Solutions for Public Sector Industries

As federal, state, and local governments face growing budgetary pressure, secure file sharing and collaboration increases productivity and extracts added value from decentralized and legacy systems. Syncplicity by Axway provides anytime, anywhere access for large field workforces, and connects remote teams to critical data repositories and working documents. 

Secure and scalable, Syncplicity by Axway is used to sync and share public sector information, such as:

  • Licensing, permitting, and inspections
  • Public safety
  • Forms and applications
  • Case management
  • Planning and building
  • Research and faculty and student communications in higher education
  • Finance and taxation
  • Welfare benefits and HHS

Syncplicity by Axway Puts IT in Control

Syncplicity by Axway provides file sharing and collaboration functionality that users need while keeping IT in control of information security, data sources, and storage architecture. Systems like EMC Documentum and other data repositories are available across agencies and levels of government. Security features include military-grade encryption, remote wipe, and policy controls to protect personal, restricted, and classified information. Syncplicity by Axway puts IT in control of the content that currently exists in unmanaged locations like email attachments, local desktop folders, and consumer cloud services, so they can manage files even after they have been shared. On-premise and cloud deployment options enable government organizations to utilize existing storage architectures that comply with regulatory requirements. By safely managing information needs across decentralized and legacy systems, Syncplicity by Axway increases the effectiveness and productivity of public sector organizations.

Benefit from increased productivity across levels of government.

  • Increase efficiency by providing government employees and contractors with secure anywhere, anytime access to data and file systems.
  • Respond to budgetary pressures by enabling collaboration and shared services.
  • Prevent information leaks and data sharing violations with centralized policy controls, and desktop and on-device security protections.
  • Improve collaboration and information compliance in higher education.
  • Maintain a secure storage infrastructure with options for on-premise and cloud deployments.
  • Protect personal, restricted, and classified information with the industry's most secure file sharing and collaboration solution, provided by the most trusted name in enterprise storage.

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