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Syncplicity for Executives

A modern, mobile collaboration solution for executives. Get easy and secure access to everything you need — reports, briefs, budgets, and more — from any device, anywhere.


With Syncplicity, administrative assistants and team members can distribute files using shared folders that automatically sync across your PC, smartphone, and tablet, so there’s no more hunting for email attachments or searching systems like SharePoint for documents.


The intuitive design makes it easy to create and share files from any device. You can edit and annotate Microsoft Office documents on your tablet or smartphone, and even receive notifications when a shared file is viewed by the recipient.


What you need, when you need it:


  • Stop hunting for email attachments and searching systems like SharePoint for your documents
  • Let your admin and team members keep you in sync with shared folders
  • View reports, edit presentations, review briefs — all from your mobile device
  • Skip the hassle of VPNs with automatic syncing
  • Rest easy; it’s approved by your IT department and enterprise-grade security maintains compliance with industry regulations


It’s time to enhance how you manage your information – let’s take that step now: