Solutions for Healthcare Industries 

Syncplicity by Axway provides a secure file sharing and collaboration solution that extends vital information to healthcare providers, researchers, and administrators, and delivers world-class security protections to IT. On-premises implementations utilize existing storage resources, architecture, and policies, while cloud and hybrid models offer additional flexibility.

Compliant with industry regulations and compatible across all devices, Syncplicity by Axway is used by healthcare providers to sync and share documents such as:

  • Patient records
  • X-rays, scans, and other images
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Clinical and research results
  • Academic and corporate contracts
  • Research reports
  • Case report forms
  • Vendor contracts

Syncplicity by Axway Puts IT in Control

Syncplicity by Axway provides file sharing and collaboration functionality that healthcare providers, researchers, and administrators need, while keeping IT in control of information security, data sources, and storage architecture. From confidential patient records to diagnostic images and other large file types, the solution provides IT with a safe alternative to FTP and file distribution services. 

IT can maintain compliance with industry encryption and storage regulations through flexible on-premises, cloud, and hybrid implementation models. Users benefit from the security of onsite data storage and the enhanced productivity that safe anytime/anywhere file sharing offers. Security features include military-grade encryption, remote wipe, storage vault compatibility, and policy controls. 

Benefit from increased collaboration and security

  • Maintain compliance with healthcare industry regulations.
  • Provide doctors, researchers, and healthcare administrators with anytime/anywhere access to the information they need.
  • Safely extend locally stored files and backend data stores, including nonstandard, legacy systems.
  • Increase research productivity by giving researchers easy-to-use collaboration software with the capacity to share large files.
  • Enable in-app file editing on mobile devices to ensure compliance and security.
  • Facilitate large file transfers associated with governance, auditing, and accreditation processes, including JCAHO accreditations.
  • Prevent information leaks, data sharing violations, and security breaches with centralized policy controls and on-device security protections.
  • Automatically back up working documents in real time and protect against device and system failure.

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