Don’t Stay Boxed In

8 Reasons for
Moving Out of the Box

Syncplicity by Axway vs BoxSyncplicity by Axway vs Box

Many organizations begin their file-sharing journey with a consumer-grade solution such as Box — but how do you know when you’re ready for something more enterprise-worthy? We asked our clients to identify the top reasons why they’ve made the switch to Syncplicity. This is what we learned.


Your Cloud, Your Choice

More cloud choices that align to your business need now and in the future — public, private, on-premises or any combination.
Box provides public cloud only, limiting options for IT organizations.

Global Storage

Store files where you want to meet location and compliance-based policies.
All Box metadata is stored in the US; not acceptable for many global organizations.

Mature Security

Set detailed security policies based on users, groups, regions and more.
User Groups, Regions, Users, Unique Policies
One Box security setting to govern all users with limited security options.

Transparent Pricing

One simple pricing structure covers everything from setup to users to training and customer success.
Box piles on fees for security options, professional services, customer success, 3rd party integrations and more.

Stronger Ratings

Gartner Peer Insights
91% willigness to recommend Syncplicity
Syncplicity revolutionized file protection, access, and share with one product.

Gartner Peer Insights reviews constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-users based on their own experiences, and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.


Sync From Any Folder

Syncplicity users can sync files from any folder on their computer with a simple, click-and-select interface.
Sync photos, box, my documents, desktop, shared, etc Sync photos, box, my documents, desktop, shared, etc
Must move Box files to a special folder to sync, interrupting daily workflow.

Online or Offline

Work in offline mode and re-sync files automatically when connectivity is re-established.
Sync photos, box, my documents, desktop, shared, etc
Box users can only work when connected to the Internet, hampering productivity if offline.

Realtime Backup

With Syncplicity your files are backed-up in real-time, always available and easy to recover and restore.
Sync photos, box, my documents, desktop, shared, etc
Nothing is secure unless it’s in the special Box folder.

Enterprise File Sharing and Collaboration is so much more than file sharing, it’s a strategy for managing unstructured data that powers a digital workplace.

Syncplicity offers a content collaboration platform designed to handle complex cases with more options, more control, better security, a better user experience and stronger reviews — at a price point that’s well below what you’d expect.

If you’re ready to move outside the limitations of Box and see how Syncplicity can help modernize your enterprise, visit