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The Associated Press Delivers Security And Mobility With A Hybrid Cloud Implementation

The Associated Press (AP) is one of the largest independent news-gathering sources in the world, operating in more than 280 locations around the globe, including every statehouse in the U.S. With more than 169 years of experience, the AP has created a sophisticated network for collecting and distributing its content to users via the web, radio, and a dedicated television news service. 



News travels fast. Especially when you’re The Associated Press, one of the most trusted sources of objective journalism in the world. With more than 280 locations and a network of journalists working across five continents, the news organization was seeking a company-wide file sync and share solution that could keep pace.


The AP required enterprise-grade security and internal management capabilities that could ensure full control of their data, and support group-, individual-, and device-level policies and security protections.


Whatever file sharing solution they deployed, the IT team was committed to a smooth transition that wouldn’t interrupt workflow. The software had to be easy to learn and even easier to use, with all of the mobile accessibility and sharing features journalists wanted in the field.


The AP turned to Syncplicity by Axway for its Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution with centralized storage and real-time data syncing that makes it easy for users to access, edit, and share files and secure links from their desktop or mobile device. 



“IT tends to roll things out that are restrictive. In this case we were deploying a solution to make people more effective, let them collaborate easier, and help them get done what they need to do. It’s not an opportunity you often get in IT.”

A hybrid implementation – the best of both worlds

The AP opted for a hybrid implementation, which enables them to store sensitive information on-premises behind their firewall, and other information in the cloud. Data stored on-premises is fully under the organization’s control, which is extremely important to some of their staff, such as finance officers and investigative journalists. Storing non-sensitive data in the cloud gives IT the ability to quickly ramp up capacity when needed. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Enterprise security for every file, every device

Regardless of whether files are stored on-premises or in the cloud, Syncplicity by Axway protects them with comprehensive enterprise-grade security. The AP wanted a solution that enabled IT to create policies for different groups within the organization. With Syncplicity by Axway, IT can establish robust policies and control individual access permissions at the user, device, folder, and file levels to ensure only authorized users can access any given piece of information. Syncplicity by Axway meets security requirements and regulations of any industry with enterprise features such as military-grade encryption, and active directory integration.

User engagement

Syncplicity’s customer success team worked with the AP to develop an internal communications strategy that supported a roll-out to the London, New York, New Jersey, and D.C. offices. One of the primary goals of the customer success program is to provide clients with resources to maximize user adoption and engagement. Out-of-the box training resources and reference materials answer common questions and provide IT with the information needed to efficiently onboard users, which significantly reduces stress on the support team.

Easy implementation

Change is rarely welcome — especially when employees have to learn new software. Since most implementations face an uphill battle with end users, it wouldn’t be surprising for the AP support team to hear some negative feedback about the rollout. Instead, they heard almost nothing at all. People were using Syncplicity by Axway, but they weren’t calling the help desk with questions or complaints. The transition to Syncplicity by Axway was virtually seamless.

Mobile freedom - a solution for everyone

From journalists in the field to senior-level VPs, Syncplicity by Axway adapts to users’ workflows. Files, folders, and secure links can be shared directly from where they’re stored — there is no dragging-and-dropping to a designated folder, and no duplication of files that may cause versioning problems and generate confusion. The Syncplicity by Axway mobile application mirrors the directory structure on the user’s desktop, so files are easy to find and interact with regardless of the device type. With an intuitive UI designed for easy adoption, Syncplicity by Axway facilitates user engagement.

“If it’s not going to be an easy transition, users most likely are not going to accept it. The fact that they didn’t have to change the way they work was central to us rolling this out and having a smooth implementation with minimal adverse effects.”
-Associated Press Director/Head of Global Infrastructure Steve Christie

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