How could Ricoh USA retrieve information stored in personal devices and applications?

Even secure email attachments presented challenges. Moving larger files, including those with high-end images, can take an inordinate amount of time. When making decisions and working with clients, having the right information isn’t enough. It needs to be accessible at the right time.

Productivity also waned when servers went down. As the IT team worked to resolve server issues, the mobile workforce struggled to conduct everyday business without access to information.

Waiting for information wasn’t the only problem. Ricoh USA’s IT team also had to search for lost information regularly. Whether a laptop was lost, misplaced or simply replaced, the IT team devoted significant resources to track down information that was on the device.

“Personal mobile devices have changed the way the world works. But that has created new challenges for companies trying to manage information faster and safer.”

“At the time, we didn’t back up laptops, and a lot of them were leased,” said Larry McCorvey, Advisory Systems Engineer, Architecture & Solutions Design for Ricoh USA, Inc. “So when they went down for whatever reason, productivity plummeted.

Our workers simply couldn’t access the information they needed.” When working with multiple versions, accessing the correct version became its own challenge. Newer versions could be corrupted, forcing IT to find older versions.



At Ricoh USA, we strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition. But, we realize we face the same challenge as nearly every other global company. We want to give our increasingly mobile workforce more freedom to access and share information—but we don’t want to concede security protocols in doing so.

“We wanted to simplify information management for our mobile workers. With Syncplicity by Axway, everything is automated, so users can concentrate on core tasks…”

In fact, we want to increase security and policy controls. And, that’s why we chose Syncplicity by Axway for enterprise file synching and sharing.

The file sync and share solution gives users across the enterprise access to digital files in moments from anywhere with uncompromising security. Files are saved and synched automatically, which allows users to edit or annotate files, create new versions, add e-signatures and share information with anyone, anywhere in real time.

“We wanted to simplify information management for our mobile workers,” said Pelletier. “Everything is automated, so users can concentrate on core tasks without worrying about saving specific versions to the right destination or choosing the right delivery method. As a bonus, it makes everyday tasks easier for our IT team, too.”

Syncplicity by Axway requires minimal IT involvement. It integrates with legacy document and device management systems, so users will notice minimal changes to their everyday workflow. Plus, it gives IT more compliance flexibility while using fewer resources. In fact, the IT team can assign permissions by user, folders or even documents to minimize leaks and help maintain compliance.



Ricoh USA mobile workers use Syncplicity by Axway for information management almost exclusively. Adoption rate across the enterprise has reached about 99 percent for the easy-to-use solution.

“It’s been wildly successful,” said Pelletier. “We’ve been able to change worker behaviors without forcing them to change the way they work.”

In some cases, workers haven’t even had to change devices to perform everyday tasks. Users can be on the road and create, manage, edit and move documents with ease all from their laptop, tablet or smartphone. They don’t need to toggle between devices, drag and drop files or perform extra steps. Information is mobile and accessible—every time.

Simplify collaboration, automatically

Every file is backed up and synched automatically in real time. Users can access files and share them instantly with anybody in seconds. Instead of adding attachments to emails, users can send emails with a link that connects recipients directly to the file stored in the cloud.

Ricoh USA no longer has to invest as much in enterprise-wide email storage systems. Previously, many large files exceeded size restrictions, which made sharing graphic- intensive presentations or videos more difficult. By replacing attachments with a link to the file in the cloud, users can share information—even the largest files— without costly delays. The new solution also negates the need for time-consuming and hard-to-monitor FTP portals.

Add security with fewer resources

With Syncplicity by Axway, Ricoh USA has added freedom for mobile workers—and control for our IT team. We’ve created a policy-driven cloud solution that allows administrators to decide who has access to specific information.

We have more visibility into file sharing,” said McCorvey. “So we can assign policies and other controls to restrict which groups or individuals have access to files.”

The solution also simplifies information retrieval. There’s no longer a problem when laptops are lost or inoperable. The information is automatically backed up in the cloud, making it immediately available. Users can even track specific versions of a document to ensure the information is accurate and up to date. When an employee leaves the company, information stored for individual users, devices or folders can be deleted entirely.

“Searching for lost information is no longer an issue,” said Pelletier. “Work doesn’t stop as the IT team scours devices and applications for files. Workers can be more productive. And IT can concentrate on other core responsibilities. In fact, we anticipate about $1M in annual productivity gains with the new solution.”

“We anticipate about $1M in annual productivity gains with the new solution.”

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