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Syncplicity + Microsoft – the best brands in enterprise collaboration come together to help your team work better

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These days, everyone in the enterprise digital ecosystem expects a consumer-like experience. They want productive, easy-to-use apps and seamless connectivity anytime, anywhere on any device. This puts pressure on IT to deliver for their users, who might otherwise turn to risky, unsanctioned tools. Engagement is the key to working better together and sparking innovation. With the integration of Syncplicity and Microsoft Office 365, a modern, flexible and secure approach to enterprise collaboration is just a click or tap away.


The freedom to take productivity everywhere


With Syncplicity for Office 365, you have the flexibility to work online, on a desktop or on the go from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Create, open, edit and share any Microsoft Office document from any device seamlessly and securely.


“Seamlessly create, open, edit and share any Microsoft Office documents from any device securely.”




  • Syncplicity’s unique Multi-Folder Sync (desktop sync) capability lets users sync any local folders and files automatically, and access them from any device — desktop, browser or mobile
  • Users retain a high level of productivity without skipping a beat because they don’t have to change the way they work
  • For real-time collaboration, Syncplicity App Tab notifies users directly inside Microsoft Office when other people view a file, begin editing or create a newer version
  • Outlook Plug-in lets users share files or entire folders directly from Outlook easily and securely. Syncplicity for Outlook converts outgoing attachments into secure shared links with policies, such as password requirements and link expiry. This enables ad-hoc file sharing using a familiar Outlook interface.




  • Create, edit or share your Microsoft Office documents directly from the container of the Syncplicity app without having to open them into other apps that are outside your control
  • For more control over managed devices, leverage Syncplicity’s integration with Microsoft Intune
  • Support for Places gives users who prefer the Office productivity suite a seamless way to work on their Office documents that are stored in Syncplicity
  • Syncplicity’s mobile app allows VPN-less access to your SharePoint files. Plus, Syncplicity supports native check-in and check-out capabilities and offers mobile editing that is built right into the app
  • Seamless file sharing with external SharePoint users eliminates the extra steps normally needed to pre-provision extranet accounts or maintain separate instances for internal or external collaborators




  • Easily access, view, edit and share documents from your browser
  • If you have an Office 365 subscription, you can view and edit natively in any browser using Microsoft Office Online. Your files stay in Syncplicity if you use our cloud storage, or they can stay in your on-premises storage
  • Share files and folders from Outlook with the Syncplicity Universal Outlook Add-In


Storage and data sovereignty


  • Gain seamless integration with Microsoft Azure as a file storage endpoint
  • Ensure Data Sovereignty compliance with the ability to run the Syncplicity service concurrently as a single federated application instance in the US or EU Syncplicity PrivacyRegions
  • Support eDiscovery workflows with Syncplicity DataHub. Data stored in Office 365 can be bulk-exported off-system to support your EDRM workflows, or migrated from dozens of other systems into Office 365 without the cost and complexity of professional services


Workplace transformation – redefining collaboration for tomorrow’s enterprise


Syncplicity has the vision to extend your users’ collaboration experience today and into the future. In addition to integrations with Microsoft Office, Syncplicity extends your Microsoft Office investments through flexible storage choices. You get the freedom to unlock your unstructured data across the enterprise regardless of location or system, ensuring it’s protected and stored where you want it.


External file sharing. Syncplicity makes it easy to share files with external partners and gives IT the controls they need to ensure security and compliance.

Real-time document backup and protection. Automatically back up working documents in real time and access your files from anywhere using any mobile device or computer.

Send large files securely. Securely share large files internally and externally regardless of file size.

File distribution to a mobile workforce. Share files among large groups knowing that everyone has access to the latest version no matter what device they use to access it.

FTP replacement. Send any size file without logging into FTP sites or portals.

Access to enterprise content. Secure access to all unstructured data — enterprise content management systems, file shares and home directories.


Enterprise-grade, policy-driven


Syncplicity offers enterprise-grade security and compliance without any impact on user productivity. Our policy-driven hybrid cloud gives IT complete control over file security and storage location. With enterprise-grade access controls, military-grade encryption, remote wipe and MDM integration, Syncplicity allows IT to protect users, folders, files and devices without having to lock them down. Implement this in your business today.