Solutions for Financial Industries

Syncplicity by Axway allows sales, financial advisors, management, and compliance teams to reference client data anywhere, anytime, while adhering to strict government and company security regulations. 

Able to comply with the security demands of highly regulated industries, Syncplicity by Axway is used to sync and share financial services information such as:

  • Client portfolios and investment recommendations
  • Client financial plans, bank statements, and tax returns
  • Fee schedules and budget plans
  • Investment strategies and research reports
  • Video and multi-media marketing presentations
  • Disclosure documents including Form ADV
  • Investment statements and portfolio analytics

Syncplicity by Axway Puts IT in Control

Syncplicity by Axway provides the file sharing and collaboration functionality that users need while keeping IT in control of information security, data sources, and storage architecture. It enables IT to extend systems like EMC Documentum to field-based employees and sales teams. Syncplicity by Axway puts IT in control of the content that currently exists in unmanaged locations like email attachments, local desktop folders, and consumer cloud services, so they can manage files even after they have been shared. Its security features include military-grade encryption, remote wipe, and policy controls that help to protect clients' identities and sensitive financial information. In addition, its capabilities help ensure that employees comply with government and company regulations. With Syncplicity by Axway, companies can utilize their existing storage architecture with an on-premise or cloud deployment. By managing all in-the-field and on-the-move information needs, Syncplicity by Axway helps to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of financial services companies in both the office and the field.

Benefit from increased productivity and ensured compliance.

  • Improve sales effectiveness by solving the "portal problem" and providing sales, management, and compliance teams with secure anywhere, anytime information access.
  • Increase AUM with better informed advisors.
  • Give users file sharing and collaboration software that they'll love, and increase their productivity while meeting all of your organization's security, compliance, and regulatory standards.
  • Prevent information leaks, data sharing violations, and security breaches with centralized policy controls, desktop and on-device security protections, and options for on-premise or cloud storage.
  • Protect sensitive business intelligence and regulated information with the industry's most secure file sharing and collaboration solution, provided by the most trusted name in enterprise storage.

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